Challenge #04069-K051: Justice in Plain Sight

The Honor Guard now has bases around the world, after so many centuries. And yet, their principals have never wavered. Corruption is absolutely NOT tolerated in their ranks and cut out swiftly, by any means necessary. And always their goal is the same. To follow the example of their founder, Wraithvine, and help keep a balance to this world. -- Fighting Fit

The Lutemen may pluck the strings to shape the world, but the Honour Guard are the ones to either cut or shield them as appropriate. They seek out areas of injustice, where the weak and downtrodden need protection from the strong and overbearing.

Their sigil is a sword and shield, with the blade pointing downwards. Symbolising that though they are ready to fight to defend... fighting is not their first option.

Quite unlike the Lawsright, whose sigil is an upraised gauntlet, clenched in a fist. They allegedly fight for justice as well, though they are frequently working against it.

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