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Week 2

Four weeks to go in the agent hunt. I'm hoping for good results. If not, I have four more attempts at trawling #MSWL on Twitter to sell Adapting.

The goal this week is 12K in Kingdom of Sand: Border of Bones. I also aim to have the Kitty Kondo finished by the end of this coming weekend.

I should be using the early hours at my current disposal to record some audio for Inter-Mission, but my throat is demanding a day of rest. Rattling around in the chill air might have done a number on me.

I wasn't completely freezing, though. Beloved loaned me a couple of jumpers from their wider days and they did an excellent job of insulation and protection from the flying paint spatter.

The Kitty Kondo has a roof! It has a skin, though it's up to me to finesse the fine details of stapling that skin into place. The next job is the walkway and the interior and then... then we finally get our baby kitty. Or kitties. I still don't know how Beloved plans to get a second feline.

Find out when we get there, I guess.

I have my thermals, I have my coat, I have my toob on and a fluffy hat and I still feel the chill seeping in. Life is not fair in the middle of winter :P I'm cold and tired. Bleh.

Another day of shenanigans ahead

This time, we're finishing up the paint job and maybe attaching the roof. I'm getting used to the idea that we're going to just... spend half of Saturdays just getting stuff, now.

So yeah, we now own a new paint sprayer and this one might suffer the slings and arrows of being stored for extended periods and not develop leaks like the old one.
The old one did more resemble a Super Soaker than anything industrial.

The new one looks a bit

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Thant's the sound I'm making in the attempt to get this project up and complete to the last yard.

To do:

  • Attach roof beams.
  • Paint frame and door
  • Attach door
  • Attach skin
  • Acquire materials for walkway
  • Make walkway
  • Furnish interior of kittycat condo.

I'm planning to use all the daylight at my disposal for this, and you'd never guess that Beloved wants to do this at all.

Therefore, the story will be happening way, way, WAY later in the day. After we

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Game night woot woot!

I'm super excited for tonight and dreading tomorrow. Excited for tonight because I have another chance to RIDE THAT ANGST TRAIN HARD.

Choo choo motherflakker.

Tomorrow I must get the wriggles on to finish building the thing because the concrete we poured and moulded should be set enough to walk around on. Note that qualifier and the fact that Murphy has been laughing at us ever since the cement truck got bogged. Also note that I shall be exhausted out of my

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The Waiting Game

We have a concrete floor to the Kitty Kondo(tm) and, because the cement truck got bogged, we have a war zone in our backyard. The concrete needs today and tomorrow to cure, then things can get started again with the Spakfilla and the roof beams and the paint and the sundry whatnot.

Protip from an ameteur: Always budget more time than you think you need for your concrete. Trust me on this. We paid for half and hour and most of

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Concrete Day!

I'm doing what I can to get the writing things done early so a majority of my day can be taken up by concrete. I only have the vaguest recollection of manipulating the stuff myself, and most of that was being allowed to scribe my name into a slab with a stick.

I was very smol at the time.

This is a cubic meter of concrete to be shaped into a floor for a cat enclosure.

...and of course my ability to

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It's stopped raining, however temporarily it might be doing so. However, my spidey senses adjusted septum is telling me that rain should be coming by. Soon to now.

Please, rain, do kindly fuck off to the dryer regions until we have that concrete nice and set. There's a peach.

Today, Beloved and I are boxing out the concrete zone. I am also unfucking the house, writing my Instant, and potentially scribing 1K words further towards this week's goal of 9K. If I

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Okay, Here's teh PLN

[Yes, I spelled it like that on purpose]

Today's the day we anticipate sunshine [It's still dark as I write this] and a further week of solar appearance. However, everything is still damp, so we have a day for things to dry out.

Tomorrow, my Beloved and I are boxing out where the concrete goes, and either that afternoon or Wednesday, the concrete flooring is going in! Nobody's going to be able to move that mofo even during the zombie apocalypse.


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More Shenanigans!

We thought it would be a simple stapling job. Half an hour, tops. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


It was the archetypical "five minute job" in which the client -Capt. S.- seriously misunderestimated how complicated the job was.

Have you ever tried to tailor-cut wood with a staplegun? No? That's the kind of job we had. We needed tools and the ones we had access to were lost, broken, rusted, or incomprehensible.

So of course that necessitated a visit to the

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Hocus Pocus

I really gotta focus.

Beloved stayed home to help me yesterday, and today the entire frame is complete and awaiting Tuesday. Tuesday is when all the fun happens.

The boxing, the concrete pour, the levelling thereof and all the jiggery-pokery. After that bullshit is over with, I have to harass my beloved into constructing the walkway that will connect the cat shelter with the main structure of the house.

Of course, I still have to go over said structure with Spakfilla and

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Fighting the Fight

It's going to be raining today, and I can't let that stop me, because we have a whole rainy weekend to get anything done in.

Pray I don't electrocute my stupid self with all the water zipping around. If I'm gonna hurt myself to the point where I can't work on this thing anymore, it's going to be on the eve of the day where I can plausibly get help to work on this thing.

Just watch. This is the day I

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The Imp's Arse

So now the problem is getting the parts to come together for a crucial last few centimeters/millimeters/nanometers because working with warped wood is just a firkin barrel of arseholes. I suspect aggressive work with the angle grinder may eventually save the day. Mostly because tensioning that beeswax sure didn't.

I'm so close to finishing the structure and it's looking like we could maybe put the concrete in on Tuesday. TUESDAY.

::foaming at the mouth and flailing::

On the plus side

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So close!

I have one post waiting for bolts. One more post waiting to be situated that needs some judicious grinding to get it to fit. Alas, Mayhem was silly enough to wear bare feet on the building site yesterday, so we need him to remember his firkin boots, this time around.

It's so close to the next step. Even with muddy ground.

I just want this DONE, dangit.

Speaking of getting things done, I've been able to get 1K words into Kingdom of

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Commence Faffery

Things accomplished: 1K words, the Instant, and a wooden post re-obtained.

To do today: Patreon nonsense, 500-1K words, the Instant, and post jiggery-pokery.

I want to get Mayhem to help me out with the posts, but getting him to do so is going to be my big battle. Putting these things up is a two-person job and Chaos does not have the height, strength, or patience to do these things.

Still. Best to rattle on with the content whilst the daylight is

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School Hols. Yay?

On one hand, a lot more free time because no brat runs. On the other hand, I still have a lot to do and convincing the kids to come help is an uphill battle at the best of times. Sigh.

In progress news, we fucked up one of the posts, and now I have to go make another one. Boo.

We have a lot of lumber lying around now, thanks to various fuckups.

In other progress news, we have reached the "Fuckit"

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