Challenge #04025-K007: A Kinder Poison

A very elderly magic user has gotten a bit senile. Their grandchild begs Wraithvine to limit how much magic the elder can use so they're no longer a danger to themselves or others. -- Anon Guest

It's never nice to see a loved one fall to pieces. Watching Odasorin the Wonderous become lost in time and thereafter coming apart had not been something Aqirax had been willing to acknowledge until it got dangerous. After all, he loved his grandren[1]. And in cases of love, even the painfully obvious can be ignored.

"It's over," said Aqirax, having fired off another counterspell against Odasorin. "We won. They're gone. See?"

There was no army outside hir windows. There were no forces gathering outside hir tower. There hadn't been any armies threatening Odasorin since ze had turned seventy-five. Alas, hir anger at otherwise ordinary mistakes sparked memories of old threats.

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