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Tuesday, Plague Day 22, Patreon & PLNs

I am officially off the roid pills today. I'm still on the puffer though and I shall see how that goes for me.

On the pills and the puffer - shaking like a little wet dog but also clear nasal passages. Off the pills but still on the puffer - the nose is closing up and I am still shaking like a little wet dog. I can still breathe, but the tightness in the throat that "reads" like an incipient asthma attack.

I might be taking meds that make me shake for the rest of my life. Just to breathe comfortably. Annoying, but I will find ways around it if necessary.

I'm not feeling sick or having other symptoms than the Post-Covid Cough(tm), and I'm well past being able to infect anyone with anything I have, so there's that. I have the ability to go out shopping without worrying if I'm doing someone a menace without knowing it.

Beloved's going to the office today (I think), so that gives me a chance to sneak off and get her Outaversary present and maybe source things to make her a fancy cake. I know every dollar shop in the area. I can find good things that won't break what little is left in my bank.

I stopped paying for a Minecraft server we don't use, so that's one less drip of green flowing out of my copybook that I have to have a concern over. That will kick in next month.

Mayhem's applying for work and nobody's getting back to him, alas. It must be frustrating for him to be doing all of that.

Speaking of frustration, Kait and I went shopping for FOOD yesterday, and the bill for that came for more money than I have. Total. And I'm supposed to PAY FOR THE FOOD. That's my part in the team.

So I had a crying fucking breakdown in front of goddamn Woolies. Goddamnit. I needed a good cry but NOT THERE. Fuck.

The worst things happen to us when we least want them.

Today is partial action day. Do the stream. Send child off to school. Send Beloved off to the office. Sneak away to achieve something NICE for someone I love with all my being.

Because she deserves some fucking nice.

[I do too, but I still feel like I have to earn it somehow and that's on me. Bloody head gremlin. Stick a cork in it]

Onwards to the rest of today's nonsense.

Tuesday, Plague Day 15, Patreon

I'm still battling with clogged bronchii and I'll be doing some time on the OPEP to get some of my ability to breathe back. Or at least shake loose the clinker that's still in there.

I have done three self-cares this morning. Trying to get back into some kind of routine with those. Namely - Took my preventer, brushed my teeth, and did my face-care routine.

I'm re-establishing my gut biota by ingesting Aldi's Yakult-esque in the form of a fruit smoothie.

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Tuesday, Plague Day 8, Patreon and Freedom

I am technically free to wander the wilds of the world. I am not over the side-effects of the plague.

Breathing is still a twitch difficult, but going about my daily stuff is seeming increasingly achievable.

I still have some gastric reflux and some uncertainty in the bowel department. I am not feeling inclined to go anywhere and do anything.

I shall see if I feel at all inclined to have an actual meal rather than a series of small snacks.


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Tuesday, Patreon and Content Creation

My kind Patrons are getting more storydump and world-building today. I am doing at least ONE more chamber in TaleSpire and one more thing for Alfarell, then I shall either sit and write or go make a thing in the Minecraft server or fart around.

Tale Foundry should be activating their writing competition at some point and I have a thing ready to go. You see it first on my Patreon if you're paying enough. Or if you're a part of the

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Tuesday, Patreon and Continuing Issues

Despite the best medicine I could find, Beloved is still fighting the cough. Might be time to visit a quack about it. Blargh.

I am powering on with A Devil's Tale and having fun playing with the adventures of my devilish dude, time, and the lady he will eventually meet, love, and marry.

I will eventually get back to writing the last book of my planned trilogy. Forced writing is bad writing, so going with the fun stuff is helping me stay

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Tuesday, Patreon and Building Things

I have Patreon posts to make, chambers and world to build, red tape to unriddle... lots and lots of things to do.

MeMum has battled financial nonsense and why she owes Mr Taxman a huge honk of moolah. Going through the liveplay of that was... "fun".

