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Sunday, Laziness

The D&D stream went well. The bit I had prepared for the lols didn't fly, but that's okay. I had fun doing it anyway.

Finally, after a subjective age of errors, I am able to watch Dungeon Meshi aka Delicious in Dungeons, which is a fun anime about cooking and eating the monsters in D&D dungeons.

I shall be moving along with today's offerings and a sentence or two in A Devil's Tale. At a leisurely pace.

See you there.

Saturday, No Parkrun, But...

I have Beloved with me and a relaxed attitude towards carbs until she goes back to Adorable on Monday morning.

I shall be making my offerings and doing my weird things and henceforth being absent from the interwebs so I can share airspace with her.

There will be the D&D stream tomorrow morning and -for me- a lot of lazing around and intermittent work on anything of significance.

Since I'm excited about A Devil's Tale again, that means I shall

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Friday, Meds PLNs

I finally got my pregnenolone delivery in. Tracking information not available in the process.

My PLN is to create this day's offerings [remembering to do the starting sentence thing this time] and then get me to the Post Office locker where my meds are waiting.

And then I can relax about being properly medicated.

Beloved is coming to stay for the weekend, this afternoon (all being well) and my PLN is to spend as many hours as possible in her presence.


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Thursday, Cheevs and Setbacks and Supplies

I have done the video I was threatening to do. Huzzah. And since it's past ten in the morning, I am technically free to do some supply shopping. Research has indicated that it is cheaper to get the cats' Fancy Feast supply at Costco. I shall be making a shopping list, checking it twice, and at least dragging Mayhem along to get everything on the list.

THEN I get on with my offerings per diem.

If I have the fortitude, I will

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Nite



Which means I shall be keeping company with Beloved and Adorable tonight. BUT, I'm also playing taxi for Mayhem so he can inform APM that he's looking into TAFE certificate(s) in IT.

And if you understood that alphabet soup, more power to you. For those who don't: APM = Advanced Placement Managers, TAFE = Technical And Further Education, and IT = Information Technology.

APM are the mob who are helping Mayhem get gainful employment. They may or may not offer

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Tuesday, Patreon and Stencyl Difficulties

Today's the last day that Mayhem is going to Job Training, and I will be glad to have luxury returned to my mornings.

I had a peek into the mechanics of my Stencyl code so far and can't find anything amiss with it. Therefore I have technically worked on Stencyl.

I am going to aim for a bonus point later today. After my offerings, after I have finished the Foundry entry for this week, after my Patreon posts, I shall either work

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Monday, Waiting Game

Tale Foundry is doing the backup reads right now. I'm thinking about what I can do for the next prompt. And I am doing everything to stretch what we have until we can afford to get more.

Mayhem ribs me on my compulsive need to oversupply the house with things. It's times like this that that comes in handy.

Fingers crossed, we have money tomorrow. Which will mean we have a little breath of fresh air, economically speaking.

If not... I continue

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Sunday, Delay, Delay, Delay...

I cancelled VTTRPG so I could be cogniscent enough to drive. I woke up at 3AM anyway 9_9 BUT also got some extra sleeps in between then and about 5.

Messaged my lovelies about the anticipated meet-up so I can cuddle Beloved for the remains of the weekend. Which is getting to fewer and fewer hours as time ticks by.

Update - just got the news that Beloved is still feeling the downside of her new meds. If pay is incoming

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Saturday, Interference With PLNs

Parkrun is flooded. Beloved is laid low with her meds. I am staying on the Keto Wagon for all the hours that my Beloved is not with me.

I got some Stencyl refinements in, but there's little things that still annoy me about the final product.

I did try to get the ship to be hurt when the enemy hits them, but things are going askew with that. For example: My player ship spontaneously blew up on the last test.

Solve later.

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Friday, Let Me Check My Notes

Day firkin FOUR of my GD cyclone headache and at least the painkillers are helping. My bread turned out a little bit doughy and I think I know where I went wrong.

I forgot one of my folding processes just before the long proof.

Then again, I was very much disorganised this week. Distracted, diverted, and delayed in almost all my PLNs.

This effort of bread has way more visible chia in it because the chia I bought has a lot of

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Thursday, Bread at Last!

I awoke to the smell of smoke. Turns out Mayhem had forgotten chicken bites in the oven until they became charcoal briquettes. Whoops. I can't critique too much because I forgot to set off the timer to warm up my bread properly.

I also just now realised that I forgot to set it in the tins for the final proof BRB.

Okay. Now that the dough's been properly bothered, I've reset the timer. It's not going to do any harm to heat

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Bread

I have a disrupted sleep schedule of late. I've already been awake since half-past midnight. I surrendered to consciousness at roughly two in the morning and got my stretchies and treatments done by half-past four.

I am doing all this with a cyclone headache. Just so you know.

I also have Wilson, my wholemeal starter, incubating for four hours and some set up for the upcoming bread.

Even if Mayhem needs a lift to the station, I should be cool to be

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Tuesday, Patreon, Tyres, and More Delays

I was planning to start on new bread today. Have some nice fresh loaves by tomorrow night. That's delayed.

Because I am getting the TYRES!

For way less than the price my Beloved gave me. And that even includes some service for the others. Huzzah.

All for less than the initial price of one tyre that I was given. Bonus.

On the other hand, I have my day split because those new tyres are going in close to midday. Hooray.

I will

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Monday, Extra Together Hours

I have my Beloved with me for a few more hours than normal. So my PLNs are to get my mandatories done with ASAP and then spend as much time as possible in her lovely company.

If she has anything planned, then I know nothing about it.

I'm gonna read a story, write a story, and then vanish once more from the interwebs realm.

Being with Beloved is way more important to me now that that time is rare.

Bad news: The

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Sunday, Idle PLNs

Apparently, I only need two hours' nap after doing five hours for the VTTRPG sessions early-early in the morning.

Yay, I guess.

I also discovered that real pasta needs heat and time to cook properly in the microwave, so my sleep-addled idea of pumpkin noodle soup with tuna was a wash.

I will find a way to make it eatable anyway because hungry and feast day.

Anyways, I shall make my offerings and thence vanish from the interwebs because cuddling my Beloved

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