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Sunday, Bread and Movie PLNs

We're going to see Dune 2 later today. But not before I get my offerings out there and my second loaf baked.

I have also discovered that my two scales give different measurements. Which is irritating to me in ways I can't articulate in a mere handful of words.

Expect a blog rant about it at my earliest convenience.

Speaking of rant blogs, I might be self-hosting my Wordpress archive here on my hub site. There shall be branch and I will make sure robots.txt is incorporated into the thing.

...I might need Beloved's help with the infrastructure. Maybe finding some time to do that is going to be a problem, but I shall work it out with her.

The mood amongst the QPP is that LLP's and Image Generation isn't going to go away. And my best option is to find or make an ethical one that is a tool.

...I really want one to summarise my books for me, but I have no idea how to train that nonsense up. At all. Mostly because I still don't know how to summarise anything.

I still despise the unethical LLP's and Image Generators.

Technology will move forward despite my luddite inclinations. Maybe there will be a future in which capitalism gets ethics.

I'm allowed to dream.


I have offerings to make and present. And bread to bake.

Let's get on with getting on with it.

Friday, Bread, Unfucking, and More

I had fun last night, finally getting home pretty close to midnight. That's why I'm starting my writing day in the afternoon.

I'm starting some bread today. Today's experiment involves halving the ice I throw into the Dutch Oven to keep the steam going during the rise.

I might have to be rid of the ice at all, alas. Tough crusts and proper bread are better than soft crusts around a sod loaf.

I have Wilson incubating and a timer to remind

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Bread

I have a disrupted sleep schedule of late. I've already been awake since half-past midnight. I surrendered to consciousness at roughly two in the morning and got my stretchies and treatments done by half-past four.

I am doing all this with a cyclone headache. Just so you know.

I also have Wilson, my wholemeal starter, incubating for four hours and some set up for the upcoming bread.

Even if Mayhem needs a lift to the station, I should be cool to be

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Sunday, Bread Again

I have good news identical to the bad news: The bread is so delicious that the family can't stay away from it.

My loaves got a little burned, but that is a timing issue. The second one is just a little doughy on the bottom, and that's another timing issue. The dough's still stiff and hard to manage, so for the final experiment, I am in mid-process of an 80% hydration batch with the chia soaking.

I'm also using some metal tins

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Monday, Tale Foundry, Meds, and Breads

I need to go forth and get some Ashwagandha today. I'm down to the bottom of the jar.

I'm also almost out of my homemade bread so tomorrow is Bread Day.

This experiment will include:

  • 170g chia (soaked in the water)
  • 830g wholemeal flour
  • 800g water

I will also be weighing the split dough at the end and thereby have plausibly more even loaves.

We shall see.

I'll cut the chia down to half if it remains unmanageably stiff, and start again

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Thursday, New Bread, and Trying to Relax

I have bread. Look:

[Shown here, two loaves on a black cooling rack on a black cooktop. One is in front of the other. The foremost loaf is golden-brown and smaller than the hindmost loaf, which is slightly burned on top]

Once again, my ability to make even halves of the dough have bitten me on the butt. I have PLNs to do better the next time.

Adjustments this time: Soaked the chia in the water for the dough creation. The result

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Monday, Day 0, Onwards!

Plague News: 1 new case, an import. Thirty-nine total cases, thirty seven in hospital, two in the ICU.

The numbers are going down. All the community efforts to step on transmission are working.

And further, my Beloved has made bread.

[Shown here: Some classic-looking bread with square corners and a domed top. Two loafs, each scored diagonally. One topped with white sesame seeds and the other topped with black sesame seeds]

This brand of bread includes sugary stuff so I cannot partake

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Tuesday, Day 0, PLNs

Five new cases, according to the government site. Thirty total cases. Twenty-five of those are in hospital. Yeeks. It is definitely hide-under-a-rock time for me. I'm not back into the mask yet, because there's nothing out loose.

I'm still terrified that some strain or another escaping captivity and running rife through my neck of the woods. Hence my disinclination to go very far from home.

I did successfully show Mayhem how to make bread and it turned out like this:

[Shown here,

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I made some yummy ass bread

There is a reason for the lack of a hyphen there. Mostly because both of my loaves yesterday had a definite butt-crack to them. At least in one end of the loaf. Alas, there are no photographs because someone1 wanted to eat both loaf butts.

Given that one loaf is down to a hub and predation has already begun on the other, I am now warming up my other sourdough starter so I can make a couple more loafs so we

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Bread Day the Second!

I got enough wholemeal flour to make a loaf and keep the starter alive, so I'm making some proper sourdough that hopefully won't go flat as a tack this time.

I also made some pancakes and I think I've perfected the recipe enough that I can put the final version up on my foodie blog.

The bread will likely appear there tomorrow. Sourdough takes time. Lots of time. Lots of time and heaps of flour.

I only realised yesterday that the reason

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