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Challenge #01445-C350: Instruments of Entertainment

Dedicated to the Steam Calliope. -- Anon Guest

Rael was glad that the Archivaas who were going through the Vault of the 20th Century had finally decided to ship confusing items to Amalgam for analysis, rather than making Shayde, and himself, go all the way to it.

This one... seemed to be an unholy mess of pipes on wheels. There was an unseemly grin buttons and platforms that, on a smaller device, might have been piano keys. It had ornate works of art around its exterior, bright colours and outlandish figures. And the word, "Melodeon".

"Aw ye ripper," cooed Shayde.

"Oh no," murmured Rael. She was going to want to ride it, play with it, or possibly both. "This is a valuable antique..."

"Ye know I would'nae harm it." She still brushed its bright surface with her hands. "Aw yes. She's self-powered. We don' need a horse. I just need someone tae steer an--"

"No," said Rael. "Tell them what it is, show them how it works without indulging in a live demonstration. Then it goes to the museum and they can build a working replica."

Shayde whined. "But I've always wanted tae play a calliope."

Rael glared at the keys. "How would you even play that?"

"Wi' yer fists."


He really should have known better. Asking Shayde questions lead to predictable results. And now he was steering this thing on a slow crawl through some pre-approved wide lanes while Shayde and a grinning Archivaas hammered out Turkey in the Straw with their fists.

And... more annoyingly... they were all attracting enthusiastic fans trailing after the musical vehicle as they went.

The bizarre from out the woodwork come...

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Challenge #01433-C338: Pressing Suit

Courting gifts given in hope of acceptance, they vary from culture to species. -- Knitnan

On the mating rituals of Galactic Species...

As a whole, the mating habits of Galactic Society are so wide and varied that one may be excused for missing the signals of another. For example, most species gift food to their desired mate, but the solitary and territorial B'la'b'lankh sing[1] for their mates.

To the Vigin, a food-gift of meat is the deadliest of insults, while to

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Challenge #01143-C046: Can it, Carol!

"Hmph. I'll have you know, that whole thing is just a horrid example of misinformation."

"You're basically a two-meter-tall mantis from our perspective. Humans assuming you devoured your mate was kinda to be expected... namely since, uh, you did."

"Well, yes... but not before he was dead! We do have laws, you know. Such is our way for those who are gone. Your kind just throws them in a dirty hole to rot or burns them to ash. How wasteful." -- Gallifreya

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