Medical Intervention

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Challenge #03779-J126: Just One Little Snag

The human, expending almost the last of their energy, gets the cave set up so they, and their Havenworlder crew, manages to have at least basic food/water/shelter until help arrives, then collapses. Now it is up to the Havenworlders to keep their friend alive, for they have a massive and dangerous concussion, with only the most basic of basic equipment left. Until help shows. -- Anon Guest

Companion Xuan dug his claws into the soft fabric of Human Nol's work pants. A minor injury, to be sure, but Human Nol needed the irritation. Ze was under close watch, considering what had happened.

It wasn't the crash that put their human out of commission. It was a hard fruiting body thrown by one of the planet's primate-equivalents. Just when they had finished setting up the most basic of base camps.

They had to keep Nol awake for two hours, keeping hir under close monitoring for the process. The Improvised cold pack had done its work, and there were merely fifteen minutes left in the wakefulness window.

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Challenge #03767-J114: While You're Away From Your Body...

They're a bookworm, they thought they had died. They awaken in a place that is rows upon rows of books further than the eye could see, almost more than a mind could possibly fathom. An eternity to read them all, with comforts, meals, and even washrooms. What is this wonderous world? -- Anon Guest

It was a wonderfully comfortable bed. Darlenydd didn't really want to wake up, but the looming cluster of recollection kept poking her towards consciousness. There had been some

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Challenge #03754-J101: Broken, Free

Even the CRC security were going to need therapy after seeing THAT mess. The body looks like it'd been through ten levels of hell before being allowed to die. The shaking person in the center, rocking, weeping, knife in hand, still bore the shackles of their bane, before they flipped, and freed themselves. -- Anon Guest

Their name was Chain, and they had died. They should have died. They remembered the feel of the blade, their stolen blade, slicing through their throat.

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Challenge #03660-J007: Save the Warrior

The ship blew apart, the last one aboard, the human. One last message as it rammed into the enemy flagship, causing the enemy forces to be completely crippled. "One Life for the saving of millions, I'll gladly pay it!" But... what happened to the human? No body was found. -- Anon Guest

This was the battle that stopped the Vorax from using their Dreadnaughts. The Humans - in their near-eternal battle with their traditional enemy, other Humans - had come up with

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Challenge #03656-J003: Without Orders

They sat Deathwatch as the entire polity's leaders refused the "evil" medicines that were desperately needed to cure the deadly virus sweeping their empire. The leadership died of the virus, the few people left, the sick and the very few immunes, reached out. The leaders are gone, please help us? -- Anon Guest

Greater Deregulation Lower Median North-Northwest was dying. Worse, it was dying of a preventable disease.

It wasn't often that a whole world died of Measles[1], but it was

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Challenge #03655-J002: A Perfectly Natural Anomaly

They're too hot, they're too cold, they're too hot, they're too cold, they're tired, they're cranky, then they're full of energy and active, then back to the hot flashes. The Galactics deal with a human female in menopause for the first time. -- Anon Guest

Human Keefe had been fiddling with her livesuit environmental controls very often of late. Her personal environment had the same adjustments from cooling things down to warming things up. Her personal energy levels waxed and waned without

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Challenge #03639-I351: Convalescence Telepresence

The human had severe injuries to the point they could not move. Until the body could heal, or if the injuries were too severe, replaced, they had a special, AI-produced, neural net placed on their head, and an android body to move around and do things for them. -- Anon Guest

"I don't want no chips in my head, I don't want no copies made of me. If I'm dying, I'm dying. No implants. I knew what I was doing when I

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Challenge #03587-I298: The Wreck of the Hopes&Dreams

I am an AI, this body looks humanoid because its the most convenient. My senses are far, far, more powerful than a being that is flesh and blood. It's why I'm so good at my job. Now, please, I can tell by your expression and vitals that you are quite ill, stop trying to hide it and let me help you, before it's too late? -- Anon Guest

"You have no rights to invade my medical privacy," ranted Passenger Els as she

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Challenge #03550-I261: Patch-up Process

They were on their way to a station for surgery. A new treatment has been found that, if it works, they will get use of their legs back. They were nervous about the idea of nanites in their body, but a wheelchair isn't exactly their idea of a good time, either. Fortunately, the medic with them kindly explains why this will help, and helps soothe them so they're not so spooked. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have learned in my travels that

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Challenge #03541-I253: From Little Things


I secretly took some medicine to test the ingredients, and found out that most of them didn't match the records at all. Vitamin C tablets, starch capsules, glucose solution... Some of the medicines are just placebos. Health deteriorates. What frightened me even more was that I figured out their intention in an instant -

Some were designed to find out what differences the treatment would make. Some were designed to test the effects of placebos in follow-up treatment. The

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Challenge #03540-I252: Stubborn, Independant, Exasperating...

Companion (concerned): Human, why are you on the floor?

Human (commando crawling down the hall): My com's busted, my back gave out, and I can't walk, so I'm making my way to medical. Help? -- Escla

It's always a good idea for a Companion to keep track of their assigned Human. Like an ocean or a Starting Education Facility[1], one does not gain good results from turning away from a force of chaos.

Case in point. Human Ham was slowly making

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Challenge #03509-I221: Big Thoughts in Small Steps

The medics remark on the state of the Havenworlders, and the Human, from rescuing them from an insanely toxic planet. The Havenworlders and the human get a rundown on how much Time their discoveries are going to be making them, once they're well enough, as well as expeditions back to gather those very valuable plants, and oh, by the way, they now OWN that toxic planet and get to name it. Medical science and record books thank you for your contribution.


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Thursday, Plague Day 17, Medical Intervention

So I'm on steroids now, albeit temporarily. I might have taken an overdose because New Puffer Who Dis. I have learned all the same.

I have new pills for five days and a new puffer for a time period that I have temporarily forgotten. And I have already apologised in advance in case I grow another foot in height.

I doubt it will happen, but it's a fun joke. Because that's exactly what happened the last time I was on 'roids.


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Friday, Plague Day 4, incoming medical assistance?

My head's a bit clearer today. However, my voice is shot to shit and trying to talk makes me regret it in twenty minutes or less.

Which is going to make a phone call from the Covid Response Teams some "interesting times". Beloved has offered to talk for me, but she's sleeping off the Plague 90% of the time.

It's going to hurt.

I feel like I'm recovering, but it could easily be a false upswing before something else lands on me

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Challenge #03488-I200: Trouble From the Little Things

A broken-hearted child who was severely scolded and reprimanded all because they were trying to be kind, now hesitates to help even when asked. Constantly terrified they are going to be shouted at for doing even the smallest thing for anyone. They've taken to isolating themselves, afraid of being around others, and in need of a lot of therapy. -- Anon Guest

[AN: If you actually read that story, there's not a lot of yelling. Frustration

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