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Challenge #03736-J083: Hateful Consequences

A magic user abuses their gifts. They are young and acting stupidly. They are taught a harsh lesson in being responsible for their own actions. -- Anon Guest

The thing with being inherently magical is that one can cause a lot of trouble with simple mageworks. The ability to conjure sounds, surface-level illusions, or small and temporary objects creates a great deal of opportunities.

Many opportunities to do good. Or many opportunities to create mischief.

Sanborn had taken a misliking to the local Watch Captain, Rafril Metsk. Because he made hir mama's days in town miserable. As if it were Mama's fault for being born with horns on her head or a tail at her back. Mama said he'd hated her for keeping Sanborn as her own child. So Sanborn figured that ze had to teach this rude man a lesson or three. Or way more than that.

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Challenge #03734-J081: Found Destination Anyway

They looked like a human, but could change their form. Their natural form was that of a spider almost the size of a young teen. But how do you make friends when you can't be true to who, and what, you really are? -- Anon Guest

Ragnu Pauk[1] had joined the adventurers as a hunter and trapper. All ze had to do was wander into the woods as the rest of the crew was setting up for camp, and return some

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Challenge #03730-J077: Miss Caste

There are times the ones people call "Heroes" are, in fact, not heroes at all, but very vain, unkind, self-centered individuals who hog glory. There are also times the ones people call "villains", are not villainous at all, but in fact, are kind, gentle, souls just trying to help, and sometimes having to make very hard choices to save the most lives possible. -- Anon Guest

Mathilda Moonsky wore golden armour and rode a white steed. She had a cloth-of-gold cape and

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Challenge #03729-J076: Forced Adoption Strategy

A young hunter, nervous and jumpy, was out in the woods with their new crossbow. At the rustling, they suddenly let a bolt loose and almost hit Gikka. They apologize profusely for the accident. -- The New Guy

"Ohmygosh, ohmygoodness, ohno! Are you hurt? Is anyone hurt?" Vance Randosca tumbled over the brambles and into the path where the travellers were all readying for combat. "Nobody told me there was a hair trigger on this thing, I swear. Is everyone all right?

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Challenge #03725-J072: Seeds of Hope

How do you define power? Is it the ability to hold someone's life in your hands? Is it the amount of magic you have? Or is it how physically strong and fast you are? Is it your intelligence and how much you know? No, I don't think so. Power is, and is not, all of those things. But more to the point, it is about being able to reach out, even a little bit, and help others in need. Remember, the smallest

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Challenge #03716-J063: Prepared for Boarding

A human family, and their dear draconic friends, have set up a special service. Go up the hill to the large farm by the mountain, the dragons, for a fee, will give you a lift where-ever you want to go! The humans make sure the ones asking for a lift are not there to make trouble. -- Anon Guest

Blufyre had had a clutch. Her nearby city had celebrated the laying and, ten years later, the hatching. Baby Dragons are very cute

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Challenge #03706-J053: Vision Hazy, Try Again

A young goblin has a problem. Way too many of the dreams they have at night tend to come true. Especially the bad dreams. No one listens to a goblin's warnings, though. They end up asking for help. -- Anon Guest

Kosh didn't think much about it. The staff that did most of the work in the Trollhead Tavern had taken the broom from him so he could serve customers and bus tables. Honestly, he was just glad that the clientele didn't

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Challenge #03704-J051: For Your Protection

Beware the pretty little flowers, their petals soft and sweet. Do not inhale their scent, my dear, or you will be off your feet. Do not touch the flower, or your fingers, they will burn. And do not eat the berries, or for a grave you will swiftly yearn. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Could be the cashew pear, but there's also the Manchineel and the Gympie Gympie to contend with. I'm going to make something up for Alfarell]

Nanogh is known for

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Challenge #03703-J050: For Love of You

When you feel sad and tired, remember that I always love you. This vibrating heart, even my lips can vibrate too. -- Anon Guest

Cordelia could read her husband the Earl Kormwind like a book. More accurately, she could read it like a street pamphlet handed out by any group with an agenda. One made to reach the most people with the simplest message.

It was in the lashing of his tail, the angle he held his head, and the way his

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Challenge #03696-J043: Scrounged Family

How do you determine who is family?

It's not by blood.

It's a simple thing, really.

Who are you willing to fight for, to die for, and protect?

Who makes you happy every time you see them?

Who worries of you, and holds your hand if you're in need?

Those are your family. -- Anon Guest

Charity Mudbarak never had much of a home. Nor that much of an example of parental behaviour. What he remembered was the others in the mud

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Challenge #03681-J028: Sweet Poison

Brain: They're definitely a red flag.

Heart: But red is my favourite colour…

Brain: no.

You know: Hey-

Brain: You, shut up

You definitely know: But I didn’t say anythi-

Brain: we a part of the same body, I KNOW what you about to say -- Anon Guest

The adults of the Elven community called it the battle of head, hand, and heart. The wants of different parts of the whole. Qimaris was warned that this would happen when hir body

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Challenge #03678-J025: Mandatory Teenaged Rebellion

A: What did I say about demon summoning?!

B: You’ll never keep us apart!

A: I don’t care if your boyfriend is a demon, JUST STOP SUMMONING HIM THE CHURCH! Their blood and brimstone gets everywhere. And he's literally being incinerated by god light! -- Anon Guest

[AN: I do NOT know what happened, but I wound up working on a prompt scheduled for the distant future. Normal services will resume tomorrow. Apologies to everyone about this]

"I'll go through

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Challenge #03676-J023: Learning of Life and...

A young orphan's pet has passed on, their mentor, a very kind giant who guards the orphanage, soothes the young human when they don't understand why their pet won't wake up. -- Anon Guest

Feslas found Allyl in the stables, cradling one of the barn cats. Which was limp and unresponsive and... very dead. Nobody had killed the beast. It had been an old cat before Allyl took a liking to sitting still in the sunshine and straw with the animals.


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Challenge #03671-J018: Were You Talking to Me?

"Do that again, I will take you over my knee!"

" don't have knees...."

"You KNOW what I mean!"

".....sorry...." -- Anon Guest

[AN: I don't endorse abuse so I'll have to figure a way around this prompt]

Of every unlikely adventuring companion, the least likely to share adventures with in the frozen mountains was a Sserith. If it wasn't for magical means to keep a body warm, everything would have stopped -ha- cold.

And some idiot at the bar had

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Challenge #012: Versatile Lessons of the Crown

“Your daughter is doing something ridiculous”

looks at the father doing the exact same thing

“Ah I see, it’s hereditary” -- Anon Guest

Duke Garibald Tansie would never admit out loud that he was slightly ashamed of his King. There were several good reasons, starting with the fact that Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, ninth of the name, was devilborn. A Hellkin.

There was also the matter of his upbringing. Sent to the other side of the world to learn martial arts

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