Tuesday, Patreon and Stencyl Difficulties

Today's the last day that Mayhem is going to Job Training, and I will be glad to have luxury returned to my mornings.

I had a peek into the mechanics of my Stencyl code so far and can't find anything amiss with it. Therefore I have technically worked on Stencyl.

I am going to aim for a bonus point later today. After my offerings, after I have finished the Foundry entry for this week, after my Patreon posts, I shall either work on the pitch kit for Beauties and the Beastly or sort some vinyl since my numbers on the chart are behind in those regions.

My ASD is compelling me to make the numbers neat. So the task manager is working. Next thing you know, I will be making patterns with that week's colours -_- [I'm still hoping for accidental pixel art though]

I have reached the point in A Devil's Tale in which my hero and heroine are re-united and I am excited to write it. BUT... I gotta keep myself limited or my wrists will punish me.

I've "opened" my second loaf from the last batch, and it's another doughy loaf. I'm toasting my slices because waste is a four-letter word to me. I think it might be the new amount of ice I've been using. I'm going to swap to different cubes and see if that helps. Volume may be important here.

...and so is jiggery-pokery.

Onwards to the remainder of my nonsense.