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Thursday - Day Zero

Two new cases from overseas and detected in quarantine. Augh. Including the five active cases, that's me practicing paranoia for a further fortnight because of the One Arsehole Theory.

According to some email, I might be getting my replacement flour today, so part of my day will be watching my phone for the all-important AusPost text telling me that something is in my parcel locker.

IF that parcel arrives today, I shall also use the opportunity to grab some extra cream from that one place near the Coles there. If they have it.

A lot of "ifs" in today's PLN. At least you know you're getting a story out of it.

In the news:

  • Anthony Fauci reveals that using the word "lockdown" or "close down" would cause riots
  • Author of anonymous book warning America about the Muppet now reveals themself to be a senior official within the administration
  • Rudd the dud shocked and appalled that Epstein donated $65K to Rudd's charity. He also has "no recollection" of inviting the dude there
  • Westfield mall in NSW new hotspot for the plague, as it has been found in the waste water
  • Muppet speculates on vacating the US if he loses to Biden, adding to his long history of saying the quiet part out loud. If he does, it will be to skate past all the prosecution currently haunting his steps
  • Whitehouse insider claims Melania is "repulsed" by the Muppet and they have a very weird relationship - not weird in the good way
  • Muppet claims the US is "rounding a corner" towards improving against the plague, blood red map showing he's lying states otherwise
  • Bride falls off lifted chair at wedding reception, winds up in hospital with a broken foot
  • $20 Myer bag features Aussie animals copulating and the Echidnas are watching it all
  • Restaurant opens offering one dish for a limited time only. The dish is advertised in advance
  • La Nina causes supercell storms off the East Coast of Aus, primarily smashing Sydney and NSW
  • The flooding rains hitting Queensland are not hitting the dams. Buggrit

This entire mess is draining my personal energy. Last night's disordered sleep was plagued with stress because I thought I borked my iPad [Spoilers: I fixed it] which meant I had the twin "joys" of being too tired to think properly and not being able to sleep. Urgh.

Fixing it solved that particular problem, but it's anyone's guess as to what tonight's anxiety is going to be obsessing on.

I've also started creating a document about Whitekeep, all the points of interest, and interesting historical factoids. All as a gift for my DM who may or may not actually use the damn thing.

When I finish adding my #smorewords into KOSBOB, I'll work alternately on whatever self-indulgent romance nonsense that suits my brain gremlin, and the Whitekeep document. Whee.

That will be happening in half an hour. Faffing about for great relaxation is due.

Wednesday - Day Four

The Senate has confirmed a blatantly pro-life judge and "cruelty is the point" advocate for the supreme court, which is now 6-3 in favour of absolute evil. Two weeks before the election. They have all stated that they're going to let the Muppet do whatever he wants, throw out the postal votes, and ignore any tally that comes not-instantly after the polls close on the actual election day.

Fascism is real in America.

Today, rights formerly fought and won will erode.


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Tuesday - Day Three

I have posted my Patreon nonsense - lots of Tiefling Tales today. I have a PLN to go out shopping for some things, but not all the things, and I have words to yet pour into my novel-in-progress as well as an Instant to write.


There's an election upcoming and I don't know if we're early voting to avoid the crowds or going in person and me in mask. Because I won't go anywhere without my mask when all it takes

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Sunday - Day One

I have to make Beloved cut my new loafs so we can wrap them and freeze them for the later on of great need. I have ordered new flour because we're almost out of the dang stuff.

Sourdough eats flour. Even keeping it alive at the rate of half a cup of flour a week gnaws away at the supplies. It took me a while to get through ten kilos, but it all goes away in the end.

I'm writing a story,

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Thursday - Day Zero

One new case found and staying in Quarantine... BUT I stand by my "one arsehole" paranoia.

Today, I shall be recording images of ALL the paperwork related to Miss Chaos and sending them to the case manager. Our scanner is currently out of commission because the one compy it talks to is slowly dying. I'm not sure if we can get it to scan things any more.


