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Challenge #03733-J080: One Lengthy Break in a Resort Town

Yes I am stealing a very silly anime trope that's often used in comedic series especially.

Wraithvine's apprentice accidentally walks in on hir while Wraithvine is having a shower. Oops! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Someone please explain to me why this is funny? I don't get it]

Pressurised water, heated from the nearby volcanic springs, was one of the draws of Gildfont. There was a bathhouse on every corner and most of them were focussed on getting their visitors clean.

It was a wonderful place to take an extended rest. The spas, the hot pools, and the aforementioned bathhouses where some clients could indulge in Gildfont's artificial waterfalls. What they called showers[1].

Strodius was so eager to try one that he wandered into the wrong cubicle.

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Challenge #03732-J079: A Lesson to Absorb

They were the child of THE wealthiest people in the entire alliance. And yet, all they wanted was to live a quiet life with their friends. Sadly, there were those Deregger tourists that came in, and were mean to their friends just because their friends didn't have as much time. Well, time to teach these Dereggers a lesson in respect! --Anon Guest

Freaking... arrogant people who thought they were above everyone else. They were the worst. Every summer season, they came to

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Challenge #03731-J078: Cracked Logic

" did you... defeat me? I was so powerful!"

"But you acted without knowledge or thought."

"I don't get it!"

"Alright, before you go to prison, a brief lesson. Remember this. Power without knowledge is useless, it's like having a huge, beautiful, cart, and no animal to pull it. And knowledge, even the smallest amounts, is a power all on it's own." -- Lessons

Exploding magical devices only did so much good for his final attack on his old master. The

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Challenge #03730-J077: Miss Caste

There are times the ones people call "Heroes" are, in fact, not heroes at all, but very vain, unkind, self-centered individuals who hog glory. There are also times the ones people call "villains", are not villainous at all, but in fact, are kind, gentle, souls just trying to help, and sometimes having to make very hard choices to save the most lives possible. -- Anon Guest

Mathilda Moonsky wore golden armour and rode a white steed. She had a cloth-of-gold cape and

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Challenge #03729-J076: Forced Adoption Strategy

A young hunter, nervous and jumpy, was out in the woods with their new crossbow. At the rustling, they suddenly let a bolt loose and almost hit Gikka. They apologize profusely for the accident. -- The New Guy

"Ohmygosh, ohmygoodness, ohno! Are you hurt? Is anyone hurt?" Vance Randosca tumbled over the brambles and into the path where the travellers were all readying for combat. "Nobody told me there was a hair trigger on this thing, I swear. Is everyone all right?

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Challenge #03728-J075: Monstrous Hero

The world is chaos. It’s neither fair nor sensible. It wrongs heroes and breeds scums. It is rife with ugliness without a trace of beauty. The malice of the world shall be sundered

By the villain. -- Anon Guest

The Thrice-Sworn was coming. Not yet a King, but the Prophecies called him one. Those in the palaces were terrified of him. Whispers abounded, and Anika couldn't believe half of them.

Won his title in blood. Bearer of a curse. Some said

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Challenge #03727-J074: Impending Addition

Let’s see, you’re pumped full or hormones that spike your heart rate, drain you of nutrients, messes with your sleep cycle, and make daily task physically taxing.

Are you infected with a parasite, or is this a weird way to tell me that you’re pregnant? -- Anon Guest

"I told you last year that I was planning to reproduce," Human Sal sighed and tried not to fall asleep in his very comfy chair. "I got all the paperwork done

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Challenge #03726-J073: A Lighter Lesson

Some children, giggling, having a snowball fight, toss a few at Wraithvine, Gikka, and hir apprentice mage. They ask the travelers to please, come play. -- Anon Guest

Winter is rarely the favoured season of the dragon-kindred. Even one with a Ring of Elemental Resistance, like Gikka did, was prone to get pouting and grumbly in snowy weather. Just as Gikka was doing now.

"You're all right," Gikka complained. "You're only in the snow up to your knees. Meanwhile, I'm waist deep

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Challenge #03725-J072: Seeds of Hope

How do you define power? Is it the ability to hold someone's life in your hands? Is it the amount of magic you have? Or is it how physically strong and fast you are? Is it your intelligence and how much you know? No, I don't think so. Power is, and is not, all of those things. But more to the point, it is about being able to reach out, even a little bit, and help others in need. Remember, the smallest

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Challenge #03724-J071: Lessons for All

It's hard being a teacher and coming up with a lesson plan that incorporates the needs of Deathworlders and Havenworlders together. But I love how fast children adapt, and learn how to be gentle and caring with each other, with the right kind of education from us, and their parents. -- Lessons

Whenever a Deathworlder comes to the class, it's always a good idea to spend a day or two on "gentle touch" and why they must ask first. There's always a

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Challenge #03723-J070: One Simple Request

If the women cannot have their freedom, then THEY cannot have more children! The women, almost all of them on the planet, agree to take a reversable treatment which leads them to be barren. And the only ones who can reverse it? The Alliance. The CEO's refuse to give them freedom? The CEO's population can vanish! -- Anon Guest

Of course the Alliance gave them the weapon in their battle. Something easy to smuggle in, easy to apply, and very very hard

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Challenge #03722-J069: True Family

A Human family find an orphaned infant Elf after a massive earthquake. Raising an Elf isn't easy, but they love the child as deeply as if the child were their own blood. -- The New Guy

Nino was eight before they learned that their name was not Poor Dear. They knew their story from before the time that they understood words.

Rennie and Mama found them crying by the road, the poor dear. Rennie scooped Nino up and Mama helped hir walk

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Challenge #03721-J068: Uncertain Failure Point

A Deregger world decides that literacy is the ultimate in keeping the populace in their place. Those that struggle to learn to read are segregated and given the WORST, most dangerous, the most horrific, jobs in the entire world. The CEO's learn quickly an educated population doesn't like being treated that way. The CEO's learn their own lessons, too late. The CRC, thinks teaching the populace to read was a FANTASTIC idea! -- DaniAndShali

Teach them to read so the CRC stays

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Challenge #03720-J067: Important Standards

A highly arrogant Deregger decided to send to the "alliance scum" all of the "unwanted wastes of space." The elderly unable to work anymore, the "r-words" in their view who were not worth keeping alive, the disabled, the drug-addled wastrels, etc. Why? To try to swamp them with the "wastes of society" and prove that these individuals were too much for anyone to keep alive. It... backfired. -- Anon Guest

It seemed like a brilliant flash of genius to the Deregger community.

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Challenge #03719-J066: Surprise Witnesses

They were hired to do an odd job. To make several young individuals disappear, but to make it look like these individuals were killed, when, in fact, they were very much alive. They had valuable information that needed to go get to the CRC, quickly, and be witnesses for the aftermath. -- Anon Guest

"We're theatre techs, not mercenaries," complained Techie Aed. "How are we going to live through this exercise." They looked to their team, who were also terrified.

"That's what

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