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Challenge #04123-K105: Fel Fiancee

The letter was written as Wraithvine suggested, the princess visiting the new young, very nervous, king. It's good to make friends one's own age to talk to. -- Fighting Fit

King Kosh was apparently a tight-fisted monarch. Not spending very much on appearances, pomp, nor circumstance. The Princess Optimism Caibanise Ayoka Whitekeep arrived on horseback, in travelling leathers, and had an Elven 'grass' blade at her hip for defence. Her staff were similarly equipped.

Only her papers and her heraldric ring verified her identity. She carried herself with the confidence of someone who knew how to hold her own in a fight. A fact soon proven true by the first of many would-be assassins sent after Ozarkas.

Her father was a Master of the Art of Shadows, and had taught all his children very well.

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Challenge #04121-K103: What You Give...

A cruel lord tries to make the temple of helping hands illegal. They come to regret it and repent. -- Anon Guest

"Encouraging vagrancy and generating an atmosphere of listlessness," Pastor Tolerance read the highlights of the notice in her hands. "Sheltering the criminal element... if the building remains, I'll be arrested for masquerading as a woman of the cloth?" She passed it to Bathild, the Priest of Freja.

They had to don their reading glasses to examine the myopic script. "Charity

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Challenge #04119-K101: Unplanned Landscaping Incident

The dragon was young, admittedly, only about a 100 human years. It tended to rampage, but so far not in any place where cogniscent beings lived. But it was only a matter of time. A much, MUCH, older dragon decided to put a stop to such behaviors firmly. Before it caused a ruckus that would end up risking other dragons lives. -- Anon Guest

Ze called hirself Remrot, like all young Dragons, ze liked a name with a bit of edge. In

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Challenge #04113-K095: Truce With Benefits

They were the leader of an enormous pack of kobolds. All of them had found a gold vein. All of their burrows were very well defended. The humans seemed to treat them politely enough to their faces, because they had gold, but also talked hatefully behind their backs due to being kobolds. Then, when potentially deadly dangers arose, the humans realize it's not the gold that's the true value of having a kobold's friendship. -- Anon Guest

Kobolds, Gobelliin, and occasionally Gnomes

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Challenge #04105-K087: Family Fireside

Young Vindication, now almost a grown adult speaks to his friends of when he first met his older brothers. His mother who sat with them, adding in bits and pieces as they all sit around a fire enjoying a peaceful family camping trip. -- Anon Guest

With a family name like Merrimine, there's a reputation. The young Viceroy had grown up steeped in it. He had to keep it, alas, since the name also came with

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Challenge #04103-K085: Returning to Kindness

A family whose parentals were once foster children of Fosterhaus visit to offer their assistance. They get to introduce their own children to Wraithvine and hir friends as well, who was there helping with some repairs after a storm had rolled through. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Possible reference to ]

Isolated villages in the middle of nowhere are places to come from. Adventurers come from tiny flyspecks on the map with names like Bendihollow, North Haverbrook, and,

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Challenge #04102-K084: Truth Hurts

"My dear, I'm sorry, but while I care for you, I cannot, and will not, lie to you and say that I want to be with you in THAT manner. Your summons hurt. Please, stop calling me. I'm willing to be friends, but nothing more." -- Anon Guest

"Aren't you the demon of pain and anguish?" Cosima protested, tears already ruining her mascara. "You're the living embodiment of everything I love."

"Sweetheart," sighed Bolvoth. "You love

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Challenge #04081-K063: Willowfine, Poppy, and a Sharp Knife

They called the traveling Hellkin, "teuf'al", and the kobald a col'by. They were not trying to be rude, but, sadly, illness had made speech slushy. So while it sounded like insult slurs, it was, in fact, an unfortunate speech impediment. They hoped people would understand. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Changed a couple of words in the prompt to make it align better with my fantasy world]

In a world where certain people are unwelcome, it's natural that they find a way to

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Challenge #04076-K058: Hero in Waiting

A: He was born in the wrong era.

B: What do you mean?

A: He improves his skills everyday, but with nowhere to apply it it will all amount to nothing in this era of peace.

B: Isn’t that a good thing? No one should experience war.

A: That’s true. Born in tranquility, raised with love, yet he feels unfulfilled. He will die with loved ones and untapped potential. -- Anon Guest

Some people think there is nothing sadder than

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Challenge #04069-K051: Justice in Plain Sight

The Honor Guard now has bases around the world, after so many centuries. And yet, their principals have never wavered. Corruption is absolutely NOT tolerated in their ranks and cut out swiftly, by any means necessary. And always their goal is the same. To follow the example of their founder, Wraithvine, and help keep a balance to this world. -- Fighting Fit

The Lutemen may pluck the strings to shape the world, but the Honour Guard

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Challenge #04067-K049: Named Helper

As immortal as the "Living God" known as Wraithvine, he had lost his name due to his selfishness. Learning to be kind and giving, he gained a new name after a long time of lessons, and now taught as he was taught, the lessons of warmth, and using his magic to comfort and aid those in need. And, of course, was always grateful in the times his mentor visited to check up on him. -- Anon

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Challenge #04064-K046: Health and Safety Inspection

This blacksmith's shop is renowned not only for its skilled craftsmen, but also for how well their forges are fired. It doesn't hurt that two of the master smiths are humans in dragon form, and the third who owns the shop is a dragon who doesn't like shifting, but has no problem sharing their flame. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I think OP meant "Dragons in Human form" so I shall be running with that idea]

They call the place Featherforge, because these

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Challenge #04062-K044: One for the Halls of Heroes

He had, reluctantly, killed many all to save a child's life. He saved many more in both penance for his crimes, and the desire to undo the darkness he caused. The gods weighed him in judgement, and, memories intact, he was allowed rebirth. Allowed to know a new path, where he could continue to help others before they, too, could fall into darker lives. -- Anon Guest

In the Realm of Twilight Shadows, the kingdom of

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Challenge #04055-K037: Family Re-Union

Orgoloth had been traveling for almost two years with hir adopted child, Titinwee. Searching for any news of a dragon who'd lost their egg. Finally news comes, and the reunion is, at first tense, but with a lot of gratitude on both half of draconic family, and Orgoloth. -- Anon Guest

Merchants, by and large, are all about growth and change. In the case of one merchant, that growth and change is heralded by their adopted

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Challenge #04042-K024: What's on Offer

As the crowd gathered, one very wealthy - looking one ran forward, grabbed the hellkin swiftly and slapped him on the back of the head. "Dammmit Skip, I told you not to go out without me, you're supposed to carry my medicines!"

A whisper in the ear soon followed of... "follow me, my friend, I'll get you safely out of here, just play along."

Then to the crowd the wealthy one shouted coldly. "Don't worry, you won't see my servant without escort

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