Challenge #04052-K034: Test That Theorem

A kid who used their strength and size to bully other kids was sent to Lord Kormwind, Kosh to his friends, to try to teach him, the parents were at their wits end and needed help. He refused to listen to them anymore as his parents, weakened after having gotten sick, could no longer get him to stop hanging out with .... less than pleasant crowds. -- Anon Guest

Whitekeep never kept anyone in chains. It was one of the founding principals of the king's family. Broken chains were even part of his family crest. That was why Jaylin Smith was so sure of hirself. Even as the realm's guards forcibly escorted hir into the very castle at the heart of the realm.

The king wasn't going to imprison hir. Thrice-Sworn or not, no matter all the rumours about him, the king would never hurt a child. He was famous for that.

Jaylin had hir age in hir favour. What was the king going to do that no other grownup could? Ze'd learned that strength and power gave hir everything ze could want. Bigger and stronger than every other child in hir village. Ze could plausibly be punished by anyone bigger and stronger, but that would only prove hir right.

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