Challenge #04059-K041: Not the Comfy Chair!

A very large iron asteroid has been hollowed out to become a very strong space station, and also heavily reinforced. This becomes a giant "court house" and also therapy center. So large sections of it become giant "Truth Booths". Knomiras and Dereggers, and others like them throw a FIT when its construction is finished. Esp. the ones assigned to that station for their court cases and therapy. -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Ironcore. Justice is served here. It's the biggest courthouse in the Alliance, and it needs to be.

Every courtroom has a Truth Booth as a part of the testimonial stand. Every courtroom needs it. This is, after all, where they hold trials on Deregger CEOs, toxic Knomiras, and those who repeatedly choose to ignore responsibilities that go along with their rights.

It's not only Dereggers. It just happens to hold a lot of Dereggers.

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