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Challenge #03189-H280: Visual Aid

Sometimes, despite the CRC's best efforts, you have to be cruel to be kind. In this case, a person has been abusing themself and all therapies and medications are not helping much. So, instead, a non-sentient construct is made of the person so the person is forced to see, and hear, the pain inflicted as if to another person, and realize what it is they are doing, and find out WHY this is happening. -- Anon Guest

Humans are very strange. This is an agreed truth. Most species have biological or sociological reasons for doing what they do. Each Human comes pre-packaged with their own illogic and it can take a lot of effort to unriddle the gordian knot of what-ifs and becauses.

In the case of Deregger Rescues, it's even more difficult.

Human Zo was the quiet sort, but they were also self-destructive. Not taking care what she collided with and initiating verbal abuse against herself before anyone else could speak. She would work herself to exhaustion and drink herself into oblivion. It was becoming abundantly clear that none of the crew's appeals could reach her.

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Tuesday, Day 2, Patreon

Plague news: no new cases! There's twenty-five total active cases, eighteen of those are in hospital with one in the ICU. Australia's at 84.8% first vax, 68% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 72.5% first vax, 56.9% fully vaxxed.

Australia seems to be charging ahead on the "opening up, ready or not" policy, disregarding how many infections and so forth that are happening. Like the new variants that are -join the chorus- more infectious and more deadly than previous ones. Huzzah.

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Challenge #03188-H279: Calling it a Day

A human is having a very stressful day at work, one of their coworkers is small, fuzzy, and just got done with work. So the human asks if their coworker would sit with them and talk for a while to help alleviate the stress. -- Anon Guest

Life as a Human's Companion has all sorts of interesting angles. The best ones for the job are what they call "Tactilely Rewarding". Either soft and fluffy and pleasant to pet, or possessing smooth scales

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Monday, Day One, Recovery

Plague news: No new cases! There's twenty-eight total active cases, nineteen of those are in hospital, with one in the ICU. Australia's at 84% first vax, 67.8% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 72% first vax, 56.6% fully vaxxed.

I'm a little mentally toasted from D&D last night. I do these things to myself. I know it. I can fight to keep myself awake until bedtime so I'm better at doing tomorrow.


My players are trying to crack the

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Challenge #03187-H278: The Real Monsters

They looked like monsters, but when children, any children, were being mistreated? The ones that mistreated the children learned what real monsters really looked like. -- Anon Guest

The wrought-iron gate declared it to be the Everkind Sanctuary for Unwanted Children, and one running waif had incidentally sent Wraithvine their way. The child that the Elven Wizard had found went away with basic survival tools and a pouch full of New Start Money[1]. Now the alleged sanctuary was going to get

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Sunday, Day 0, PLNs?

Plague news: Three new cases, all imports. There's twenty-nine total active cases, eighteen of those are in hospital and one of those is in the ICU. Australia's at 84% first vax, 67% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 72% first vax and 56% fully vaxxed.

We're going to need all those vaccines because NSW is opening up to a global influx of Knomiras who won't pay attention to any rule they don't like. Yay.

Beloved will be making something wonderful with very little of

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Challenge #03186-H277: Pax Draconis

A massive dark dragon, breath of great flame. Enormous wings, hide oddly smooth and soft. The maw was filled with large teeth, the dark red eyes slitted and serpent-like. Yet the voice? Warm, unusually kind, intelligent, gentle. The feared, hated, creature, has never killed save non-intelligent animals for food, and only wanted peace between itself and others. Yet the only ones willing to listen, were the kobolds who'd made their home within its den. Then, came travelers, would they listen to the

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Saturday, Day 0, Woodworking!

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. There's twenty-nine total active cases, eighteen of those are in hospital and one of those is in the ICU. Australia's at 84% first vax, 66% fully vaxxed. Queensland's reached 71.7% first vax, and 55.5% fully vaxxed.

Today, my love and I are adding some much needed shelves to the ensuite so there's room for all the little bottles and things she needs for her beauty routine.

That may take most of the day.

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Challenge #03185-H276: Divine Intervention

Poor Kevin. Due to the nature of his fate, or perhaps destiny and prophecy had decided to be particularly interesting, a new bow showed up one evening as everyone slept. It only worked for Kevin, each time he pulled back, an arrow forming. The arrow type depended what was on his mind and in his heart, from healing ones that, when striking an ally, healed their illnesses and wounds, to deadly ones. He shot in anger into the trees after someone insulted

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Friday, Day 2, Assorted Nonsense

Plague news: no new cases again. There's thirty total active cases, seventeen in hospital and the poor sod in the ICU got out. Yay. Australia's at 83% first vax, and 65% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 71% first vax and 54% fully vaxxed.

I have Starters to feed, a catbox to clean, a one-thousand-word goal for my novel, and it's raining so the stream is bound to be chunky.


At least I save my stream sessions so if the internet goes to

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Challenge #03184-H275: Twinkle Twinkle

A young individual is learning to sail and decided to sneak off to practice their lessons in the harbor alone. They are blown out to sea due to a sudden squall and now must remember how to navigate to get back to the harbor and safety. -- Anon Guest

Could'a, Would'a, Should'a was going to kill her. She could'a stayed home. She should'a listened to Old Terry, who could predict the weather by his knees. If she would'a taken along a compass,

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Thursday, Day 1, Organised?

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! There's thirty total active cases, seventeen are in hospital and one of those is in the ICU. Australia's at 83% first vax, 64% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 71% first vax, and 54% fully vaxxed.

Miss Chaos is back to school, and it's nice to see those little squares on the site filling up. IDK about the red squares meaning fully vaxxed though. Someone else make the colour theory joke.

It's raining! On one hand, nice

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Challenge #03183-H274: That's Why a Duck

A geneticist looks into a way of splicing the good luck gene into bad-luckers. Using gene therapy as a way to try to turn around the lonely, painful, lives so many bad luckers are forced to exist within. -- Fighting Fit

The luck gene is a fickle, fickle beast. Some people get the worst luck whilst also being a living good luck charm for everyone around them. That's not the worst of it. Some are bad luck to a huge swathe of

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: Four new cases, all imports. We have thirty-three total active cases, seventeen of those are in hospital, with one in the ICU. Australia's almost at 83% first vax, but steadily at 63% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 70% first vax and 53% fully vaxxed. Two of those are in post-second-dose recovery at home.

All signs pointing towards Miss Chaos bouncing back like a freaking Superball. She's enjoying a day off. I will be checking on Mayhem later in the day.


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Challenge #03182-H273: Turnabout Refreshment

ryivhnn68 22 hours ago

There will be an equivalent to this happening somewhere where the humans are silently or otherwise freaking out when one of their new friends just goes ahead and chugs some industrial grade cleaner or fuel because it's a delicacy back where they're from XD

From the comments -- DaniAndShali

Human Zen had been trying to get the gluck off a part for an assembly. It was some pretty solid stuff, and necessitated

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