Let's look at the headlines:

  • Queensland is building a new north-south highway
  • Muppet cuts
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Wednesday - Day Four

I know what I'm doing with Wordpress Wednesday, and it's A Chapter Of... Not just a chapter of an unedited novel I have finished, but a chapter of a thing that I've written before and during the plague. A thing that, though it won't earn me a red cent [because Wizards of the Coast will probably sue me if I try lol], gave me immense joy to read and write in a very stressful time.

I would come back to it again

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Monday - Day 2

So KIABIL was gifted a mud cake and I was gifted a RAINBOW CAKE. We swapped because each much preferred the other. MeMum got to talk her head off. We all got to get some social time which we were all starved for.

Good times.

I also got to see Capt. S's kittens, which have just opened their eyes and are about to become Bumper Car Kittens(tm).

Today, I am completely solo and have the daunting task of attempting to unfuck

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Sunday! Day One

Shenanigans are afoot as the family are trekking out to Scenic Coominya. I'm also trucking MeMum there so I had to Very PLN for today.

Part of those PLNs will involve getting some sugar-free caffeine tubes for the trip. Whee.

MeMum is twice as paranoid as I am with this plague. I saw in the news that "covid particles" have been found in the sewer system. Given that this happened up North without an outbreak, I'd posit that this is a potential

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Saturday - Day Zero

Two new cases in quarantine, and that's twice as much as yesterday and now I am having a concern. One arsehole... The more cases there are, the more potential there is for a Karen to arise and cause a massive outbreak because restrictions are easing. Ugh.

We almost got there. We almost had freedom within our grasp. We almost had a completely clean Queensland... and then some fuckers had to think they were above the rules. Repeatedly. ARGH.

I'm getting back into

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Friday - Day Zero

One more case discovered in quarantined folks coming in from overseas. There's still no community transmission, but... it only takes one arsehole to shit all over everything for everyone.

I've fed my starters and they're a bit on the thick side, so I added cream and coconut milk to the harvests and got some extremely runny batter cooking slowly in the background.

Very slowly, as it happens. Whoopsidoodle. Too much additional liquid.

The cats are not eating all their food, even the

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Wednesday - Day Three

I woke up at half-past one this morning and more or less forced myself to get back to sleep so now my morning is extra sluggish. I have zero ideas for today's wordpress wednesday, so it's probably going to be another Chapter Of...

I tried to make a tutorial for MeMum to install the search engine to beat Bing and because I was recording in a relatively empty house, my brain went into "everyone is asleep" mode, and I pitched my voice

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Tuesday - Day 2

Another round of duck-hunt phone tag is scheduled sometime after 9AM today. I got the ansaphone yesterday and I suspect persistence today will get me past the case manager screening their calls tomorrow. Nothing like being a very nice and polite pain in the butt to get that administrivial assistance you need to get past the hedge of red tape.

In the headlines:

  • It's been revealed that the Muppet wanted to wear and reveal a superman suit/shirt [reports differ] upon his
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Monday - Day One

This is the week that I go duck hunting. I'm going to get those little quackers in line for Miss Chaos' admission into the NDIS if it firkin kills me. This, in turn, means a potential week of phone tag with her case manager. Yay.

I spent ALL WEEKEND downloading Baldur's Gate 3, and its associated character creator. I'll be playing with that after I'm done with my shenanigans for today.

Thusly, the PLN is:

  1. Write stuff whilst waiting for 9AM
  2. Once
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Sunday - Day Zero

Another one from Overseas, boo. Queensland has been 28 days without community transition and that should mean that we can walk around without masks, but... Whilst we still get incoming from OS, it only takes one dickhead to ruin it for everyone.

As more "travel bubbles" open up between the countries/areas with some firkin SENSE, the pressure rises on the willfully ignorant to gain a modicum of such.

In the headlines:

  • QLD's border policy pisses off plague vectors, but sells well
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Thursday - Day FIVE!

Woo! Five days without idiots from over the border trying to bring restrictions back into fashion. Nine to go and I can actually go shopping without a mask on. Whee.

I, for one, am glad to add a new tag to my blog system.

In the news:

  • Pilots have been taking up Aussie farming jobs as a direct result of the cultural devaluation of farming jobs. People are complaining now. The job gets you 150K a year and they promise better internet
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