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PLNs, Health, and Assorted Catastrophes

We've finished all the notching for the lowest side of the Kitty Kondo(tm), so that's ready for assembly. In light of the last asthma attack, I am now the proud owner of a SuperMask(tm) that makes a satisfactory Darth Vader noise when I breathe out, so yay. It does not smell, it does not make me feel like I'm suffocating, it especially keeps out the pathogens, and it's only mildly inconvenient with glasses, so it's a winner in my book.

It's also apocalypse rated, so I'm set. Bring on the Zombie plague, I know where to get body armour and I already own a machete. I'm good.

Whilst I'm writing this nonsense, my Beloved is at my PC, doing things with my extended wishlist. I may have more Let's Plays in my future. Powers know I have to finish up with my extant footage of Oh My Mods. Priorities. I'm getting a furbaby in two weeks, and things need to be ready.

I shall get done with this, and drag my Beloved away from their sinister PLNs so we can get on with the firkin prep for this dang cat enclosure. Though it's looking like I'll have the time for today's Instant before we get rattling.

Beloved is using my PC to play a PC only game. LOL. I might be able to play the same game later on for the giggles. Maybe.

Ah well. On with the show.

Wuzgunnas and Disorder

I wuzgunna enjoy a nice night of chaos and D&D, but our DM is down with a Lurgi, so the game is off. Which is a good thing because I succumbed to a frighteningly interesting asthma attack on the same evening. Possibly a combination of anxiety, Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season, inhaling pine particulates because sawing notches into wood, and maybe a white chocolate and almond Magnum I had that evening. Or any combination of those numbering greater than zero.


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Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

So. I took my lappy in for a service, and they have it in the shop for five firkin days. Yesterday, all I had was my iPad to work on. It is not easy to copy/pasta on an iPad so... some shortcuts were had.

The internet got back on, so I caught up a little on my preferred distractions. The great news is that I can get back to my usual bullshit today.

Today... Oof.

Today I woke up at like

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Fixed today? Pls?

I took my erratic lappy up to the Apple Store as a good owner should... and it’s going to be five days to get it back once it’s been repaired.

Of course it behaved like a saint when it was seeing the techsperts. The bugger.

They’re replacing the entire keyboard which, as you might know, is pretty much the entire business end of a laptop. Seems to me it might be quicker to make a complete clone/backup of

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Okay, so here's the PLN...

I have something dodgy happening with my lappy, so I made an appointment with the Apple Store to get it looked at. For some reason, it can't recognise it is a lappy for a good five minutes if opened whilst plugged in to power. Weird. I suspect a connection gone askew.

This thing isn't even a year old, I'm sure. I'm getting very upset about the frailty of Apple products. I mean, otherwise, they're pretty reliable, but... Do one wrong thing to

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Day 6: 7 days of free internet left

It's almost been an entire week and here's what we know:

  • It's not the internet service provider
  • It's the NBN
  • The connections to the NBN have possibly got water in them or got eaten by a wombat or something and we suffer because of it.

So (I hope) Beloved has got onto A. Guy, who is going to take a look at everything and sort shit out.

Meanwhile, I continue to at minimum push out the Instant and then vanish off the

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Day 5: 8 Days remain

I gotta stay focussed. I gotta work on my nonsense and then stay the fuck away from my assorted devices that need the interwebs to work.

I gotta do a brat run, money run, organise shit... but that's literally hours away.

Beloved and I wasted 3/4 of the weekend on getting shit together to even start on the kitty kondo. BUT... We have all the wood cut to measure and we should start making the notches to slot in soon enough.

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9 Days Remain

The system remains down for the third day in a row and I am fretting.

I'm going to take my show on the road and find a cafe somewhere with free parking and free wifi. That should see me okay on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, when I'm not expecting people over.

I hope that this is all fixed by Monday, which would be a blessing. For all of us, belike.

My PLN's to dive into finishing a fanfic or two have been

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Okay, so here's the sitch...

My phone data resets today, so I now have a lot of gigs I can use.


  • I have no idea when the interwebs will be back online
  • Even receiving emails costs data
  • I go through 1-3G of data just publishing an Instant
  • There's only 40G in my plan

Therefore, I have just a little over ten days' worth of internet IF I stick to just doing my Instant and buggerall else.

Even then, the data resets on the month. If this

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The internet is still down. Alas. The gigabytes-to-money rate is atrocious - $10 per 1G of data.

Therefore, I'm staying off the webs for as long as I can wrangle it. At least until these shenanigans are sorted the heck out.

The good news is - I now have five episodes of Inter-Mission wrapped and ready for export. The bad news is that I can't publish until the leak in the datapipes is fixed and we have bit pressure again.

So. Apologies

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I need five cubic meters of cotton wool...

...and a big burly bloke named Bruce to take care of me while I'm down.

Today's embuggerance is sponsored by the Internet, a finished novel, asthma, heavy anxiety, and my general disability to cope with multiple crises at once.

  • I have finished writing B'Nar
  • Which may be a contributing factor in today's anxiety spike
  • I'm having a Clayton's Asthma Attack
  • Which may also contribute to said anxiety spike
  • The internet connection to the outside world is fucking DEAD
  • Which definitely contributes to
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Almost Done!

I've been doing 1K a day so I have all the more time for other projects and worldbuilding for my next WIP.

Speaking of WIP's, I have made a beginning on editing Ep4 of Inter-Mission. Which means I'm one episode closer to actually publishing these mofos. If I put them out on non-game-night Fridays, I have an occasion I should easily remember.

Should is not is. In this case, 'should is not will'. It's not a guarantee, it's more of a hope.

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Today's agenda started off somewhere close to fuckoff in the morning so...

  • [X] Finished editing together episode 3 of Inter-Mission - two more and I start publishing these mofos
  • [X] Published stuff for my Patrons over on Patreon
  • [X] Wrote a decent half of the 1K words I had pln'd for today

Yet to do:

  • [ ] This blog
  • [ ] Instant story
  • [ ] Flash fanfic
  • [ ] The other half of the 1K words I have pln'd for today.

So... yeah. I'd better get rattling. I'm just about

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Heading For the End

This is the last week of writing B'Nar. Yeeks. The last 3K. This is terrifying and exciting and invigorating at the same time. After this, after a week off to fart about and maybe work on some fanfictions and definitely worldbuild...

I am about to embark on my biggest project yet.

An entire trilogy. Not a baby one like Hevun's Child, but a big-arse one. Three books of 120K each. 360K words over three years. Likely sweating cobs the entire time.


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A Day of Rest

Sunday. As far as I'm aware, we have no plans. Which means I have a chance to go nowhere and do nothing. It's a rare treat to have that.

Beloved and I have designed the skeleton of the future Kitty Kondo(tm) and we will be making plans to go to a Tradie's shop during the week so we can acquire all the mats.

That's "materials" for anyone who's never played World of Warcraft.

Next on the agenda is designing the walkway

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