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Tuesday, Attempts Shall Be Made

I had some irregular sleep, yesterday, so I haven't got moving before eight. After I make my usual offerings, I shall be attempting to get a video up on Patreon without using YouTube.

I suspect that YouTube will be a vile necessity.

I'm planning to do bread this week. Thursday and Friday seem like good days to do that. And at some point, I need to toddle out and go get household supplies.

I've signed up for the 5K Bridge to Brisbane, because I know I can do 5K. I might actually train up to do the whole 10K between now and next year's Bridge to Brisbane.

I wanted to support ASAN [Autism Self Advocacy Network] with my funds, but they didn't have it. Most of the other available charities are... eh... problematic. At least to my left-leaning cultural awareness set.

Multi-billion-dollar corporations don't need my wallet to fund good things.

Anyway. Onwards with the offerings, and my learning journey.

Tuesday, Leyland's Tour and Patreon

Mum needs help and hand-holding. IIRC, there's furniture involved and there may or may not be a technical issue somewhere.

The SSD thing is solved at last. Beloved got back to me about my concerns and I am no longer a wet, pathetic beast.

Anyway. I went to bed early yesterday so I could do all the other nonsense this morning. I have learned that I do indeed need to do my stretchies. I also know that, despite my sleep, the B-complex

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Tuesday, Patreon and PLNs

So here's the PLN...

  1. I go shopping for cheese and cream
  2. I return to make my offerings
  3. Including the Patreon stuff
  4. I also help mentor a fellow writer with their offering for the Moth Archive

For the first prompt in April, we're rewriting a story we've written before. It's going to be interesting to see the growth happening.

I've finished my morning beverages, medication, and essential nutrition. I'm about to nick off for a quick trip to the shops for dairy products.

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Tuesday, Patreon and a Lapse

I forgot to do the album sorting yesterday. I almost forgot to do it today. I also have to feed Wilson [my wholemeal Starter] so that's an opportunity to play some vinyl and decide on its keepability.

I keep finding albums I have no memory of purchasing. Or taking from anyone. The theory of spontaneous album generation is probably debunked by my admittedly spotty memory.

Or someone snuck some albums into my boxes.

My immediate PLN is to feed Wilson and bake

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Tuesday, Patreon and Power Problems

Yesterday contained at least three blackouts and a LOT of internet losses.

There's more rain this morning so I am more than a little on edge about loss of anything I'm working on without notice.

I also need to go shopping for Sammich Fillins, so that's added to my daily quest list.

At least I have functioning coffee now. Huzzah.

The new pay schedule is set, though there remains some minor jiggery-pokery regarding a few things here and there. We'll get all

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Tuesday, Patreon and Stencyl Difficulties

Today's the last day that Mayhem is going to Job Training, and I will be glad to have luxury returned to my mornings.

I had a peek into the mechanics of my Stencyl code so far and can't find anything amiss with it. Therefore I have technically worked on Stencyl.

I am going to aim for a bonus point later today. After my offerings, after I have finished the Foundry entry for this week, after my Patreon posts, I shall either work

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Tuesday, Patreon, Tyres, and More Delays

I was planning to start on new bread today. Have some nice fresh loaves by tomorrow night. That's delayed.

Because I am getting the TYRES!

For way less than the price my Beloved gave me. And that even includes some service for the others. Huzzah.

All for less than the initial price of one tyre that I was given. Bonus.

On the other hand, I have my day split because those new tyres are going in close to midday. Hooray.

I will

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Tuesday, Patreon, Shopping, and a Long Day

I PLN on recording some chapters for Adorable today, having finished chapter 370 of my ever-increasing WIP. I should also be receiving moneys that will enable me to get all the things.

I have to take Mayhem to the train station this morning. Then? After 10, it's shopping time... and I will attempt to drag Miss Chaos along to get reminders on the stuff we need that isn't the stuff I want.

And I can introduce her to making some very simple

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Tuesday, Patreon and Bread

I've measured out everything but my Starter, which is currently incubating in preparation for the autolyse. I have 170g of chia soaking in 800g of water for the duration.

I know the traditional wire tool for bread [Called a "Dough Whisk" I have just now learned] is not good for mixing flour and soaked chia because the sticky goop just gets stuck in the cracks and it's nigh impossible to shift. I shall try "chopping in" the flour and mix with the

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Tuesday, Patreon and Errands

Mayhem's got an appointment this afternoon. I have stuff to post on Patreon. I have offerings to make for y'all's entertainment.

I've put my nebulous PLNs to make bread today on hold. I'll have way more time for that tomorrow.

We should get paid today, and that will be a breath of fresh air. If I have the funds when Mayhem's in transit, I'll get the supplies on the way home.

Otherwise, I'll have to do all of that on Wednesday. Perhaps

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Tuesday, Patreon, Gravel, and a Day Off

The gravel was announced before I was done with my stretchies. So I had to hurry up. Paused stretchies, put on my knees, put on my pants, fed the cats, roused the kids, and set up for a stakeout.

I was just ready to sit and write and wait when the crane truck turned up.

We now have 400kg (62 stone + 14 lbs) of gravel which, I hope and pray, will do great things towards making the swamp less of a swamp,

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Tuesday, Patreon and Shenanigans

I'm off on a Leyland's Tour at an unknown hour today, and I'm already prepped for that much running around. Mayhem is currently sound asleep and I could not wake him enough to get the time of take-off.

I can only hope that he wakes up with enough time to act appropriately.

Meantime, I have made an important discovery about my self-maintenance routine.

It can take up to an HOUR. Two if I need more time to ease the aches and pains

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Tuesday, Patreon and the Morbs

The Morbs(n): A feeling of ennui, depression, and generalised gloominess in which the possessor wonders whether there's a point to continuing. In brief, listless, lackluster depression.



The Morbs.

I just feel like I'm doing so much for so little in the way of rewards. I posted about that on Tumblr this morning. It's so rough getting out of bed on days like this.

I will have better days. Knowing that is the only reason why I fought to get

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Tuesday, Boxing Day and All the Fun Times

I got bogged trying to return my car to the shed, got a neighbour's help getting it out and safe, and I now have some lovely wheel holes in my lawn.

Other than the bogging event, we had a relatively quiet celebration with all the usual things. Gifts, tableside debates, and WAAAAYYYY too much food despite my best efforts to prevent that happenstance.

I went overboard on the acquisition side. Again.

BUT we have plenty of unsuitable food to nom on. For

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Tuesday, Patreon and Tyre Shenanigans

There is something wrong with one of my practically-new tyres :P So I have to go to a tyre place to get it checked out at a later point in time.

If I have to run out and get a thing, that's when I'll go. Try to keep as much of my money as I can for as long as I'm able. That sort of thing.

I've done my stretchies, and I shall be scattering progress all over my Patreon in just

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