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Challenge #04219-K201: Stepped Across Millennia

Has my nose grown numb to the smell of blood? Was the moon always this bright? Birds aren’t supposed to sing at this time... the streets sound so busy, is there a festival?

I don’t think I’m supposed to be here... -- Anon Guest

On very rare occasions, someone can step between time to a different era. Almost every time this happens, it's someone that either era would not notice. In this case, it was someone who one era would never miss.

Scat was probably five years old, and didn't think she'd live to see her seventh birthday. Such was the lot of Hellkin living on the streets. The dark shadowless streets were outlined in shades of grey as she avoided anyone bigger than her[1]. Her breath made thin phantoms in the night. The coldest night of the year.

She tripped as she rounded a corner, and stumbled into a different time entirely.

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Challenge #04217-K199: Slaked by Shadows

Here in my lake, sweet little one, you will see and remember your past lives. Whether you choose to remember them once you leave this beautiful pool, is entirely up to you. -- Anon Guest

There are portals to other planes in the world. Most common are the ways to Nanogh, the plane of magic. One can, with significant effort, find portals to every elemental plane, and a few others. The plane of torment is easier to find than the plane of

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Challenge #04209-K191: In the Other's Shoes

The Academy has a Reverse Room. Every year the student handbook is given out, and one of the first warnings is that bullying is NOT tolerated. What happens to a bully? They are forced to sit in the heavily padded Reverse Room. There spells in there force them to see and feel everything they did to their victims, from the victims point of view. -- Anon Guest

Educational facilities have had various methods of dealing with bullies. The usual methods allow the

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Challenge #04208-K190: Sacrifice of the Willing

I really don’t want to explain the minute details of localizing my existence, but the broad strokes of it are, it takes a vast amount of energy to anchor myself to this point. The energy that is used and the corresponding residuals is not safe for this plane of existence. Using your particular soul will act as both as a fuel source and Coordinates, but don’t worry at most you’ll only lose about two days or a week maximum

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Challenge #04207-K189: Little Discoveries, Large Impact

The apprentice mage welcomed only enough gold, and the charm, to allow them to travel to where Wraithvine asked them to come to set up their little shop. They only accepted enough coin to survive on, wanting little else. After all, this was meant to help others, not to be rich. Helping others made them happy. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine was right. Aelinor would definitely have enough data for their experiments. The time it took for

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Challenge #04206-K188: The Kindness Treaty

A village deliberately founded ON TOP of a kobold burrow, with the manor of the village lord covering to entrance to the burrow itself. But it isn't what people think. The village cared for the kobolds. Especially since the lord was saved by these beings when they were a small child being chased by monsters. -- Anon Guest

Gratitude has many aspects. A simple "thank you" is just the most common one. Sometimes nothing more than a meaningless sound since it it

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Challenge #04204-K186: Not Like Other Rogues

I was born looking human in a community of those most call Unwanted. They treated me kindly and rarely mistreated me for my appearance. Save for a few with grudges who learned quickly it was wrong. So why do so many who look like me treat them so badly just because of how they look? -- Anon Guest

I grew up in ShadowCluster. A tumbledown community wedged into the crevice of Halgal Cliffs, the edifice that gave the city Myncloch its name.

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Challenge #04201-K183: Help Unwanted

They were a traveling merchant, a human and hir family. Any place they went, they were always kind, without asking anything in return, to those that were considered unwelcome or unwanted. They did not follow any gods, nor were part of any temple. It's just been their family's tradition for many generations. And it helped in times when they, themselves, needed aid. -- Anon Guest

The wagon went from place to place. Selling medicine. Selling cures. Selling a certain amount of curiosities.

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Challenge #04200-K182: Essential Skills for Found Family

The Hellkin traveler met an unwanted human child. Left in the woodlands to die. The child was very thin, blisters on bare feet from walking, thin, exhausted, young, and frightened. The Hellkin had a new child to raise, and some to give lessons to, the hard way. -- Anon Guest

Horizon never expected to become a parent, but life has its way of delivering little surprises. Ze'd been foraging for dinner and almost loosed hir arrow at a Human toddler.

Filthy. Starving.

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Challenge #04199-K181: Wish Upon Star

It is called the Temple of Dreams and Wishes. Yet here, the only Dreams and Wishes that are granted, are those meant to truly help others, for the gods of this temple have one irrevocable law. DO NO HARM. -- Lessons

There's a local god on the rise. Guardian of a small island chain off the coast from Vingate, word has it that they grant wishes and make dreams come true.

Word like that gets around. People come with hope. They come

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Challenge #04198-K180: To Know the Name of a God

They followed a god that was considered an "evil god". A god of darkness and shade. And yet, their entire lives, they helped those in need. Those stuck in a cycle of pain and torment were given gentle hands so that they may be guided into more peaceful, more fulfilling, lives. -- Anon Guest

Do not utter the name of the goddess of death, lest you gain her attention. So many call her Mistress Dark, the Last Host, She With Many Guests,

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Challenge #04195-K177: Perilous Choices

Bolvoth decides to teach the young woman the lessons she seems to be refusing to learn. Lest she be the one he is called against to truly harm one day. -- Anon Guest

Love is very many things, none of them logical. So too is the determination of a rebellious teenager. When those combine, someone is going to come to some very bad damage. Whether or not there was a 'splash zone' involved was generally a

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Challenge #04193-K175: Pride in Presentation

A toy maker goes to a cavern where a large nest of dragon eggs are about to hatch. The entire village were giving the dragon congratulations gifts, and this person made effigies of knights holding flowers and fireproof, claw-resistant, stuffies. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Considering the semi-feral nature of infant Dragons, they're better off with chew toys]

Legend tells that the world was made for Dragons. They were very upset when other species turned up and made it less for Dragons than

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Challenge #04191-K173: One Good Turn...

They helped the poor farmer who, after a time, made a mostly full recovery. In addition to giving them the rock that nearly killed him, he made very sure everyone knew these two were life-savers. He might be poor, but he was well liked by those around that area. -- The New Guy

The operation took most of a day, careful work, and specialised tools to extract the starmetal fragments from Farmer Ansley's head, and all

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Challenge #04189-K171: To Fight Another Day

A special class was being held for those who are unwanted. Not just combat with hands and feet, but also exercising the tails, making them dexterous and nimble. For those with wings, using the wings like bludgeons in combat, using horns. Using weapons.. people never figured could actually be used as weapons. Expect the unexpected. -- Anon Guest

"I cannot teach you all the same," said the teacher. Battle-scarred and bent with age, they could nevertheless still hold their own in a

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