Sunday, Bread Again

I have good news identical to the bad news: The bread is so delicious that the family can't stay away from it.

My loaves got a little burned, but that is a timing issue. The second one is just a little doughy on the bottom, and that's another timing issue. The dough's still stiff and hard to manage, so for the final experiment, I am in mid-process of an 80% hydration batch with the chia soaking.

I'm also using some metal tins for my loaves when I get around to baking them.

Things I have learned:

  • Two scales are better than one when dividing the prepped dough
  • Tuck and tighten the dough before shaping for the loaf pan
  • Preheat the dutch oven while the loaf is rising in the incubator for the FULL four hours
  • Keeping the dough in a REALLY cold fridge helps immensely for the entire waiting process.

It also helps that a fibrous sourdough takes extra hours to do its thing.

I now have one less side project to devour my time. I might try focussing on the pitch kits since they are the biggest pain in my butt.

Plus my pitch kits are for more than one book so it's going to be carrying on for some significant time.

It all depends on how I feel about it this coming week. There's lots of side projects and more opportunities to do a thing.

I'll be baking the bread I'm making tomorrow. All the proofing happens today.

Onwards with my offerings for the day, and then snuggles and shared time with Beloved.

Moving along with that PLN.