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Challenge #04224-K206: A Dire Incident

A predator late at night was sneaking up on Gikka. It met, and ran in terror from, the angry claws and teeth of a protective Lilbit. -- Anon Guest

Kobolds, like the Gobelliin, are one of the few species whose destiny is usually to end in a brief and crunchy squeak. There's an awful lot of creatures that view them as food. Including the Kobolds and Gobelliin.

When your entire species is automatically rejected from everywhere and your resources are slim, you don't get fussy about food.

None of this mattered to the lone Dire Wolf creeping up on the camp. It was hungry enough to approach despite the fire, because it smelled live food. The Kobold was huddled up in a big fur, but that didn't matter to the wolf, either. It knew enough to dig for sleepers under their covers.

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Wednesday, Rant Day & Shopping PLNs

I think I shall give a shout-out to Girl Genius today. Tomorrow, I go get supplies after I drop off Mayhem and hope for enough time to chill thereafter.

Results may be negligible.

I'm going to go jiggery-pokering around in Stencyl later today if I have the time. If not, I'll check another month of tags on the app-to-be.

That's usually pretty fast.

Mayhem's having his doubts about his job. I told him he should at least give himself a chance to

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Challenge #04223-K205: After the Crash

A DeRegger CEO's ship went down. Most of the crew survived, but few were without injury. The CEO and his sons were unhurt.

Shockingly, despite how poorly the people were treated aboard ship, as literally unseen servants, the CEO and his sons began to take care of the injured to avoid infections and help pain. Why? They actually DID appreciate the work, they.. just were not good at showing it. -- Anon Guest

Of course the executive suite survived, all occupants relatively

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Tuesday, Fewer Hours

Mayhem had a later start this morning and an earlier finish this arvo. I have less hours for my assorted shenanigans today. Including making sure Owlbear works on OBS with everything else.

I have yet to work out KittyCam for my writing stream, and using the intro timer as well.

Baby steps.

Today, my priority is the offerings first, then a little screwing around in Stencyl. Just to have my chart picked in the new colour. If I ragequit Stencyl before the

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Challenge #04222-K204: Responsibility in Action

The right thing to do... that's... sometimes hard. I've an entire city of badly infected people. If even one individual gets out, the surrounding countryside will be in immense danger. But if I keep them trapped here, I'm removing their freedom, and treating them like prisoners. What do I do? -- Anon Guest

The plague had come to Lessermont. The local healers had caught it before the merchants who brought it could move out, and the local Lord was wise enough to

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Monday, Interesting Week Ahead

The backup reads are going on, I have to set up OBS for my streams, and I have more chapters to read for Adorable. I have Patreon posts to get out there and I am already highly distracted by nonsense on my desk.

At least I have my meds and daily doses taken care of.

I'll figure out ways to cram it all in. Somehow.

And this week, I'm still spending every day on two two-hour round trips. Yaaayyyy...

Wish me luck,

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Challenge #04221-K203: Good For What Ails You

Deregger escapees in a stolen ship nearly crash into the station due to lack of power to steer. Once rescued, the Gyiik in the station realize these Dereggers are badly starved, and kick into action to help them. -- Anon Guest

It had come in drifting, leaking, and clearly out of control. The comms were down, the lights were off, and scans recognised the atmosphere content inside it as 'terrible'. In the end of all things, it was a mercy that the

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Sunday, the Last Day Off of Sorts

All of this week shall also be taken in 4-hour road trips to drop Mayhem off at work. He's considering getting Work From Home, but has to (a) get his hand in at the job (b) rearrange everything in his room so it's also an office, and (c) figure out how to finance that noise.

It's going to be a while.

Fun times are ahead. Including the fact that I need to rearrange OBS again and configure my nonsense for streaming.


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Challenge #04220-K202: DIY Scene

Welcome to Vege-Inn. A restaurant that ONLY serves synthetic foods that are plant-based. Catering to those with specific diets, or dietary choices.

A knomira stomping in demands a steak, and then throws a temper tantrum to realize even the "meat" here is plant-based. -- Anon Guest

There were pictures of smiling fruits and vegetables in the kiddies' section. The menu boards were bordered with artistic plants and plant byproducts. The sign at the entrance blared VEGAN ONLY FOOD SOLD HERE in friendly

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Saturday, Parkrun, New Rig, and SHENANIGANS GALORE

My morning has been complicated by the Global Blue Screen of Doom.

  • Because Windoze had a failure of a security upgrade, lots of Windoze-based systems no worky no more
  • Which includes the local 7-11
  • Where I went to get petrol before the commute to parkrun
  • Advised to go to a different servo, but I went to a different-different servo where I also picked up snacks for Beloved and Miss Chaos
  • And it also took me a solid minute to figure out
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Challenge #04219-K201: Stepped Across Millennia

Has my nose grown numb to the smell of blood? Was the moon always this bright? Birds aren’t supposed to sing at this time... the streets sound so busy, is there a festival?

I don’t think I’m supposed to be here... -- Anon Guest

On very rare occasions, someone can step between time to a different era. Almost every time this happens, it's someone that either era would not notice. In this case, it was someone who one era

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Friday, Bread, Crash

I'm currently using phone data so I shall be brief.

The internet is down where I am and I'm also making bread so going fully mobile is not an option. It might be an option on another day. Time will tell.

Normal services will resume as soon as the connection does. I'm keeping an eye on it and we've complained to out alleged provider about it. Much fun not being had by anyone TBH.

I did NOT need this. At all.


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Challenge #04218-K200: Unexpected Encounters

A: You used several anti-matter bombs to decimate the planet to the core?

screen shows a sunny afternoon of a lush forest with bright purple fauna

A: You destroyed a beautiful habitable world

B: Sir... this isn’t a recording... this is a live feed... -- Anon Guest

There's nothing like an anomaly to fascinate anyone who encounters it. When the world refuses to work according to expectations, the questions instantly arrive. Why? How? What can be done to break this back

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Thursday, Bread and PLNs

I was up at 5 to feed the cats and my starter so that I would have ample time to start my starter so that it would be ready by after 9AM. Bread math.

I have the dough autolysing as I type.

I pln on getting a wriggle on with the processing and hope that I get most things done before it's time for the long drive to fetch son-of-mine.

A little bit difficult because my fluffy brain would rather zone out

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Challenge #04217-K199: Slaked by Shadows

Here in my lake, sweet little one, you will see and remember your past lives. Whether you choose to remember them once you leave this beautiful pool, is entirely up to you. -- Anon Guest

There are portals to other planes in the world. Most common are the ways to Nanogh, the plane of magic. One can, with significant effort, find portals to every elemental plane, and a few others. The plane of torment is easier to find than the plane of

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