I did offer to help with the websites and how to print emails and all other technogeek things, but she'd rather whimper in a corner. I empathise entirely. I, too, would like to whimper in a

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Tuesday, Patreon and Wuzgunnas

I was gonna find time to cash in all the bottles and cans confounding our carport. That time keeps cycling around. And not arriving.

So, with the forces of determination on my side, I should make some hours to cash in the cans. And, if I'm really lucky about it, do a Costco run to stock up on all kinds of stuff that we've run out of.

Fingers crossed.

If not today, I might make it part of our nonsense tomorrow. Sometimes,

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Tuesday, Patreon Organised!

I'm feeling accomplished this morning. Woke up early and used my time to publish all my Patreon stuff. Which kind of makes up for being overheated and bothered by an innard rebellion.

Besides my insides trying to be outsides, I have all the rest of the day to worldbuild, chamber-build, and maybe write a few things besides.

...and watch CritRole. Because of course watch CritRole.

Still attempting to be kind to myself. Kind of need to write a few things about my

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Tuesday, Patreon and Other PLNs

Miss Chaos is still coughing, and rumbling in the lungs, so she's staying home until the mucous is no longer an issue. Which means I have to call in after this bit is done to make sure the school knows she's still on the sick list.

Unless she gets chronic lung issues like I have, in which case it's Choose Your Mask, and wear that in public situations. I'm teaching her all of my dumb lung tricks, just in case.

...we may

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Tuesday, Patreon, Nerfing and Nonsense

Beloved and I tried to remove the remaining acrylic on my nails and... nothing shifted. Even literally soaking my nails in acetone did squat. So I'm left with picking it off or growing it off.

Lucky my nails grow fast.

It's Patreon day today! I get to unearth all the cool stuff I deem fit to share with my Esteemed Patrons, and then post it so they can take a peeksie.


I also have to go about nerfing the Lockbox of

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Tuesday, Patreon and Dungeon building

I have a cyclone headache and the painkillers have done JACK SQUAT this morning. I shall be doing all computer things with sunnies on. Blargh.

The good news is that I'm nearly done with creating Level 10 of 23. If I make it to level 12, I can call myself halfway done with building the entire dang dungeon.

But I won't relax until I am DONE done with it all.

Today's the day I put Patreon rewards up for everyone. No new

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Tuesday, Patreon PLNs and New Slab Who Dis?

Miss Chaos had a smol shopping spree and a lovely dinner, last night. She got a game called Are You Dumber Than A Box of Rocks? and a Funko Pop that happened to amuse her. We also got her a Teppenyaki dinner and dessert at a place called Cowch.

If you love sugar, and I mean freaking LUHUV sugar, try getting your fill at Cowch. #NotSponsored.

They are an indulgence.

Today, I shall be posting lots of stuff in lots of tiers.

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Tuesday, Patreon and Postage

My meds have gone ackers in the post, and AusPost wants me to wait for next week before I can report it missing. Yay.

I did get on to iHerb about the fuckup, so there's hope that something can be sorted about all this. The big problem is that mailing forms have ONE entry to put the street address in and you can't put the whole thing in the forms.

AND AusPost keeps changing their mind about the important bit -_-

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Tuesday, Shrink Times and Needs

My shrink has the Rona, so we're doing a Vidcall Headshrinking for maximum safety. My Beloved has been cooking, and I have some more cooking to do as well as meal packing.

I also have to nip out and grab myself some more vegemite.

And I'm plotting to help Beloved with the habitat unfuckening.

With firkin borked wrists to get going on.


Also I plot to do two chambers and maybe some passages before the next couple of chambers that I'll

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Tuesday, Patreon, and screw this headache

I have pain on the left side of my head. Mostly in the cheekbone, and up on the brow. What I refer to as the upper left quadrant of my head. If you can call an eighth of a head a "quadrant".

I have: Upper/Lower, Left/Right, Forward/Back.

And the weird part is that I now have an achey bit in the lower back part of my head. No connecting nerves.

Sometimes I wish I had not spent $3K to

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