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So tired

I could not get to sleep if you paid me, last night, so today I am functioning on even less sleep than normal, huzzah.

I dunno if I'm gonna make it to the stream, folks.

Story much much much much much later, I guess. Possibly with edits of this entry here because YIKES I am sleepy.

But yeah. Things be effed up. Two new cases in Queensland today, possibly linked to opening the borders. I freaking called it. Good night.

UPDATE: From the news- autopsies of those who've perished from the plague have found "blood clots in every organ" so let's have fun with that little factoid.

Similarly, I actually managed to snag some sleep but after like an entire minute of consciousness, I'm body-weary again.

Meh. At least I can watch Toasty's stream video before YouTube wipes it out. Story pretty soon.

Challenge #02740-G183: Got Your Back

Bold of you to assume I reached peak dumbass -- Anon Guest

There are plans that are works of art. There are other plans, much like this one, that seem to have been produced by wiping one's bodily waste expulsions all over the blueprint page. There's half-assed plans and... whatever this was.

It was equal parts improvisation, desperation, innovation, and flat-out perspiration. After the lingering echoes of all the explosions died down and they were safe in the middle of a host

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Some Good News PLS?

My favourite band in the whole wide world fired two members for bad behaviour. I'll drop the phrase "sexual misconduct" and leave the entire issue there. Ironically, the former member most vilified for such is also the most apologetic. The other one continues with the denial.


The band will continue, hopefully with better people in charge of certain areas.

Queensland is accepting somewhere in the region of 4K people (with permits) and anyone with Victoria number-plates is going to get some

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Challenge #02739-G182: Do Not Pay Your Heart

This is from this prompt :-)

The medic known as Allie had gained quite the reputation. She had managed to save people that everyone else had said were not savable. She'd managed to cure those that were said to be incurable. More than one elite had made it a point to find the station she was working at to bring sick relatives and have her see to them.

But now a choice was being given to

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Queensland is opening its borders to people with permits and not to anyone from Victoria, and it's happening at a minute past noon today. Needless to say the permit site is crashing because everyone applying at once.

I anticipate a LOT of people trying to run from the plague in NSW and just... bringing it with them. Fingers crossed, the permits are for true emergencies and not "I don't want to be in the plague zone kthx". Let's be honest, a lot

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Challenge #02738-G181: Stick Together or Fall...

The strength of the team is each member, the strength of each member is the team -- Anon Guest

Humans have so many sayings about their pack action. There is no I in Team. Teamwork makes the dream work. We stand together or we fall apart. If you needed any further proof that Humans are pack animals, there you go. It's coded into their daily axioms.

It comes to the fore when they work together as teams. They come to know each

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Counting up to fourteen. Again.

No new cases in Queensland again. Day one of fourteen.

I think I'm going to stay away from a majority of the Plague News because its effect is debilitating on my psyche. On the other hand, I am getting loads of sleep. It's just not good sleep because depression naps are not refreshing.

Going through the day exhausted is not good for mind, body, or soul.

Things that have reached past my filters so far:

  • Bloke in Victoria attempted to get into
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Challenge #02737-G180: Learning the Hard Way

A telepath reads a human mind. They were almost overwhelmed while reading this: -- Anon Guest

Human contact is not for the uninitiated, especially when one is a Melil. Their species is one of the few that developed natural telepathy. It was something of a shock to all that their gift could be used to read the thoughts of other species.

That said, other species do not have the mental capacity of silencing their unbidden thoughts like the

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I gotta but I don't wanna

I remember going through this during the 2012 floods. Frozen with fear and watching the news circle around. Just sitting and watching the devastation while I was holed up and listening to the ceaseless sound of rain. I couldn't move and I couldn't do anything else but stay informed.

I'm reaching a point where I don't want to leave the bed. I went to bed in the afternoon when I was done with my Instant and I spent the rest of the

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Challenge #02736-G179: Falling? Flying!

My god these two are too f*cking precious. Welp (cocks gun) let’s make sure it stays that way. -- Anon Guest

He'd never been a fan of damsels in distress. He much preferred the kind of girl who could go down snarling. So when they were sent to rescue some muckety-muck who had been abducted by some other nonsense group, Kudge had never expected to meet her halfway. She was filthy, dishevelled, and bore a weapon she had clearly stolen

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Tuesday. I can't.

I didn't want to get out of bed, today. The world is falling apart. According to the vilest lies, Statistics, 87% of the USA are in favour of sensible quarantine procedures, including masks, social distancing, and staying home as much as humanly possible. Alas, the remaining 11% are the ones fucking things up for everyone else.

Speaking of the 11%... there's a bunch of them in dense public housing who are locked in for quarantine. They don't want tests for reasons that

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Challenge #02735-G178: Life and Pie

The elderly human was sitting on the porch of their home here on Earth when a shuttle neatly landed on the wide gravel road not far from the garage. They were curious, didn't get many visitors out here on the farm. Once things had settled and were quiet again, the door opened and soon the alien stepped out. The alien, a middle-aged being, smiled and greeted their old friend and went to sit with them for a while. The did promise, as

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::Cracks Knuckles:: Okay. I've got this.

We're back up to nine days of a plague-free Queensland. So I should, in theory, be back to writing in my novel. Right?

I dunno. I can certainly try.

When I'm done with today's Instant, I can load up that one file and my self-amusement file [which is nearly done] and see which one wins the day. I'm putting my bet on the self-amusement because I'd much rather watch a character discover acceptance on the worst day of their life than do

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Challenge #02734-G177: Sub-telepathy in Action

Ever worked in an call centre? or in retail? How about gone shopping in the middle of the day? Sat down after a busy day just wanting to relax?

what do all these things have in common. How you seemingly know you won't be able to relax, even if there is a Lull, It Spontaneously gets Busy, as if everyone gets the same Idea to do the SAME thing right at the same time. be at the same place as you at

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Stream Morning Whee

Toastyglow is working some magic, and I am not able to focus on anything else. With luck, I shall be done with today's story before noon. I can hope.

I did manage to do a lot of faffing about, yesterday, and almost zero writing. Since I don't have carbs to stress about, I might actually get another section of the CYOA I'm obsessed with completed.

Then it's two more to go and I can post that mofo somewhere. Woot.

In the news:

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