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Challenge #02604-G047: Worth the Ordeal

"Wow, you really did it!"

"I said I would, didn't I?"

"Well, yes..."

"Then why are you so surprised?"

"Oh, I figured something of a higher priority would come along and you'd do that, then you'd be busy and forget about it, so I just assumed it wouldn't happen for, like, three or four months so I wouldn't give you a reason to be mad at me for being frustrated that you didn't do it when you said you would!" -- Anon Guest

The human twisted their rubbery face around and scratched at themself. "So... you were getting pre-emptively mad because you were expecting me to fail?"

"No, that's not quite what I was aiming for, I mean..." Grex flailed around as if trying to swat the correct words out of the air. "You have said yourself that you are easily distracted. As -er- the kitten under a disc-go ball?"

"Near enough. Yeah," Human Tin agreed. "I did say that. And I am. But... this is you asking," they said, as if that explained everything when it clearly did not.

"I have asked you to do things before that you forgot, or thought you did but didn't. Or otherwise became distracted from performing. I do not understand the difference here and now."

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Whoops again...

Five seconds after I tried to shut down this compy, I realised I forgot the Patreon stuff. I'll be doing that this AM.

There's a wedding to attend, gussying to up, and of course content to write. Fun.

I'd better get a rattle on for today's nonse so that it's all done before the true chaos begins. Starting now.

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Challenge #02603-G046: Also Ferocious

Hey InterNutter, I'm so glad I found your new site. Remember me from way back when, on your X-Men Evolution focused Nutboard? I saw your post on the hummingbird station, with all kinds of aliens enjoying the "harmless" hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds can also be aggressive to the point of taking on eagles, will sometimes fight each other to the death, and were even the basis for the Aztec god of war. What happens when the aliens learn or discover (the hard way) some

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Tuesday? Okay.

It was busy yesterday because lack of focus. It's busier today because lack of focus plus output on different sites today. Whee.

Further complications are added into this mess because Jolie has decided that she needs my personal love, affection, and round-the-clock attention. This includes singing her sad songs of loneliness, smoodging up to me, and attempting to trample my keyboard whilst also occupying the mouse mat.

I love her dearly, of course, and I lavish attention on her already, but GDI,

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Challenge #02602-G045: The Motivation Solution

What are you doing?

No, don't jump down here!


Here's the thing with having Humans on your ship. Sometimes they are young Humans and don't always know the rules of proper behaviour. It is difficult to know which Humans are capable and which are... less... capable until such time as they reveal their limits. Humans are a relatively unknown species and those taking the risks of their company on the Edge are more or less

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It's seven AM already, and I have yet to do anything related to work. Why? Because I got hit in the face with a collab fanfiction and I'm having an absolute ball with it, that's why.

I am more distractible than a kitten under a disco ball, but I am happy. That counts, right?

It should count.

Anyway. I shall be attempting to get on with the normal workflow at an undefined "later". Possibly whilst 'multitasking' with the aforementioned collab fanfic.


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Challenge #02601-G044: Memento Quod Sis Mortalis

There are old sayings of humans: “The value of a man is what he does with power.” And “Power is like a beast; either you tame it or become its food.” -- Anon Guest.

There is a third: Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. All are true simultaneously. Be wary of any Human leader who uses power like a flyswatter, but also of those who dispense their power with tweezers. There is a fourth: It is not how strong you are, but

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Stream Day!

...I must be tired.

I'm writing this at one AM so you know my day is wild.

I have two people reading my stuff... MeMum (and best beta reader so far) has B'Nar. Some nice volunteer on the interwebs has a copy of B'Nar. I just need ONE more pair of eyes to satisfy the minimum to edit the heck outta something.


I'm going to be writing today's Instant... eventually. This morning, if I can focus, I am focussing on fanficcery

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Challenge #02600-G043: Trying to Learn

Humans are deathworlders, but anyone who says that we are and have always been apex predators is, well, wrong. -- Anon Guest

History is written by the victors. Ancient history is written by those who wish to justify their own cruelties. -- Adapted Terran saying.

Culture and education is an interesting synergy. The way things are seem to be the way they are always meant to be according to Nature, as evidenced by what is found in ancient history. The cruelties of

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Good times :D

We went all the heck way out to an area very close to MeMum's for our Valentines+1 and some very, very good sushi.

I ate too much, I tried eel, I tried mochi [mochi ice cream, but still], I ate what I think of as underprepared salmon... and it was GLORIOUS.

We even brought some of it home for the spawn. Mayhem immediately complained about the firkin salmon. Sigh.

I want to tell him about the eel we brought home this

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Challenge #02599-G042: It's Okay, I'm a Deathworlder!

Humans have a function called an Adrenaline Rush, aka the body hitting the “oh shit” button. Sugar and caffeine trigger something similar to it, but have a mild drawback. A level 2 deathworlder that have the “oh shit” button learned the difference between the two the hard way -- Anon Guest

Adrenaline works by using all available body reserves for a desperate effort. The price is generally paid afterwards in the form of assorted injuries and the recovery from the same. That

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I finished the outlying episode of Inter-Mission, which means that my next week is fretting free until such time as I publish the next episode and need to record-and-edit another.

It just goes around and around and around. On the other hand, I know it can be done in just a few sessions, so there's that little bonus.

Tonight... Beloved and I are having our Belated Valentine's Date. We figured there'd be interminable crowds at every single eating establishment on V-Day. Today,

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Challenge #02598-G041: A Lasting Reminder

There was this one abandoned space station where humans liked to paint graffitis and do other illegal stuff. When authorities find out they started to patrolling this place. After months of punishments, fines and even prison owners finally rebuild whole place and even let humans paint on special walls. It was this moment when illegal started to be legal. The very next day there was giant graffiti inside the biggest and most secured space station in the whole galaxy. -- Anon Guest

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Making Insomnia Pay

I woke up at Arse AM again, and this time, Mayhem wasn't in a mood to chat. Therefore, I'm about 3/4 done with editing Inter-Mission's latest episode now. W00t.

Even after tidying up the reading, I still have to paste in the background music, but that all takes less than a minute from start to stop.

Fingers crossed, I should have all that nonse tied up by this afternoon. Yay.

Fingers crossed, I actually get a favourable reply to the

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Challenge #02597-G040: Comforting Companionship

It's well known, when their owners are unwell, pets will lay with them and stay by their side until they're better. It's a great comfort for the owner to have that gentle presence and, even though their pet doesn't know it, it helps them get better more quickly. The young lizard had been very sick, though it was not a disease that anyone around them could contract. Brought to the station by their parents to try a new treatment to make them

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