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We just paddled up to the organic butcher's and got ourselves half a cow. An entire cardboard box of which is full of 500g baggies of mince.

We'll have fun gnawing that lot down to nothing. And in the meantime, we have a lot of steak and chops. And approximately seven kilos of mince. Whoops.

Given that my little darlings and I have put a dent in six kilos of chicken thighs, this past week, I don't think it's that much of a problem.

Besides, I know like a billion and one things to do with mince.

World-building on B'Nar will commence next week. I have to figure out the basic plot. Probably something akin to Outsider-Makes-Good whilst also analysing the culture inherent in B'Nar. Which is, since it's a corporate run nigh-ascention technopunk world, possibly edging onto morally bankrupt. People are interchangeable parts of the greater machine. Children are almost non-existent luxuries for the rich.

It's going to be fun working this one out.

Let's see how well it goes.


Today's delay was caused by Beloved being a fluff-head. They wanted to check on Factorio, and I just had to check with them by some kind of mutual telepathy or something.

It's a cleaning day, today, so today's story may well be later than usual. Fingers crossed, I get there anyway, but... my brain is now set on 'wannaplay'. Thanks, Beloved.

Loyal visitors to my Patreon will note that I've switched things up a smidge in anticipation of even more books that

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When I was a kid, you could get mutton everywhere. For those poor babies who don't know what flavour is, mutton is a full-grown sheep's meat. It completely mystifies me as to why everyone wants random lamb a-ding-dong, because mutton has a rich flavour that should be experienced.

And since Australia flourished on the sheep's back at the time, you could not only get mutton for cheap, but there were also plenty of sources of a thing called 'hogget'. Which is Olde

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Set Your Timers

My car is going in for a service at 10 today. That gives me a little less than three hours to get my shit together, and in the middle of trying to write this post, I got this bullshit:

[Shown here: Error message over an empty post titled (Untitled), message reads "Are you sure you want to delete this post?" and in a smaller font, "You're about to delete "(Untitled)". This is permanent! No backups, no restores, no magic undo button. We

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Finishing Season

Seems to be the time of year for finishing stuff up. I'm 1500 words away from the end of Clockwork Souls and I've just-last-night reached an ending for my fanfic, Crime and Punishment.

I'm going to ponder which fanfic I'm doing next because I can't not write. There's a few juicy ideas I have excerpts for. I just need to pick the shiniest one.

Announcements when that happens, of course.

Today's another cleaning day, and having our new toy means that all

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'Tis Tuesday, I must Patreon

The kitchen has been unfucked, and with some good fortune, I may be able to convince my little darlings to put away the clean stuff once they're conscious.

Of course they've fallen into the holiday mindset of staying up as late as possible and sleeping in as long as possible. It's the holidays. I'm only awake because I literally can't sleep past 5AM.

That said, I'm in my "not going anywhere" ensemble of Kigurumi and toe socks with optional uggs.

And because

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Turn Up For the Books

Mayhem has PLNs to finish this semester early by getting their work done ahead of time. Which means most of today, and all of the rest of the week are his to do with as he pleases. Well. Except for the Traineeship. That's still going on.

But there is a minimum of 24hrs in which to faff, and I think he plans to enjoy that.

Meanwhile, I had my car service people call me, for which I am grateful indeed. One less

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Winter "Fashion"

I have rainbow toe socks on. Said socks feature contrasting, puffy paint stars printed on them. Added to these is my aforementioned Spiro Kigurumi. And to protect my toe socks, I am wearing crocs.

You can bet money that I'm not exiting the house like this.

I'm taking another day. Basically, I have little else planned but writing today's Instant and faffing about with games.

Play is just as important as work, and that's what today's about. Tomorrow, I'll be doing my

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Another Odd Day

Apparently, this series of make-up days on Sundays is so that the Year 12's in the system can exit school with a green mark in their ledgers. Mayhem's year 11 as far as my spotty memory serves me. But whatever. The sooner he's done, the sooner he can look for after-school employment.

I won't be doing my Instant until after I get back from my round trip, because time in a nice warm bed on a weekend is indeed precious.

Today, fates

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I am taking a day

I need a day, so I'm taking one. Self-indulgent self-care is happening.

I'm doing this blog and my daily Instant of course but after that, I intend little more than faffing around and doing little at all that's productive.

Hot bubble bath, maybe a DVD or two on my 'to watch' list. And after that exhausting itinerary, a good long nap. After that, I may even leave the bedroom to mess around with a game or two.

It's the weekend. I am

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Gotta get my work done QUICK

There's a new episode of The Adventure Zone out and I plan to be on that like flies on a backyard barbie.

But first! Today's instant and a thousand words towards Clockwork Souls. And once I'm down to three weeks and 9K left to my novel, I can dive into the lands of imagination care of the McElboys.

I am excite.

I am also distractible in the extreme because I wanna give it a listen NOW NOW NOW NOW...

But that won't

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Let's Get on With This

I had planned to get some animation done, yesterday. BUT... I had a critical brain fail.

Basically, my Beloved owns Adobe Animate and there's no such thing as a family account with Adobe because they firkin suck like that. So, in order to use Animate, I have to remember my lifemate's email and password.

In order to use Photoshop, I have to remember my email and password. Janked, I know, but that's the way this particular cookie crumbled.

Now, because my office

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Things are going glacial. I have hit a wall.

This wall is all about me versus the edition of Adapting I'm using to create the two-page-max summary of a 120K-word novel. Which sucks ARSE.

The sooner I get to not doing summaries, the happier I shall be. I much prefer elevator pitches. I can do that. Watch:

  • Adapting: Sufficiently advanced technology versus sufficiently mysterious magic.
  • Beauties and the Beastly: British werewolves in paradise.
  • Rael: Technology finds worth as a person.
  • Clockwork Souls:
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Cash Retrieval

I had saved $2K in assorted fundage, and my Beloved still owes me $4K from some past bail-outs.

Today, market willing, I hope to get $1K of it back from the markets. Otherwise, I wait for the markets to be favourable.

Also, I'm keeping watch on Apple to see if that new lappy is coming out. It's actually favourable for me to wait, because the price might slump a little.

I waited half a year for this firkin thing. I can likely

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Plns and Nonse

Nonse: I'm still coughing up chunks.

PLN: Go to pharmacy, get meds.

Nonse: The internet is being an arsehole to me today.

PLN: If vitally necessary, use phone data to do my job, add to novel offline.

Which, let's face it, firkin SUCKS. For me. And it firkin sucks for you because it's going to take me more effort to do less.

Tomorrow, the time window begins for the nation's premier phone company to come and inspect our phone line. In preparation

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