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Asleep, Awake

Once again, my internal alarm clock got me conscious before dawn. Ashwagandha or no, I still have my internal alarm set to "fuck you" for reasons I probably never will be able to fathom.

It's a cycle, I know that. Be tired all day, go to bed early as possible, wake up early because I rested early. Stopping it in its tracks seems to involve having a nap-nap in the day, but... there is no time for that sort of thing.

I have shit to arrange.

So I rely on coffee and just plug through until all my shit is done and then crash early again.

Sleeping all day on the weekends doesn't do a lot for me. You know, apart from eating all my leisure time with snoozing.

One day, I will find a proper solution. One that actually firkin works. Until then, I just carry on as best I can.

I feel better now

Yesterday, I was a gold-plated grump. However, some Doctor Who and a decent nap has helped me approach life with a case of que sera sera. There's no point in getting emotional about this shit because - it does nothing.

Unless I become an overnight, international celebrity that the billionaires fawn over, then there's absolutely nothing I can say or do that will change their minds. I'm just another pleb at their mercy. Another peasant struggling to exist in this diesel dystopia

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Another week

Another Monday. Another tide of depressing news. We have ten years left, as a race, to save our own lives and the people with the power to actually change things won't do it because it's not profitable.

The Muppet has a minimum of two years in office. My own political representatives are more interested in stabbing each other in the back than they are in getting anything done.

I am watching the human race shoot itself in the foot because a greedy

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I got too many carbs. I ate too many carbs. I am up and over the 77 kilo line, and I pretty much should stay solidly on my diet for a fortnight, but DANG...

That was some lovely stuff.

I am also falling under the thrall of Mayhem's bug. It's a slow decline for me and, with the help of ginger tea and a lot of taking it easy, I should recover in time. Doesn't stop me feeling mildly like shit today

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Here's today's PLN

First: do my work stuff.

Second: change up my Ko-Fi so my goal is New Dishwasher.

Third: add photography of the air con so ppl can marvel at it

People who visit my Ko-fi page can already see my latest haircut, by the way. I can't afford to give these folks money so that photos aren't limited to people who pay to see it. Weird how that works.

Meh. I'm just going to keep being careful about what I choose to share.

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Air con at last!

I'm gonna have to change my Ko-fi goal.

That's happening soon. For now, I really should focus on doing my work, but a reader question crossed my path and I'm doing EXTENSIVE descriptions because headcannons are hard to communicate with words alone and your drawings take firkin days.

Today's story may be late because I'm writing a firkin novella in tumblr about my headcanons.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Air Con Day!

Also cleaning day, but the prospect of unfucking the house again is not nearly as interesting as having an office I can actually work in and survive.

Chaos seems to have recovered from her lurgi, but Mayhem is taking longer to get there. He's got the rest of the week off. Chaos is back to school today with crossed fingers for her staying there without any ill effect.

The best news for the day is - the Democrats won the US House.

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Today was supposed to be air con installation day. Except I got a phone call in the middle of my shrink appointment. One of the dudes who works there broke his wrist.


This is the trainee/apprentice/younger fellow of the crew, so I presume it's something silly like missing a rung on the ladder or something, but the appointments have to be more spaced out until the lad gets some of his dexterity back and I completely get it.


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Early start, better finish?

I'm getting some of my work done before I'm meant to be up and about this morning. It just makes sense.

I had a scrum day, yesterday. There wasn't a moment to stop until firkin midday when the temperature in my office was too much to bear. So I had to go do everything in the bedroom and it was pure luck that I got it all done.

I am trying to get all the Patreon stuff posted as soon as I

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Come on, air con!

It's getting stifling in my office. The air conditioning can't come soon enough, in my mind.

It's the 5th. I have a shrink visit tomorrow, and come Wednesday, the people come to install the air con at firkin last.

Busy half of this week, but worth it in the long run because I will no longer have time limits to work on stuff in the office.

I should be working faster but... I'm extra distracted today. This is what happens to me

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That went... awful.

Here's how it went:

  1. Write Instant story
  2. Do the advertising for same
  3. Go out to Bunnings and find a door
  4. Wrestle door into tiny car
  5. Get door to destination
  6. Door too small >:(

Good thing I neglected to throw away the receipt and we can firkin sort out things today.

This time, we're measuring the doorway, taking those stats with us, and finding a door with a window in it for that.

Beloved and I.

Because my car is firkin tiny and theirs

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Here's the PLN:

One: I write this blog.

Two: I write today's Instant

Three: I write today's TAZ prompt instant fanfic

Cee: I go out and at minimum look at doors.

Six: I faff around for the rest of today.

There's plenty to do in part six of my cunning plan. Especially since I discovered a Japanese horror master from Tumblr playing Minecraft. I've seen one episode so far and it is unbelievably cute.

...the things you find out about via Tumblr.


In order

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It's Friday!

There was a blackout, last night, so I got forcibly booted from my Delta Rune game. The good news from this is that can now exercise self control and not play games until my actual work is done.

Work that will doubtless be interrupted because Mayhem has a short day, today. Allegedly. We'll see.

I'm determined to focus, today.

So of course I'm going on a wiki walk through youtube because that's how I get in the zone.


Besides, I have

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Closer and Closer

November the first. Excluding today, that's six more days until the air con is installed.

Two more days (hopefully) until we have a door. If Beloved is that busy, I'm going to make a pilgrimage to Bunnings and firkin pick one that suits my aesthetics and damn the torpedoes.

It's going to be a rough six days, I can tell you. It's already hit 26 degrees in my office [80 degrees Fahrenheit] and it's not even eight in the morning, yet.


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This is one year where Miss Chaos hasn't expressed a desire to go out and demand treats or threaten tricks, so I'm not calling any last-second attention to it. We'll be going dark this year. Not that anyone has ever attempted to get stuff from us in the first place.

Mayhem is sick again. He blames standing out in the rain that one time. I'm suspicious that he might not be taking his gall bladder meds even when he says he is.

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