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Challenge #02843-G286: Storm Damage

The tour-group had gone to the plains of the region known as the United States and was at a museum that told of such things as the Great Depression, and how humans had caused such damage to their lands that this region even suffered a catastrophe known as the Dust Bowl, when a loud warning blared out. A particularly large tornado was on its way.

Fortunately, the place had shelters to survive even an F5 so no one was hurt, or killed, but physical damage isn't the only thing that can occur before, during, and especially after, a major storm like that has passed through. -- Anon Guest

Bad news: Deathworlds were host to extreme weather. Good news: The Deathworlders are already prepared for this. The sirens were creepy and deliberately designed to be alarming in more ways than one.The natives knew what they meant and many of them could be relied upon to help get any Havenworlders to safety.

There's always a few who are blasé to all but the most extreme of dangers, and even then they're never truly panicked. This has caused some upset and confusion amongst visitors. There's only so much that visitor's guides can prepare people for. Especially when most visitors only glance at the most important bits to them and leave the rest unviewed.

Public Service Announcements have helped the locals to help the visitors immensely. In this case, the Havenworlder tourists were ushered to a shelter and distracted from the noise of the storm. At which point, the people who were used to the tornadoes left to survey the damage. They assumed that the big danger was over and all would be well. Public Service Announcements can only do so much, after all.

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Challenge #02842-G285: It Happened So Fast

For some, killing is easy. They feel absolutely nothing for it. For others, killing is like ripping apart a piece of their very soul. He wept. Tears sliding down his face as the body lay on the ground before him. He'd agreed to be a guide to the small mixed group of haven worlders and death worlders through the shopping center, but he had never thought it would end up in a confrontation. The person was raving, either they were insane, on

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Challenge #02841-G284: It's Pretty Simple...

You Just. When you are floundering with a task or project, someone will pop up and give you the key to solving the problem. The bits left out in the manual. -- Knitnan

Every instruction set assumes. Even the most detailed of instruction sets assumes the reader knows what the tools are, the techniques mentioned, and what the key points mean. One crafter's definition of "the cracking point" is different from another's. One is good, another is bad.

There's a certain number

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Challenge #02840-G283: For Great Fitness

The human was moving slowly, very slowly, and doing deep breaths with each slow movement. They almost looked like moves one would do in combat, but these were too languid.. too.. relaxed. The saurian scientists aboard the ship were curious and a few even tried the movements, with varying degrees of success, and one asked the human as they paused a moment to watch their friends, what was that odd motion just now? The human smiled and said in a relaxed tone

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Challenge #02839-G282: Rage in the Dark

What if animals/entities such as the chupacabra, skin walker, and yowie didn’t originate here on earth, but were test subjects sent through a black hole. -- Latino Thor

[AN: I am WAY too white to play with native legend domains, so I'll try some other stuff]

Theoretically, it is a slow and painful death. Theoretically. From the outside, it is quick. The vessel and the victim inside stretch out and blend with the aura of light around the event horizon,

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Challenge #02838-G281: Balance, Skill, and Broken Bones

A group of deathworlder raiders makes the terrible, horrible, no good mistake of attacking a ballet dance troupe. -- Anon Guest

[AN: If you ever want a solid education on how metal Ballet is as an art, then read up on how the dancers break in their en pointe shoes and what it does to their feet. Ouch]

Half of the Humans on board this vessel were tiny. Child-sized, yet also adult. The other half were weirdly muscular. All of them were

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Challenge #02837-G280: A Listening Problem

The human was dragged into medical by their friends. Well, "dragged" is a bit of a strong word, considering that if the human really didn't want to go, they wouldn't have, but they weren't willing to risk injuring their friends by struggling too hard.

The problem? Hives. Bumpy, red, itchy hives, all over the human's body.

When questioned, they said "I'm allergic to stress." -- Anon Guest

"Look, I'm going to be fine," protested Human Hen, who was obviously not fine. "I

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Challenge #02836-G279: Sphere of Influence

I have a brother, he just so happen to have a girlfriend. Honestly they’re a lovely couple the girlfriend get along with the family. My brother with his gf are very, “intimate”. I play a beautiful instrument known as the saxophone. This night they learn that walls are thin in this house, if they can hear me, they better connect the dots and realize I can hear them.

the music I’m gonna was play -- Anon Guest

[AN: The music

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Challenge #02835-G278: No Added Chemistry

And what, exactly, do you know of addiction? -- Anon Guest

"Just because I don't indulge in the standard recreational chemicals for my species doesn't mean I don't know what addiction is," argued Human Kae. "I seek my serotonin in other things. You might think they're safe, but they're harmful if I'm not on guard. You just haven't caught me in a spiral, yet."

Companion Riik puzzled at this. Sure, ze had recreational chemical issues and therapy for that was always a

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Challenge #02834-G277: Never Ask That

There was a loud explosion coming from the engine room, the ship was dead in the water, so to speak. The pirate looked at the humans in the hold, most of them still completely asleep from the gas attack, only a few coming around, and only one was wide awake. They were awash with mirth, laughing to themselves. The pirate demanded what was so funny. They grinned darkly at the pirate, then, and said in a tone that was both amused and

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Challenge #02833-G276: Safety Except...

A new class of therapists are going through training and tonight's lecture is about human psychology, past and present, when it came to the sciences and medical treatment. They were to watch an info video on humans in the early 21st century and their reactions to life-prolonging measures such as getting vaccinations to prevent disease, and wearing masks to try to control viral spreads during pandemics. And this, then was compared to the behaviors seen in the modern day. -- DaniAndShali


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Challenge #02832-G275: A Life Saver

The human's small ship carried several havenworlder families as they were heading on the normal space station to home-world run. However, an unseen micrometeorite managed to hit a vulnerable spot and the ship went down hard on one of the moons that orbited their system's only gas giant. The moon itself had a breathable atmosphere, with a minimal filter, and was not unknown to the havenworlders whose people had been starting to mine it, but that facility was all but on the

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Challenge #02831-G274: Observer Effect

An extraterrestrial puts together a video showcase of human do-it-yourself and educational videos, open to the general public who wants to learn more about humans. They have even been smart enough to include offensensitivity warnings so havenworlders can avoid the appropriate films. Included in the film line up is:


Nailed it

Naked and Afraid

The Darwin Awards -- Anon Guest

[AN: Of the four listed here, only one is in any way instructional other than "learn from my mistakes lol". Real

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Challenge #02830-G273: One Last Angel

I’ve always knew that death would come. Don’t know where, don’t know when. Death always looms over everyone and I know my time has come. It’s fine, I lived a full life, I’m one of the few to meet their great great grandchildren. They knew I was gonna to pass so they stayed by my side. At the end that when I saw death.I could barely move, I could barely speak. Death reached into his cloak

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Challenge #02829-G272: Outside Influences

Before humans knew that beings existed outside of their own world, before, in fact, humans had gone much further than sending a couple of people to their local moon, they visited. They'd always managed to remain hidden, but their work was kinda starting to get noticed. They'd find those who were sick and injured, and amongst the human there were many. Mostly, they worked with kids, however. At night, when the entire area was asleep, they would take the children aboard their

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