A Devil's Tale

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Challenge #03728-J075: Monstrous Hero

The world is chaos. It’s neither fair nor sensible. It wrongs heroes and breeds scums. It is rife with ugliness without a trace of beauty. The malice of the world shall be sundered

By the villain. -- Anon Guest

The Thrice-Sworn was coming. Not yet a King, but the Prophecies called him one. Those in the palaces were terrified of him. Whispers abounded, and Anika couldn't believe half of them.

Won his title in blood. Bearer of a curse. Some said he came in the night like a shadow and struck down the wicked.

Anika had been told she was wicked from the day she could understand what wicked was. So there was no doubt at all that this dark demon lord of the distant mountains would be coming for her. After all, she was an orphan brat, doomed and destined to breed only more orphan brats. Her only hope of partial redemption was birthing more soldiers for the cause.

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Challenge #03706-J053: Vision Hazy, Try Again

A young goblin has a problem. Way too many of the dreams they have at night tend to come true. Especially the bad dreams. No one listens to a goblin's warnings, though. They end up asking for help. -- Anon Guest

Kosh didn't think much about it. The staff that did most of the work in the Trollhead Tavern had taken the broom from him so he could serve customers and bus tables. Honestly, he was just glad that the clientele didn't

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Challenge #03703-J050: For Love of You

When you feel sad and tired, remember that I always love you. This vibrating heart, even my lips can vibrate too. -- Anon Guest

Cordelia could read her husband the Earl Kormwind like a book. More accurately, she could read it like a street pamphlet handed out by any group with an agenda. One made to reach the most people with the simplest message.

It was in the lashing of his tail, the angle he held his head, and the way his

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Challenge #012: Versatile Lessons of the Crown

“Your daughter is doing something ridiculous”

looks at the father doing the exact same thing

“Ah I see, it’s hereditary” -- Anon Guest

Duke Garibald Tansie would never admit out loud that he was slightly ashamed of his King. There were several good reasons, starting with the fact that Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, ninth of the name, was devilborn. A Hellkin.

There was also the matter of his upbringing. Sent to the other side of the world to learn martial arts

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Challenge #03597-I308: The Land and its Lord Are One

Society is a massive tree. If those roots run deep, are healthy and diverse, the tree can stand for a millennia. But even for that society to grow, it needs a healthy, well-grown, seed. When the seed begins to rot, a tree will never flourish. -- Anon Guest

Elves began as arboreal creatures in the Plane of Magic, better known as Nanogh. When a population or two found their way to the Mortal Plane, they thought it pristine and unpopulated. They really

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Challenge #03596-I307: The Doom of the Thrice-sworn King

He hasn’t done any thing wrong. If anything, I’m the hopeless one here, of course instilling fear and murdering humans is not right. Plus, waging a full-scale war against them is an unforgiving act. Even so, there’s something I want to change, even if it's built on rocky foundations. I want humans to unite. Even if it's using the coming the next demon lord as a pretext.

Peace cannot be realized on ideals alone.

He's got some real power.

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Challenge #03574-I285: A Time of Great Need

"I don't want the throne, I don't want that kind of power."

"I'm sorry, but it's your duty."

"But I'm scared, please don't make me do this?"

"If we find good, honorable, people to help you, will you, then, accept what you must do?"

"You promise they will be honorable, so I don't do something really bad by mistake?"

"I promise." -- The New Guy

The Reign of the Blood Throne was not what one might expect by the name. For a

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Challenge #03563-I274: Snap Inspection

The person who WANTS power, should never be allowed near it. The person who does not wish for power, but is able to think clearly and is fair, those are the leaders we need. -- Anon Guest

Berthora Marcatrude Aregund Lunjevica, Seventh Matroness of the Eastmount Olikents was right about one thing. They actually did have a noble-born sweeping the streets. Well. Courtyard. Wraithvine had been watching the fellow in Whitekeep livery for some time. Trying to judge the situation on available

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Challenge #03534-I246: Heavier Than You Think

A young heir is about to be crowned ruler of their homeland. They ask their people to please bring Wraithvine to the palace, to please advise them on how they should rule. They love their homelands, and their people, and they're afraid of making a mistake that might hurt the ones they love. -- Anon Guest

Father hadn't meant to turn himself into a King. He had been quite content to remain Earl of Whitekeep, but... fate and prophecy and his own

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Challenge #03517-I229: The Legion of the Unwanted

The rulers of a small, but wealthy, kingdom make a decree. Anyone caught abandoning their child in a midden, or deliberately harm their children, no matter what the child looks like, will be imprisoned. Needless to say, sadly, families who bear a Tiefling child are NOT happy, and drop their children off at the palace instead. -- Anon Guest

There was a guard stationed at every palace door. The King and his Princess-consort knew what the kickback from their law would be.

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Challenge #03500-I212: A Rare Kind Touch

Do you know what it's liked to be hugged, when before all you ever knew was a hard hand? Do you know what it's like to have someone hold you and tell you it'll be alright, when before, all your life, all you've known is to be told you are worthless? I do. Thank you for your warmth, I love you, too. -- Anon Guest

It had been quite a chase. It had been quite the revelation. The mad lord in morning,

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Challenge #03491-I203: Audience With the Thrice Sworn King

"I'm not a King."

--But you're wearing a crown...---

"I'm a servant.

---I don't understand....----

He goes to the window and points to the cities and lands stretching far and wide. "I serve them. They are MY Kings and Queens."

The thief nods in confusion as they are not being punished, but being offered more funds to help feed their family. -- The New Guy

What are kings? Conquerers and bullies. Greedy guzzling gourmands with cloth-of-gold over their guts. Gilded

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Challenge #03466-I178: The Rest of the World is Wrong

That push of regret was everything. But it happened, and now things were forever changed... -- Pixels By Kris

The regrets of the past poison the decisions of the here and now. Valiant Stormwight Hallowfine Whitekeep, third of the name, had watched his older brother Purity roll himself in debauchery and excess. There wasn't a girl in all the Earldom that he hadn't sweet-talked into a bedchamber or, in extremis, an alley. And why not? Bastards of the Earl's line were a

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