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Challenge #03045-H122: Medicinal Purposes Only

Stranded Human: Does this look infected to you?

Stranded Alien: It looks...abnormal?

Stranded Human: Yeah...I don't think treating this can wait for rescue...

Stranded Alien: (starting to panic a little) How do we treat it????

Stranded Human: We start by collecting some of those plants that were too toxic for me to eat.... -- Anon Guest

"The ones we have to handle with gloves, or the ones that we need a livesuit to go near?"

"The ones we have to handle with gloves. We shouldn't ever try to mess with the other kind," clarified Human Gia. "That stuff's all kill and no cure. Also, advance warning, the whole process is going to get nasty."

Companion Lyl tisked, "This is Deathworlder nonsense. Of course it's going to get nasty." Ze got on hir very special gloves and dialed up the imagery. "These ones, yes?"

"Yeah, those are the ones. There's going to be the kind of processes that can't get anywhere near anything we use for making food."

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Thursday, Day 0, Scam-awareness Day

Three new cases, all imports. Eighteen total, with fourteen in hospital. Given the way the numbers have been going, I'm betting that's four people in recovery in the quarantine hotels.

Today's scam article will be about one that nearly got me. Stay tuned for that.

Otherwise, I have a smol's birthday to ponder and she's at that late stage of childhood where she refuses to enjoy anything that's "too childish". We may let her decree what's happening for her special day.


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Challenge #03044-H121: Unclean! Unclean!

Militant vegans, for years after she managed to escape their world, attempt to kidnap Harro, and later their children, and their grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to "pay for crimes against their world". Each time they try, they're stopped rather firmly and placed into prison. Good thing Harro, and their family, are quite fierce about self-defense and have a lot of defenders. The militant vegans, within their cells, and the ones from their homeworlds, both refuse to accept their "heros" have committed crimes and

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Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress

No new cases, so we have seventeen with the plague and only sixteen in hospital. Therefore, one got out as far as the hotel. Yay.

There shall be more of a Terrible Tiefling Tale, with all the bits and bobs and maybe even a footnote. We shall see.

In the news:

  • ScoMo's new budget reveal. Who wins? Who loses? Bet there's no solution to the debt problem we've got besides "give more money to rich people" which is no solution at all
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Challenge #03043-H120: It's Pronounced Ee-Mew

A tour group of several havenworlders, other galactics, and a few deathworlders were visiting an Emu farm and getting to pet the birds which were quite happily pecking pellets from open hands, visiting the young chicks, and seeing the hatchery. Then the humans grin, as a galactic mentions how gentle these birds are, and the humans tell of the Emu War, where these birds actually defeated the humans who want to war with them. --

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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon Day

One new case, an import. Eighteen total, and seventeen in hospital. It's less than it was, but it could also get big again. Today's the day I should be googling bathroom rennos to get the vanity fixed in my slo-mo disaster area. Whee fun.

After I recover from THAT, I need to talk to the doctor's about getting the family jabbed against the plague and what would be best for Beloved (diabetic) and myself (asthmatic) as well as the kids (who have

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Challenge #03042-H119: Galactics Bearing Gifts

To make it easier for dereggers to escape oppression, several galactic traders begin to offer to build trading ports on deregger places that "will guarantee a great profit for the leadership" because the leaders won't have to pay for building the facility, and part of the fees the trading groups agree to pay for maintaining the places as well. Odd, though, the "security", while seeming to do their job, sure love to slack off! -- Lessons

The CRC had a loophole that

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Monday, Day 0, Late Start AAAAUUUUGH!

Three new cases, all imports. Nineteen total, of which fifteen are in hospital. That leaves four in the relative freedom of a quarantine hotel somewhere.

Today, my alarm didn't sound for some reason. I may have accidentally turned it off. I shall be more aware tomorrow. Maybe an "update" has eliminated the trick I use to mute the ads in my games but still hear the phone. Note, Google execs, that updates are supposed to improve things for your user base, not

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Challenge #03041-H118: Tactile Therapy

The ship's human is a former deregger still recovering from the horrors they endured. They often awakened in the middle of the night shaking and afraid. The companion liaison decided to do something about it and got the human a gift. A weighted blanket, and a soft, cuddly, comfort item that they, even though they were an adult, could cling to when they started to get lost in their own head. This fierce protector that helped the ship, and was an incredibly

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Sunday, Day 0, Mother's Day

Or, as I prefer to call it, Primary Parental's Day... or Pripa's day. So if your primary parental, Rennie, or Pripa is agender or nonbinary you can celebrate it with those words. Take your pick.

I shall be calling me own Mum in a moment.

Two new cases are imports, twenty-one total, seventeen in hospital. It's going on, and it's still going.

News I tripped over today:

  • There's now a Karen Clause in the USA that puts legal charges on people falsely
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Challenge #03040-H117: Accepted Market Price

If you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit. -- Anon Guest

"Two thousand gold per square quarter-inch of ear... five hundred per digit of phalanges... three hundred for the tarsals and metatarsals..." The person running the tally was not a necromancer. They were not a crime lord. They were an "acquisitions agent" for the Dark Market. Not the Black Market, the Dark Market. It's much, much worse.

"Oh don't worry about me," Wraithvine muttered to hirself,

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Saturday, Day 0, Feast Days - Plural

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and there may or may not be cake because budget. There's three new cases, all imports. Twenty total and seventeen in hospital. Possibly three pending. Today should be my feast day but I'm wondering about putting it on hold for all the familial carbs coming tomorrow.

Time will tell, but I will probably buckle and get into my stash. Because carbs are tasty. I shall pay the price on Monday. For sure.

Not looking at the news. Getting

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Challenge #03039-H116: There's Some in Every Trip

A group of former Degreggers, with their galactic friends, compiling their resources, purchased a trading ship, and outfitted the two largest holds with large, comfortable, reclining seats, blankets, and other creature comforts, each one being able to hold at least a hundred people, and the third largest hold with tons of nutrient packs that would last for long periods of time. The other holds aboard the ship were used for normal storage with many types of trade goods, the three turned into

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Friday, Day 0, I'm not stressing, you're stressing

Three new cases, all imports. Twenty total cases, seventeen of them in hospital and -given the precedent- three about to go in. Miss Chaos is coming home this afternoon and I am hoping that there's no trouble. I may even be vulnerable to telescammers because I am on call just in case the camping people want to know a thing about Chaos and her needs.

I've got The Bikkie on, and am about to arrange some moolah for myself from my accumulated

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Challenge #03038-H115: We're Going to Need a Bigger Nametag

A: You know Jugemu I don't actually know your full name; what is it?

J: You sure? it's really long.

A: hit me

J: Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyō-matsu Unrai-matsu Fūrai-matsu Kū-Neru Tokoro ni Sumu Tokoro Yaburakōji no Burakōji Paipo Paipo Paipo no Shūringan Shūringan no Gūrindai Gūrindai no Ponpokopii no Ponpokonaa no Chōkyūmei no Chōsuke -- Anon Guest

[AN: That's a meme I've managed to avoid for literal years. I knew it existed, but I've never seen it. Also some

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