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Last Friday of School!

Following today, I have all the kiddies at home with little constructive to do. So the mayhem beginneth in earnest. Mayhem has a casual job, at least, so that promises to be at minimum partially interesting.

Today, I must unfuck the house, then go forth and retrieve nommables for the kitties since the supplies have run out.

I shall take full advantage of any discounts I can use, because these little critters get HUNGRY and they need variety.

I've started painting the base of my mini and I up and decided to make it look like he's walking on diorite. Patreons will know why. First coat is a success. Second coat tomorrow, followed by details, touch-ups, and randomness associated with same.

...yes, I did get a little bit of white paint on my careful paintwork and yes, I am mad about it. Touch-ups will solve everything. Eventually.

I just drybrushed the leathers of the Kobold and I plan on painting some detailed touch-ups tomorrow morning.

I've got five hundred words down in KOSBOB and I have five hundred more to go before I'm done with that. This week.

Onwards to the chaos.


I think my little Tiefling is actually done! I'm still painting the Kobold, because Sisu, but that's probably not turning up on my Patreon. Because Kobolds are tiny, difficult to paint, worse to make look good, and I'm just over here trying my best.

Speaking of trying my best, I have learned:

  • How to fade individual bits in Garageband
  • How to make sure streams are recorded in Twitch
  • Even though you try your hardest not to, Kobold painting will result in spill
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Getting there by bits

I've been drybrushing my dude and I put in his eye. A procedure which required retouching his guyliner for each colour applied.

I want to re-enforce my dude's eyebrows with a little dotpainting, and also add a few highlights on all that lovely blue skin. He's almost finished. I'm also working on a Kobold for shits and giggles. Little dude is looking SUPER dark right now. He needs highlights.

I have nothing to rant about this week, so my followers on Wordpress

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Okay. I've got this.

A kitty's due to have some jabs today. Mayhem also wishes to get some underpinnings we can get for cheap. So today promises to be... hectic. Especially since he's due to work potentially soon after the underpinnings shenanigans.

Boy insists on wearing a hecking huge winter coat to conceal his uniform and I SWEAR he's gonna get heat stroke or something because Aussie summers SUCK. But of course he swears he's fine and doesn't need me fretting and oh my gosh, he's

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Learnding continueth

Things I have learned since 3AM this morning:

  • I can stream live to Twitch at
  • I still don't know how to have recorded videos up there
  • Having a better brush means having better fine details on your mini
  • If you want to paint a Kobold, they are ALL fine details
  • Even then, you will have paint spilling into areas you don't want it in.

I did my final obsessive touch-ups of my Tiefling and I'm moderately certain

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I'm learning things!

So whilst we were out adventuring and picking up hints and tips to the care and handling of washes, and also some clues on how to dotpaint.

Which resulted in: a kit of washes with a wash brush, a fine point brush, a big-ass box to store all this shit in, and a little pot holder to hold up to three pots of paint whilst I work.

After we were done with all that noise, we tripped over one of those hot-spots

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Start Your Engines...

I dotpainted my mini's face this morning, all ready for a visit to the Warhammer Shoppe with some of my other practice dudes and like 90% of my kit.

I'm also stopping by Costco to spend a honkload of money on stocking up with random nonsense. In this case: pork belly, seaweed, and hollandaise. Given how we go through all three of those things, that's going to be a sock in the breadbasket.

Mayhem starts work on Monday, and he'll be using

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Fighting for motivation over here

I have two episodes of Inter-Mission to edit instead of one. Two pieces of music to unearth from my cerebellum instead of one. If I mix in older tracks from my first album [please buy generously] I might have time to do more episodes.

I know I have one listener to my podcast, so I need to get that backlog back up. I can't let that one listener down.

Episode 18 will have older music so I can have the time to

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Okay, so yesterday I just managed to get my output accomplished. Then I pretty much instantly conked out until the wee small hours this AM.

I got perhaps half a music piece for the podcast, but I haven't edited anything. In a few brief minutes, I shall be feeding the felines and dotpainting touch-ups. Then commencing on my output once more.

I'm feeling a little weary at the moment, so I need to figure out a pick-me-up to get me back on

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On the Road Again...

Today, I am working whilst mobile, so my schedule is shot to shit. Assuming I ever had a schedule...

I did wake early (and so did Chaos) so I dotpainted all the red trim on my Tiefling's gi and belt. There's a few little slips that are easily countered by some dotpainting touch-ups. No big deal.

Tomorrow - most likely - I shall journey with my box o' dudes to ask about washes so I can bring up some features.

90% won't

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I've got this... I think...

So now I have a pattern of operations for mini-painting, which definitely includes making sure the kitties are fed before I sit down to do any detail.

All that's left at this stage is a HELL of a lot of dotpainting and touch-ups on any spill-over. Since I've been really careful this time, that's not a lot of touch-ups.

Now I really have to investigate washes at the Warhammer Shoppe in Chermside. Wheee...

But not until tomorrow, when the last coats of

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So. How do I pitch something to Netflix?

In case you haven't heard, Toastyhat/Emptyfeet has finished her second video which is potentially part of a trilogy or more depending entirely on her moods and desires to get anything done. Even as a duology, it has a happy ending and I am glad of it :)

But I really want to see this entire thing as an animated series on Netflix. Because I think it deserves it. I would binge the living shit out of something like that. It's that awesome.

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I got the shakes :P

Unfortunately, I have learned what is too shaky when handling thick, white paint. Dangit.

I was able to thin the blobby mess RIGHT down to the thinnest possible layer, so I'll be repainting at my earliest convenience. AKA - NOT when I've consumed like four to five caffeine tubes. was a fun stream, this morning. Toasty is SO CLOSE to finishing her fid and I can't wait to share the finished product with you and -frankly- watching a work of art

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I'm kind'a sad now

So that was the last session of the year and it was cut short because our DM has a dreaded throat lurgi. He's off to the States until January so our shenanigans are on HEAVY pause.

Therefore I am painting my 3D-printed mini from HeroForge(tm). Google them. It's like the Ultimate Character creator. Be warned - it might chew your bandwidth a lot, and it will be slow.

That said, HeroForge is a great way to spend $50 [plus postage and

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Dee AN Dee! Dee AN Dee!

It's game night tonight, so I'm going to be down by who-knows-how-much for snacks and drinks.

I've reached my 3K for this week in KOSBOB, I'm not painting any minis today. Not even putting on a coat of primer. Pippi is probably going to get her stitches out tomorrow -yay- and I am already planning to be wrecked for the day.

There's also a Toasty Stream EARLY on Sunday morning, so immediately after that is when I shall be putting primer on

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