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Challenge #03968-J316: Under Strict Supervision

The wandering magistrate hadn't come, at least not alone. This time, someone much higher rank came with them to see what kind of job they were doing. The knomira and the wandering magistrate learn very quickly this higher-up person is NOT amused by the idea of any kind of corruption among their peers. And, fortunately, this one has the authority to put two individuals in their place, harshly.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03888-j236-actionable-correction -- DaniAndShali

There were two horses coming into town. Two riders. One was the travelling magistrate, and the other... wore the livery of the Crown. Her riding dress wore a prominent depiction of the Whitekeep coat of arms on both chest and back. Her horns had a delicate silver diadem locked onto them. She was young, but held herself like a princess.

Because she was a princess. Princess Joyful Velvet Maripose Whitekeep, first of her name. Perfectly safe in the company of that magistrate because everyone knew who her father was.

Besides, the first daughter of the Thrice-Sworn King didn't need her Dad to cut off anyone's face for her. She was just as deadly as her sire. And she promised to be twice as deadly here. She didn't look down her nose at the citizens of Greenway Hollow, she examined them all in seconds as she passed. No wonder she assessed Nada Irontoe as an interfering, opinionated, busybody in an instant.

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Challenge #03957-J305: Faerie Retribution

Several bullies have a spell put on them so that they're forced to feel what their victims felt when being bullied. Save for the adult who had nothing but hate in their heart, everyone else learns their lessons well. -- Anon Guest

Parents say it to their children all the time. The Faekindred will get you. A general warning to play by the rules, stay close, and otherwise behave oneself. A mishap immediately after an ill-willed action or statement is said to

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Challenge #03863-J211: Lucky They Were There

The child stood in the hall screaming high and shrill red-faced. Jay and Lilicoon find the child and get them to some help. Why is the child screaming? The place was very, very, crowded, and they'd lost track of the parents. -- The New Guy

It was too loud thanks to a fault in the nearest air circulation fans. They created a shrieking din so cacophonous that it was hard to hear oneself think. The local engineers were working on it, but

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Challenge #03862-J210: On the Other Foot

Took me several hours to think of this one, but I think it fits for this scenario.

There's another accident, this time, it's the CEO who ends up killed. The "indispensable worker" uses the equipment to put their boss into a less than ideal automaton, before limping the very, very badly damaged ship toward alliance space, as they are the closest, sending out distress signals.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03763-j110-recycled-staff -- Lessons

Rule one of surviving executive incompetence: keep copies of

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Challenge #03827-J175: With Justice For All

They were hurting the children born with horns, praising the ones born with wings. Then I became the new Lord of the town. The instigators of such behavior learned quickly I would NOT tolerate such. And all children, born human or not, were to be treated equally. And all citizenry, no matter what their species, were also to be treated equally. THAT is the new law of the land. -- Anon Guest

They call this place Havenspring. According to legend, it's where

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Challenge #03821-J169: Where to Draw the Line

Strike me? I don't care, go ahead, I may end up bruised, but I will not be broken. I'll just walk away annoyed, but you may live. Strike the innocent around me? And I will rip your arms off and beat you to death with them. -- Fighting Fit

Only the Master Bai called the resident Hellkin a Lord. It might have been sarcasm. It's hard to tell with Elves. The rest of the Dojo either referred to him as Trainee Hellkin,

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Challenge #03731-J078: Cracked Logic

"How...how.. did you... defeat me? I was so powerful!"

"But you acted without knowledge or thought."

"I don't get it!"

"Alright, before you go to prison, a brief lesson. Remember this. Power without knowledge is useless, it's like having a huge, beautiful, cart, and no animal to pull it. And knowledge, even the smallest amounts, is a power all on it's own." -- Lessons

Exploding magical devices only did so much good for his final attack on his old master. The

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Challenge #03612-I324: Cirque de Sade

The child is found to have wandered off deep into the woods. The ones that had her held other intelligent beings, though these were mostly adults, in cages as a traveling freak show. They demand Wraithvine give their "exhibit" back. Wraithvine shows just how peeved off a parental, even if the child is still new to them, can get at such cruelty.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03514-i226-mine-now -- Anon Guest

The music lead Wraithvine to the carnival, but the very sight

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Challenge #03578-I289: Creatures of the Night

Yes, we are vampires, that's true, but we do NOT take from the unwilling. No BUTS! Yes I'm aware of our nature, and that we must drink blood. We only take small amounts, enough to survive, and only from WILLING DONORS!

Fortunately, you left them alive. You will IMMEDIATELY treat their injury and we will make restitution. And if you pull this stunt again, I will, PERSONALLY, hand you to the Watch to be stuck in a sun-cage, understand me?? -- Lessons

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Challenge #03512-I224: Walk a Mile

A being that HATES tieflings, and goes out of their way to hurt them, ends up in a temple. The magi (the cleric who is the scion of the god of that temple) sees the being harm a tiefling child, one of the many orphans there. And does the one thing that, to the hateful person, is the ultimate nightmare. The person wakes up having the form of the being they hate most. -- Anon Guest

Beware the hand of Justice. It

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Challenge #03426-I138: Strange Justice

The criminal begged for mercy, demanding a trial rather than what was facing them. The Pax Humanis member stood there, blade in hand, blood staining the clothing, giving the criminal the choice between the knife, or take their chances and jump from the cliff to the sea. -- Fighting Fit

Out in the Edge territories, things are a lot less formal than what one might expect. A small settling colony may take objection to a traveling shyster, but their decisions about meting

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Challenge #03371-I083: Deja Vu All Over Again

Amatu, Vee, Wraithvine, and Pondermoore were traveling, they'd just entered the city with Slippery Sam's cage. A young homeless child, potentially younger than Vee, bumped into the wizard trying to lift the coin pouch. The child was thin, dirty, skittish, and reeked of immense, untapped magic. The young human was only not afraid around Amatu, thinking he was very pretty. -- Lessons

An Ogre, an Elf, and two other adventurers ride into Deepwater. One of the longer-lasting cities in the wider lands.

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Challenge #03363-I075: You Made This Hell

A Deregger CEO, one who was CEO over all the other CEOs in a small empire ruling an entire solar system, four inhabited planets. Their blatant cruelties earned a cry of help from their people. That is why Sunshine and his apprentice Jay were here. To answer the call, and end the empire, their way. -- Anon Guest

Big Chief Dominic Roman liked to remind everyone that he was the Chief of Chiefs. The Commander of Chiefs. The owner of it all.

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Challenge #03342-I054: She Said No Pickles

"You can't have that!"

"Have what?"

"That huge account with all that TIME!"

"Why not?"


"Yes, well, you're no longer my husband, I'm free now. You have to leave."

"NOT without what I'm owed!"

"Ok, say hello to security for me." -- Lessons

He had once sent her to fetch a meal. The written order in one hand and the Pfennings to pay for it in the other. She had left him with a head full of lies about

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Challenge #03195-H286: Dished Out

They left no bodily mark on their torture subject, but the being was screaming for mercy within but an hour, maybe less. The chamber was pitch black, it was not warm, nor cold, the walls were so soft they could practically not be there, though they were strong to hold the subject in, and there was no gravity, so no pressure on the body. Total sensory deprivation. The subject was not even able to hear their own voice.

When cruel people want

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