Law and Order

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Challenge #03210-H301: Actually Fair and Balanced

A - "I'm innocent your honor, I didn't DO anything wrong!"

B - "You struck your employee for refusing to endanger their safety."

A - "I'm allowed to do that, though, they're my property, they work for me!"

B - Pinching the bridge of their nose in exasperation. "Ok, let's go over it again why that is NOT allowed in Alliance Space and why your employees are going to be compensated." -- Lessons

"It isn't Alliance Space, it's my space," argued CEO Abernathy. "I paid for it, it's mine."

Alliance Justice Bea took another deep, steadying breath. She could easily believe that this was some kind of cosmic punishment for sins in a past life. She must have been really evil to deserve this now. "You have purchased a manufactoring space inside Alliance sovereign territory, true. That does not mean that it is your sovereign territory, nor does it mean you can write your own laws there."

"But I PAID for it," Abernathy wailed, exhibiting the typical Deregger talent for willful ignorance. If they kept repeating a statement, they reasoned, it would eventually become true.

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Challenge #01648-D187: Person Man

His wardrobe contained among other things, a mask, full body suit that looked like rubber, spandex tights, spandex briefs, lots of spandex. Custom made purple boots and, Well he called it his utility belt but there was no way they were going to touch till the bomb squad And a competent psychiatrist got there. In memory of all those Cheesy Adam West Batman episodes. -- Knitnan

Half a building had collapsed, but the good news was that it was condemned and no

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