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Challenge #03307-I019: The Sword Often Loses

The man was a reluctant killer. Forced by his lord to slay any his lord demanded lest his own family be slain. He was sent after an Elf that, once he heard the name, knew that meant he would never see his family again. Not in this world at least. But the Elf, the mage, was merciful. In swearing to save the man's family, the man swore to find the families of those he had slain, and make sure those families were set up with protection and care, so the evil lord, and his brothers, would never harm them again. -- Lessons

"Go out and kill Wraithvine the Eternal," said Duke Averl, as if it were the simplest of things. "If you fail to return with his head, I shall give you the heads of your family."

Wilkinson was left with no alternative but to set forth and do as his Lord bade him. He had two tiny ones and a third on the way. He may never see them again, but if he set out and perished, the Duke could not punish those who remained. Not lawfully anyway.

To face Wraithvine in battle was to face death. So many had gone against the immortal Wizard and met their end.

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Challenge #03306-I018: The Great Leveler

The Humans are dead. A futile effort to go against the almighty. Among the field of the fallen, one rose among the dead. Cloaked in black, it barely had any strength to stand. A barrage of concentrated plasma hit it dead on, as the dust settled, the only thing the barrage did was knock off its hood. It was no human, it lacked any flesh. It was just bones and in its desolate eyes was hazy blue flame. Its jaw opened, spilling

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Thursday, Day 0, Procrastination

Plague news:

  • 19 932 new cases
  • 89 638 total active cases
  • 835 hospitalisations
  • 52 in the ICU
  • and 11 new deaths
  • 6 318 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 321 959 national doses
  • 60 746 Qld doses
  • 9 090 ACT doses
  • 101 572 NSW doses
  • 3 166 NT doses
  • 23 491 SA doses
  • 6 370 Tas doses
  • 76 918 Vic doses
  • 40 606 WA doses

I have just today realised that I've skipped out on editing my novel or my

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Challenge #03305-I017: One Arrow, No Problems

They enter a village under siege. The village's heavy gates on their walls slammed shut not long after they'd arrived with a near army of zealots and slavers banging at the gates trying to force their way through. This "army" has already destroyed many villages, killed many innocents, and now they were trying to get this one. And worse, this village was backed into a box valley. It may now be up to young Kevin to help save them, along with help

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Challenge #03304-I016: Faces of Gratitude

They have rescued thousands of Dereggers over their lifetime. And they are at home with their family bragging. Puffing up their feathers, they are so proud of themselves. They do it, not for money, not for fame, not for recognition, but because they care for the people they've rescued. But that doesn't mean they can't have a proud moment knowing of all those people who now get a new chance at life. -- Anon Guest

Tia Rruku had a wall of portraits

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news:

  • 15 962 new cases
  • 86 561 total active cases
  • 819 hospitalisations
  • 50 in the ICU
  • 16 new deaths
  • 5 897 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 115 279 national doses
  • 23 200 Qld doses
  • 3 898 ACT doses
  • 27 467 NSW doses
  • 877 NT doses
  • 10 652 SA doses
  • 5 719 Tas doses
  • 29 759 Vic doses
  • 13 707 WA doses

I have a Wordpress entry yet to write, a dungeon chamber to build, fics to tag, and

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Challenge #03303-I015: The Terrors of Human Larvae

Q: How do you terrify a Vorax?

A: Stick them on a ship with a bunch of humans and tell them they're going to have to babysit the toddlers!

This exchange program is going to require the poor Vorax getting a large amount of therapy afterward. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Children should never be seen as punishment. No matter what the circumstances]

There was a nervous peace between the Humans and the Vorax. The Alliance was letting the Humans spread their pack-bonding

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Challenge #03302-I014: You Touch, You Die

There's one universal truth. Never get between a set of parents and their children. -- Anon Guest

The Universe has ways of answering the wrong questions. Those who know this never put voice to questions like, "How bad can it get?" or, "What could possibly go wrong?" It also responds to the terminally daft when they say, "It can't possibly get any worse," because the first law of the Universe is that it was NOT made to be kind.

Some Vorax, like

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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news:

  • 15 122 new cases
  • 86 953 total active cases
  • 702 hospitalisations
  • 47 in the ICU
  • and 7 new deaths
  • 5 555 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 115 279 national doses
  • 23 200 Qld Doses
  • 3 898 ACT doses
  • 27 467 NSW doses
  • 877 NT doses
  • 10 652 SA doses
  • 5 719 Tas doses
  • 29 759 Vic doses
  • 13 707 WA doses

I have Patreon deliveries to do, today. PLNs to get back on fic tagging, dungeon building,

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Challenge #03301-I013: To Preserve Life

Despite the Alliance's best efforts, not all meteors are spotted in time. They were by a Pax Humanis sanctuary world when one is nearly to the point of striking. Not thinking of their lives, only of those on the planet, their ship plowed into the meteor, the resulting explosion knocking the meteor well off course and toward the solar system's primary while they, in their lifepod and very, very badly injured, plunge to the surface with the lifepod crashing into the heart

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Challenge #03300-I012: One Being's Torment...

On their world, theobromine is toxic. Extracted from plants that have it in its pods, as the prisoners are dipped into that vat of brown syrup, screams are elicited as the prisoner slowly poisoned to death in a vat of pain. The toxins creating agony before the being dies.

This prisoner, the human, was sentenced to be dropped in the vat. Why? To show all other humans that they were not going to be joking around when it came to the lengths

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Monday, Day 0, Long Day

Plague news:

  • 17 445 new cases
  • 203 657 total active cases
  • 670 hospitalisations
  • 49 in ICU
  • and 3 new deaths

Vax news:

  • 191 252 national doses
  • 34 167 Qld doses
  • 4 833 ACT doses
  • 58 183 NSW doses
  • 1 102 NT doses
  • 13 773 SA doses
  • 4 604 Tas doses
  • 48 664 Vic doses
  • 25 926 WA doses

I have no further plans than to stay conscious through the day until at least 4PM. Which is why I shall be spending my

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Challenge #03299-I011: A Specific Punctuation Mark

It's known, now, why human women have menses, and well documented within the Alliance's medical databases about human reproduction. However, what about those early years, when they were first getting to know more about humans? When human females were having their menses, especially when it was a young female who was having hers for the first time. How hard was it for them in these early days to realize that the humans bled like this for over a week, a heavy blood

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Challenge #03298-I010: Gezundheit

Warning to all pirates! Do NOT mess with a human child's teddy bear! -- Lessons

Midshipman Hayk had been sent to pacify the Human Larvae. It was a simple job, or so Captain Staaz had claimed. They couldn't possibly flakk it up, he said. They were helpless infants. What could they even do?

The universe has ways of answering questions like that.

The Human Larvae present seemed to be harmless. Most of them were asleep on mats. The ones that were active

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Sunday, Day 0, D&D Prep

Plague news:

  • 19 709 new cases
  • 187 037 total active cases
  • 649 in hospital
  • 46 in the ICU
  • and 6 new deaths

Vax doses in Australia:

  • 339 207 nation-wide
  • 68 398 in Qld
  • 7 441 in ACT
  • 102 050 in NSW
  • 3 330 in NT
  • 23 719 in SA
  • 6 720 in TAS
  • 84 523 in VIC
  • 43 017 in WA

I shall be watching streams, writing a little bit, and reading ahead for our next adventure. Long Monday begins for me

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