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::Cracks Knuckles:: Okay. I've got this.

We're back up to nine days of a plague-free Queensland. So I should, in theory, be back to writing in my novel. Right?

I dunno. I can certainly try.

When I'm done with today's Instant, I can load up that one file and my self-amusement file [which is nearly done] and see which one wins the day. I'm putting my bet on the self-amusement because I'd much rather watch a character discover acceptance on the worst day of their life than do the slow and steady progress to characters gambling their whole lives on their dearest and most impossible dreams.

Like... they're going to win it in the end, but not by the end of the first book. That's what the third book is for. More or less. It's a long and hard journey and they're definitely going to get a happily ever after, but... Going through the hard journey is taxing to write.

Especially considering the insanity running rife through the world right now.

Bullshit like:

  • Two blokes from the Melbourne Suburbs attempted to flee to Queensland, using the impeccable illogic that if they go to a place with no plague then they will be safe from said plague. It's this exact "logic" that lead to plagues spreading throughout history
  • One bloke makes a face mask out of silver [skewed logic: Silver has been proven to have minor health benefits when consumed in extremely small amounts. Something something tearing bacteria and virii apart because molecular somethingorother, therefore mask of silver will protect from Covid-19] so the NEXT bloke makes a mask out of gold just to flex? I don't get it, but it is a thing
  • Panic buying returns and people still haven't learned about TP it seems
  • Pauline "I'm not a racist butt" Hanson has called the people locked down in high-density government housing dirty foreigners who are all on drugs in a move that surprises only a very select few
  • Economists are wondering how this could have happened when they were the ones pushing for Victoria to open way too early, including the astroturf campaign to protest and reopen way too early
  • Oh noes this could impact the MELBOURNE CUP, the only reason people want to go to Melbourne, apparently 9_9 Just run the horses in front of empty stadiums like all the other sensible sport people ffs
  • Doctors are the only people calling out for a reinvigoration of restrictions in a rare display of some motherborn firkin sense at gorram last
  • In another rare display of some motherborn firkin sense, experts are watching a strain of swine flu in China like a hawk. Hooray team
  • Kanye West is saying he's going to run for President. Yes, really. And hey, if a washed up reality TV star can get the office, why not a musical artist? Cue the racists raising hell, folks

Onwards to creating fiction, and I have a delivery in the mail. It may well be the headphone earpieces I ordered a little back. It's not yet time for the comic book I pre-ordered like a literal year ago.

Today's going to be some degree of fun.

Okay. I've got this.

If I want to use CS Paint Ex [which I have purchased on special], I have to use it on either my desktop or my lappy, with my iPad acting as a spare screen. Because if I wanted to use it on my iPad, I'd have to pay a monthly fee and fuck that noise for a bad joke.

I would much rather use my desktop than my lappy. BUT... my desktop has some defunct chips in it that prevent the update

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Hooray, it's the anxiety alarm clock

I've got one of those "It's do-able, but..." schedules today, and thank GROP the shrink visit is virtual because there's a high likelihood that I am going to be rat-faced tired before 5PM so I can start the cycle again. Whee.

It's 1AM so I'm officially too late to take a HTML-sleep [aka HTP-5, the nice concoction that metabolises into melatonin. If I took it now, I would be rat-faced exhausted all firkin day.

So. I'm up at one in the morning

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Bread Day, and adventures in Recipes

I did wake up at 11PM the previous night, but since I needed a nap at 4PM, I figured I should attempt that thing called a proper night's rest. Translated, I forgot that it was Thursday night and didn't feed the starters.

I have looked up a bikkie recipe that uses sourdough and it promised to be fast and easy... then one of the instructions says "Let sour for eight hours". Fab.

Well, I am going to spend two days on bread

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Thursday (doonk doonk)

I now have five kilograms of wholegrain wholemeal stoneground flour so now I can make the super-healthiest of baked goods. Whee.

I'm going to look up some sourdough treats and see if I can make something wholesome that Chaos will actually want to eat at school. I may even get her to help a little. I live in hope.

