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Challenge #03257-H348: You and Your Weird Customs

Societies have ways of signaling preferences, or status. From the all black "Widow's Weeds", that said "do not approach" to the earring in the left ear and red shirt that said "I'm gay and approachable", with so many varieties of possible interaction. How about a story of a "Meet and Chat" for All comers. Keep it "G" rated, Kudos for humorous.

With open minds what happens when two completely not interactive just chat about Life, and they don't even have to be the same Species. Just for fun fact. Some birds are multiple hatchers of everybody's eggs. -- Nonny the Mouse.

Whistlemine was one of the more interesting areas of the greater world. Instead of viewing Kobolds as pests or enemies to eliminate, the Humans realised very quickly that the little buggers could be very useful indeed. For instance, digging the ventilation shafts that gave their little mining town its name.

When the winds blew the right way, various mines would strike up chords.

Therefore, the local Kobolds were welcome citizens of Whistlemine and given far more respect than they would have expected anywhere else. So much so that calling them "trash dragons" was a criminal offense and the offended Kobolds could sue. They were also very good at assisting in unearthing anything at all of value.

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