Challenge #01648-D187: Person Man

His wardrobe contained among other things, a mask, full body suit that looked like rubber, spandex tights, spandex briefs, lots of spandex. Custom made purple boots and, Well he called it his utility belt but there was no way they were going to touch till the bomb squad And a competent psychiatrist got there. In memory of all those Cheesy Adam West Batman episodes. -- Knitnan

Half a building had collapsed, but the good news was that it was condemned and no lives were lost. The better news was the partially-intact meth lab, hydroponic weed garden, and a small opioid factory visible within. And the best news was the captive gang tied up like christmas presents on the sidewalk. All tethered to a handy fire hydrant.

The bad news was the Hero.

He stood between the ambulance and the fire truck with an air of exaggerated patience in the face of outrageous delays. Shifting his weight from foot to foot and sighing in the manner of all people who had been ready ten minutes ago and are now waiting for the other people on the trip to get their metaphorical shit together. But that wasn't the primary concern.

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