Sunday, Tale Foundry and a VICTORY!

Because I need napnaps, I count Sunday as my "light day". All I count for a win is writing a part of A Devil's Tale for this day.

If I do anything else today, that is also a win.

I think I should work on a map for a PLN'd game sesh with the rainbow crowd. Or two. Depends on my personal impetus at the time.

Chapter Count: Just wrote the first words in chapter 359 of A Devil's Tale. Which means that I shall VERY soon be starting the fourth firkin GoogDoc about this dang "brief little thing".

And also the third year.

Six chapters until I start posting a starting sentence a day on my socials.

As soon as Tale Foundry finishes, I shall get on with my daily tale on stream. Already victorious because I'm getting shit done.

Onwards, soon enough.