Meanwhile, in the 'despair' portion of life as it happens:

  • There's a new outbreak of a mutated strain of Covid-19, or it's a
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The sun is shining...

I haven't heard any birds singing, but I have a kittycat on my lap and the world is temporarily kind to me. I'm not waking that up any time soon.

My body is hating on me right now so I have to take the small pleasures, like a kitty finding me comfortable to rest on for a handful of minutes.

There's new Covid cases in Queensland just as the pressure's rising to open the internal borders, they're making people sharing plane space

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Wednesday Again

Instead of writing Or You're a Terrorist, I think I'll do a thing about the Muppet's latest stance against what he calls "Antifa Terrorists". This overripe citrus clearly does not understand that "antifa" is short for "anti-fascism".

Either that or he does understand it and has telegraphed the knockout punch to justice in the United States. Those hapless sheeple who still worship him will still remain willfully ignorant of such until it actually lands on them... and by then it will be

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Here's teh PLN

I am going to write this blog and then go to Foodways with my tail between my legs and red all over my face because I've forgot about the cream since THURSDAY.

Then I shall return with whatever cream they still have and get on with today's output.

I have a new chapter of KOSBOB for all my dear readers and I might even have some more of Lust of the Demon Lord - I dunno. I also have been bitten in

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Monday, at 1AM

Instead of waking early to join the stream, I was woken at half-past eleven by Chaos doing a silly run. I figured that, since I was due to actually wake at half-past midnight, I might as well get out there and prepare for the nonsense.

Today's nonsense, whether or not it includes an art stream, will definitely include house unfuckening, a daily tale, and a goal of 200 words.

I didn't easily over-write, last week, so that's my cue to stay at

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Friday. Loaf time.

We were almost out of bread, the last of the extant sourdough had gone the way of all mortal things. Mould. Dang. Then this morning, at what I affectionately call "f-off o'clock", I was woken by the delicate clanging of my measuring cups.

Turns out, my Beloved was making kit bread. On the very eve of the day that I would be making more sourdough. They're doing it to use up the kit bread supplies, including the dry yeast we have lying

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Wednesday, Depression looms

I have left: One more sugarloaf than I have Wombok to match, and my version of coodles involves an even numbering of both for a fair flavour profile. I also have some untouched Bok/Pak Choy [I am too white to tell the difference, forgive me], a brace of spring onions, a plethora of broccoli, and a whole honkton of teeny zucchini and UNBELIEVABLY HUGE carrots.

I am seriously pondering making Coodles2: Electric Boogaloo - aka Carrot Noodles and seeing if that

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Strange Projects

I have created some Zucchini and Carrot cheese bake, and I have re-invented Quiche, this morning. I also owe my Patrons some stuff.

Not a lot of progress, but at least I seem to be maintaining my two hundred words per day this week. So far, so good.

Recipes in my foodie blog as soon as I can wrangle it.

My attention, for the most part, is making good foods. I'm also washing up some of my old takeout boxes so I

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A Case of the Mondays

Saturday was acquisition. Sunday was prep. I managed to accomplish:

  • Butter mushrooms
  • Thin coodles(cabbage noodles)
  • 1 big batch of cauli mash
  • Butter-fried eggplants

I did create broodles [broccoli noodles] but I haven't cooked those yet and I should probs give those bad boys a light steaming. That's something that can happen today.

Today's plans include watching Toasty stream [it's 1AM right now], writing, and cooking up some meat portions to go with some veg into a few prepped meals. Mostly because

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Meal Prep Extravaganza

I have spent very close to three hundred and fifty-five dollars on ingredients, almost all of which shall be turned into tasty pre-prepared meals because my default mode is heat-then-eat.

There's a lot of cauliflower, and I was able to get some ENORMOUS mutant cauliflower, so that means a lot of cauli mash. Delish.

I might be attempting a crustless quiche [aka "Egg Casserole"] at some point later in the day. There's going to be a LOT of cooking. Alongside the cauliflower,

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