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real life

A 1042-post collection

Let us commence...

Yesterday was strawberry picking and this silly goof managed to nick their thumb because swiss army knives are sharp and my thumb is delicate and fragile.

Today I got an email from the nice peeps at Betabooks asking me if everything is okay because I didn't instantly post one of my works up there.

Oh honey, you got a storm comin'.

Anyone familiar with the $1 tier of my Patreon will know I have a LOT of finished books that need some goings over.

I'm going to start with my most recent, Clockwork Souls and work backwards from there to Beauties and the Beastly. They might actually get sick of me :D

But that'll happen after I'm done with today's Instant. Stay tuned, my lovelies.


First up, some good news.

  • I didn't need a coffee at all yesterday
  • Now that I'm on Ashwagandha, I am sleeping the night
  • I have discovered BetaBooks, which is an online facility so that authors can keep tabs on their beta readers.

I hope to get a stable of them eventually, but for now, the only one I count is the only one I can rely on - MeMum

I shall gather others. Leave an encoded email in the replies if you're

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Yesterday, I didn't need coffee. But I took a couple of cups anyway because I was feeling a little worn out because new meds.

Today, when I don't have to drive, I am having a No Coffee Day. If I wish to have a hot beverage, I will return to my childhood comfort - tea.

There's little that can't be fixed by a nice hot cup of tea. Ask Douglas Adams and The Doctor.

For me, tea is relaxing. It's the calm-me-down

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I had things handled, and then my ever-reliable fallibility - my shitty memory - fucked me up. I had Chaos' stuff packed for her excursion... and then left the bag I packed at home.

I was all ready to write a piece for Wordpress, and then I ran out of energy and just plain forgot about it. Not helped by the fact that I did my 500 words in a hospital hallway so my gremlin brain cheered "work's done!" and allowed me

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Why panic about this?

My anxiety is kicking my arse again. Or maybe the word is "still". I don't even know why I'm so hyped up about today. Most of the things I have to fret about are pretty much taken care of.

  • Mayhem doing tests - big whoop. It's a lot of hurry up and wait followed by brief intervals of people doing their thing. We're not going to get results for ages, either.
  • Today's Wordpress thing - big whoop. I have five potential article
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Today's very special wake-up time was two fucking AM. Two in the fucking morning. That's that time of early morning or late at night where the F-bomb just has to be in there because you do NOT want to be awake at like eleven fucking PM or two in the fucking morning.



Absolutely not.

I did manage to snatch some excuse for sleep, but the results are mixed at best. Yes, I can function like a reasonable simulacrum of a

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Starting positions...

This week promises to be a humdinger.

Monday: Usual start of the week furforal. Escort quest, escort quest, fetch quest, fetch quest, grinding the Clean House quest, escort quest...

Tuesday: Shrink visit! Yay!

Wednesday: Mayhem's medical testing. Yay. Also, Chaos has an excursion. Yay.

Thursday: The usual round of escort quests, fetch quests, and grinding on Clean House again

Friday: I don't have to go anywhere or do anything! ...yet...

And somewhere in all this chaos I nevertheless will summon 3K words

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Home Time

I must be an introvert. There is nothing I like better than snuggling at home in a comfy nest and doing very little indeed. Hot baths. Books in bed. Snuggle time with Beloved.

If there was any decent TV that we both liked, we'd watch that together, but...

Beloved likes to watch Ozark and if you read my Wordpress, you know why I can't stand a bar of that one.

Plus we agree that most modern television sucks.

So with a lot

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Blood tests, lurgis and other nonsense

Mayhem needs his veins plumbed to ascertain whether or not his liver is up to snuff. This has to happen sometime within two weeks. I am, of course, waiting until his lurgi is done with before getting that done with.

So this morning involves lying in wait for Mayhem to achieve consciousness so I can ask him if he's over The Bug yet. And if not, then I'm going nowhere and doing nothing.

And I really should focus on getting my story

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I love Fridays

I don't have to go anywhere. Except, I need to go and get almond milk at some point in my immediate future. And sometime tonight, we might go out for a little bit of a feast.

But other than that, I can take my firkin time, today.

I can chill.

Last night, I went to see the latest Predator movie and... the saddest evaluation for it is that they took a step forward in having capable women in there who know how

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Dumb Little Mistakes

Of all the bad things that could happen to a technophilic writer, the worst has to be a hand injury.

Especially one as daft as this one.

In the process of scooping up carrot stubs, I ran the side of my index finger along the edge of a knife that was just sitting there. It didn't hurt, so I didn't think I had hurt myself, and it wasn't bleeding even after I'd chucked the carrot stubs.

Squeeze finger just to check. Yup.

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I have a lot of stress. Most of it is self-inflicted. And worse, I can't do shit about it.

  • The expert recommended more tests.
  • Mayhem doesn't want to do them.
  • I finally triple-checked Sweet Child of Mine and started posting it on AO3. It is a rough beast of a whump fic. Be warned.
  • I'm still watching Adapting in slush pile limbo. So far, it's in a state of not being looked at.

I should go with the most likely scenario, but.

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I Need a Cure

My anxiety is in rare form this morning. We're seeing an expert about Mayhem's digestive issues, today.

There's a high likelihood that said expert will recommend irreversible invasive surgery and I am prepared to fight like a tiger about this.

And I am terrified - absolutely bone-deep terrified - that I will somehow fail and legal shit will get involved on all of this.

I have to think of this in a Best Case, Worst Case, Most Likely Case scenario.

Best Case:

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Once More Into the Breach...

Mayhem is, once again, feeling poorly. Though he has apparently been suffering for three days, he decided not to mention anything until this morning. Showing a timing worthy of the typical Monday-itus.

He did throw up, though, which is my usual bar to pass for staying at home. Same with a fever.

Good luck for me - he's seeing an expert in digestive issues tomorrow, so we should get some form of resolution this time. Huzzah. And if we don't get a

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Taking a Day

I'm having a selfish day, today. I am looking after myself. I have no set schedule and I'm getting to things as I please.

About the only thing that needs to get done is my Instant. Which will be happening, but I plan on taking my time and having fun with it.

Other than that, I am doing all the nothing my heart desires.

I will:

  • Finally listen to the latest episode of The Adventure Zone
  • Have a truly indulgent bubble bath
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