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Challenge #01993-E169: The Protection Experiment

Considering the terrifying methods our immune system uses to keep us safe, can you please write a story about how aliens first dealt with human diseases (probably something that has a high mutation rate) that jumped the species barrier?

How did they deal with the pandemic (think of what smallpox did in North America) their own immune systems were unprepared for? How did they handle what they found when they researched the crazy human immune system?

Autoimmune disorders?? -- Anon Guest

If there was one thing to be learned from interspecies contact, it was to be wary of alien plagues. Diseases one species deems harmless can ruin another's population. Diseases can jump species barriers and get worse. Diseases can lay waste to entire planets. And a Deathworlder disease has even more potential to do so than any other.

Humans have had their unfair share of such things, even before the Shattering. A strain of influenza crossed between two domesticated species before leaping into humans. The resultant virus did more damage than the mass warfare that helped spread it. When a virus can transmit across multiple intelligent species, it could destroy the universe as we know it. Humans understand this, and almost all encounters between species involve livesuits for a reason.

And then Galactic Society learned about the "kill or cure" tactics of the human immune system.

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Winter "Fashion"

I have rainbow toe socks on. Said socks feature contrasting, puffy paint stars printed on them. Added to these is my aforementioned Spiro Kigurumi. And to protect my toe socks, I am wearing crocs.

You can bet money that I'm not exiting the house like this.

I'm taking another day. Basically, I have little else planned but writing today's Instant and faffing about with games.

Play is just as important as work, and that's what today's about. Tomorrow, I'll be doing my

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Challenge #01992-E168: Show Me the Way...

Pre-human contact, a single human accidentally finds themselves in space, and the single most powerful being there to boot. They don’t use their powers for good or evil though, they just really enjoy messing with the other sentients, good and bad alike. Please write a story about how this human deals with the various attempts to get rid of them. (Diplomatic or through force) -- Anon Guest

I had to come to term with a few things. One: Alien abduction is

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Fridays are my good days. Despite the workload, I can spend all day long in my writer zone, get everything lined up, and still have time to play around with stuff before the brat run to go collect Mayhem in the evening.

I almost messed up yesterday by forgetting to do my chapters of Adapting. But I remembered and I did it and I actually got a full night's sleep.

Win-win, as far as I'm concerned.

Using a food tracker (properly calibrated)

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Challenge #01991-E167: Unobtrusive Observation

Time you can visit. all you can take is pictures, all you can leave is footprints. -- Anon Guest

There are rules to time travel. Some are invented on the fly, others make more sense than that. First and foremost is no excessive interaction. One cannot, for example, go back in time to tell Freddie Mercury or David Bowie how influential they become. Especially towards the start of their careers. One cannot also travel back in time and leave an iPhone in

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Good news: A tablet of Melatonin helped me sleep for most of the night and I approach today with a much better energy level.

Bad news: I'm still gaining a little bit of weight.

BUT that should change soon, because I'm monitoring my intake and making certain that I get the proper balance of macros. With some help on the supply side from Beloved because I have $10 that isn't already spoken for.

Fingers crossed it works, and that something else naughty

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Challenge #01990-E166: Mystery Analysis Department

Step back in Time. It smells different, the food is odd. But you are here to record History. Pick an Era.

the Past is a different country -- Anon Guest

The oddest thing about the early twentieth century had to be the colours. Followed closely by what people willingly put in their mouths. It was just... odd... to see any era before the nineteen fifties in any other tones but black and white.

The past is another country, indeed. The food is

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Disorganised today, dat-organised tomorrow.

And today was super-duper disorganised.


  • I didn't wanna get out of bed
  • Beloved needed me to track my food again
  • Which involved faffing about with a new app
  • Which made us late getting Mayhem to school
  • Chaos decided that she was "too tired" to be ready on time

And everything else has been a royal kerfluffle ever since.

I am tracking my macros, now, so that's a thing. And we'll likely find out that I'm nowhere near

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Challenge #01989-E165: Pax Paradoxical

There is one place where nearly all species cohabit. It's not some planet capital or forsaken space station. It's a spa resort. This artificial planet is ideally place to naturally accommodate all type of species, with a wide range of temperature, humidity and luminosity. And when nearly 30% of your customers are part of the most "dangerous" Deathworlders, and high figure of all species came regularly here, let's say that it's also the safest place in existence. -- Anon Guest

There's only

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Ugh... Not Again

I've been having sleep issues. My internal alarm clock is once again set on 'Fuck You'. We have some melatonin, so maybe one of those will help me through the night and reset my defaults.

And despite my best efforts, I'm gaining weight. I'm up to the 76 mark, and I don't know why. It's not because I'm eating too much. It might be because I'm eating too little. Or it could be that the pouring cream I picked up cheap is

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Challenge #01988-E164: Here Comes Trouble

A demon who really loves their job of messing with people accidentally does something really really good or nice and is horrified to find a single angel feather growing on their wings as a result. -- Anon Guest

Hathreon followed the Crowley School of low-grade evil. From little annoyances, big cruelties grow. The demon could count overpriced, slow coffee, constant urban renovations, and the kind of people who insist on going into the backs of crowded elevators when they're only riding one

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Don't Panic!

I plain old forgot to write a thing for my Wordpress. Those who come here to find out what the fuck will be glad to know that I invested my time in...


Thirty seconds of animation in a music video I'm making in Adobe Animate. Yay.

I will be writing something Op-Ed-y eventually. I already have a title: Re-spec Mah Prioritah. Which is basically "I didn't do anything productive" in another hat. This hat is called, "I did something productive, but

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Challenge #01987-E163: One Mildly Ominous Evening in Ankh-Morpork

Archancellor Ridcully slowly walked around the blue box. It looked safe enough, despite the weird noise as it appeared. -- Anon Guest

And then someone who looked almost exactly like that fellow from the post office[1] popped out from the door. "Oh hallo," he said. "I seem to be very much lost. You see, I was on my way to Barcelona, and..." He trailed off. "Have I been here before?"

Archancellor Ridcully had a train of thought that couldn't be shifted

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Another Odd Day

Apparently, this series of make-up days on Sundays is so that the Year 12's in the system can exit school with a green mark in their ledgers. Mayhem's year 11 as far as my spotty memory serves me. But whatever. The sooner he's done, the sooner he can look for after-school employment.

I won't be doing my Instant until after I get back from my round trip, because time in a nice warm bed on a weekend is indeed precious.

Today, fates

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Challenge #01986-E162: Inner Beautification

Yarn Bombing. Putting hand made yarn stuff in public places. Once done to stop authorities from removing much needed bus stop/shelter. Weird but true. Put your own spin on this. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I could not find any instance of yarn bombing as an avenue of protest. It's mostly a wasteful form of gentrified graffiti.]

As a child of the depression, Cynthia hated waste. She never got more than she needed in the first place, and did her utmost to

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