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Challenge #04097-K079: Help in All Forms

Several humans, in their early teens, had been Master Twii's students. Having graduated from Twii's classes as they entered their late 20's, now went to a Gyiik temple. Their goal? To learn to cook as well as the Gyiiks and the portions they cooked. These humans wanted to start an all-around service where not only did they physically protect others, but also made sure no one ever went hungry. -- Anon Guest

There's one advantage that Gyiik's have as Heavyworlders[1] inside their impressive kitchens. Alongside being able to adapt to other environments, they also have four arms. Two for gathering, they say, and two for giving.

Most of the known universe does not share this blessing.

If anyone could match them in the kitchens, it had to be Humans. Simply because they were the kind to match, if not outperform, any other given species in the Alliance or out of it. These ones arrived in pairs, and bowed to the head chef with one fist pressed into the other palm.

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Sunday, Bread Again

I have good news identical to the bad news: The bread is so delicious that the family can't stay away from it.

My loaves got a little burned, but that is a timing issue. The second one is just a little doughy on the bottom, and that's another timing issue. The dough's still stiff and hard to manage, so for the final experiment, I am in mid-process of an 80% hydration batch with the chia soaking.

I'm also using some metal tins

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Thursday, Today I'm Learnding

Today's the day I don't have much else going on, so I shall be dragging myself through A Basic Accomplishment in A Free Software, with the long-term goal of Doing A Thing.

I have animation projects in the back of my head and the potential to actually make them be real in my future. It's all up to what I'm capable of doing and how frustrated I get with it in the process. I'm a stubborn bean so it might actually be

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Challenge #02520-F330: Teach to Learn

You know the one student that's always alone? The one student that, for some reason, just seems unable to make any friends? Often they're bullied while everyone else turns a blind eye even when they ask for help. A student can turn one of many ways in this kind of situation. They can turn into a killer, they can harm themselves, they can bottle it up and explode later, or, for the unusual few, it can make them even gentler even when

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