A 88-post collection

Tuesday, Patreon and Realisation

I now know for certain that anything beyond the expected offerings on a Monday is an actual blessing.

The backup reads take some significant time out of the day and it turns out that listening to words means I can't easily write words.

Live and learn.

I've already done the meme on Fediverse, I aim to get the daily tale out and do the Patreon posts before I vanish behind the curtain to do the other things. Tagging a week, summarising a chapter, and set dressing a dungeon.

Once I'm done with level 16B, I shall gather up all the things to turn into icons for the upcoming game. I have a routine for that. Huzzah.

Five icons per go until I run out of things to make into icons. I can do this.

UPDATE - Chapter Count: Commenced work on Ch 248

So let's get started.

Tuesday, Patreon and Shrink Stuff

My Beloved chose not to hear a chapter this morning, so I have a chance to get a lead on her demand for my words.

I have a shrink meeting very soon to now, and after that I will get on with getting on with the usual expectations.

That being:

  • The Patreon posts
  • Summary
  • tags
  • The daily fic
  • Attempt a chapter or even two

I might mess around with Dyson Sphere Program later on. I dunno.

We shall see.

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Tuesday, Patreon & Output

I have a diet Sarsaparilla waiting for when I have done all my Stuff(tm).

The Stuff(tm):

  • Patreon posts
  • Tag a week
  • Summarise a chapter
  • Dungeon Dressing
  • The Mandatory Story

Chapter count! I am currently working on Chapter 232 of A Devil's Tale. It might be done by this afternoon. Woo.

I'll post the Patreon stuff before I get on with the daily tale. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, Patreon and a Rough Night

Beloved came home in the wee small hours, and I had some aggressively intermittent sleep until like 7AM. By then, the heat was already into the day and I couldn't therefore get the catio cleaned up early.


Fingers crossed, this afternoon will be cool enough to allow me to do that.

If not, tomorrow morning will be the next bet.

Onwards to the Patreon posting and the story of the day.

Let's do this.

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Tuesday, Patreon and PLN

I have written and posted my entry for the Tale Foundry this week. I actually wrote it this morning.

I have commenced the chapter in which my main protagonists of A Devil's Tale finally lock lips. This is something I've been anticipating for some time.

I can only hope I do it all justice.

Onwards to my PLNs today is to post the Patreon stuff, correct some errors in a dungeon map, try to get the tagging and summarising done, and then

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Tuesday, Patreon and PLNs

Posting stuff on Patreon today. Y'all are getting some Tale Foundry at firkin last. It's been a while.

I have one whole new Patron! Yay! One more dollar in the monthly payments that keep my cats in the luxury to which they have become accustomed.

On my agenda today:

  • Patreon posts
  • Instant Fiction
  • Tag a week
  • Summarise a chapter
  • Set dress a dungeon/make some critter icons

I have a massive cyclone migraine right now so I shall focus on my outputs

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Tuesday, Patreon and PLNs

I got my Patreon stuff out this morning, so I consider myself ahead of the game.

Dipping my toes into getting back to my former workload, today. One task at a time until I've had a sufficiency of creating things for Output(tm).

A PLN not really helped by some friction between my Beloved and I. It's probably long-term petty stuff, but I'm feeling put out about it right at the moment.

So the morbs are back from that nonsense.



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Tuesday, Patreon and Shenanigans

Good news: Some nice fam has been helping MeMum with the disaster that is her yard and now all she has to do is keep it maintained.

Bad news: This also means more petrol runs.

Good news: I get paid for that.

Bad news: I still have to haul my asthmatic arse over there from the other side of town to help with that.

Also bad news: I'm having Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season so a good lungful of oxygen is harder to

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Tuesday, Catching Up, Patreon, and all that jazz

The cursed mower started working just after I got everything together to move it. Hooray, I guess. So my heavy lifting was hauling boxes of stuff off to lifeline with the full understanding that I have a zippy little TARDIS car that can move lots of stuff at once.

I now have a completely improvised phone holder for those fun occasions where I need my GPS. It still needs some tweaking, but that won't be happening today.

TODAY my focus is on:

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Tuesday, Tech Support and Patreon

I might not be able to do the Patreon stuff today. If I get to it, I shall be getting to it in the afternoon or more towards the evening.

If it doesn't come up today, it will happen tomorrow. Which will also mean another episode of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale

At this point, it's vague spoilers for the novel I'm working on. Things are changing with the demands of narrative and things aren't easy for my heroes. And

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Tuesday, Patreon and Chill

I have bargained some time to do my output duties from Beloved. So it's in my best interests to do two quick ones and then race through the Patreon stuff as fast as I can manage.

There's still a lot of chapters, but I should be quicker at it all henceforth. The filtering is another pain in the butt since my compy tends to lag by the time I get there.

Let's see how quickly I can get that accomplished. All the

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Tuesday, Patreon and Cans Run

YES! I am finally doing it! I am loading up my zippy little car and cashing in all the full bags of bottles and cans.

Two of those bags become profits for Miss Chaos because she put the work in on filling them.

When I come back from that running around, that's when I share the stuff I have to offer on Patreon.

Tomorrow, I plan on beginning the bullet-point summary of Beauties and the Beastly. It's unedited, it's in a faux-Victorian-lit

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Tuesday, Patreon, Lining Things Up

Guy Councilman1 came by to see what the hell was up with the sullage system and I was able to float my idea for a permanent sullage garden. Turns out that those plns will involve different stuff to the things we already paid money for.

There's going to be a trench to dig and different pipes and different sprinklers and it's going to CO$T so part of getting that all together is going to be negotiating payment rates. Yaaaayyy...


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Tuesday, Patreon and PLNs

Today, one of my primary goals is working on my Twitch channel. Not just for my morning Instants, but also for the other stuff that's behind the curtain.

Working on my novel, tagging fics, prepping the pre-publishing nonsense, and the dungeon building for the upcoming second part of the campaign I'm running.

That's a lot of my day, all things considered.

I should also be working on sound bites and gimmicks for people to play with when I do stream. I might

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Tuesday, Vet Visit, Patreon

Today, Jolie is getting some of her shots. Vaccinate every living creature you love, my dear readers. That includes yourself.

Also today, I am sharing some of my literary output with my dear readers over in Patreon. I aim to be working on the tags and dungeon and so forth, today. I might even get an album or two sorted.

Beloved has been out all night on the big project, and will be coming home later to catch up on her sleep.

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