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Challenge #02882-G325: Forging ahead

The human was highly recommended by everyone the crew asked when it came to being a security officer. They were diligent, highly intelligent, made friends easily, in fact many of the crew still talked to them from time to time. The only caveat tended to be, they didn't want normal crew quarters to sleep in, they always asked for a storage bay. Why? Well, they collected blades. But not all blades, only unique ones. But that wasn't the only reason.

I decided to go see for myself why they always asked for a bay and walked inside. There was the human dressed in skins and protective layers of what looked like leather. They were pumping a large handle heating steel before bringing it, glowing hot, to another large hunk of metal and began to hit it with a hammer. -- Anon Guest

Heat management detected an anomaly in Human Stef's quarters, which was Storage Bay Three. Using wild Humans from the Edge was always full of certain levels of weirdness. Up to and including the fact that wild Humans and standard personal habitats didn't always mix. Given that Human Stef was twice the size of a standard bunk on the Wandering Inquisitive, they could understand why the Human would prefer to retrofit a storage bay.

Now that there was a heat anomaly in there, there was the concern that a wild Human was possibly cooking their food on a fire that they had built inside a closed vessel. Fire was always a terror in space and Humans loved fire beyond all logic and reason. SO it was that Companion Gorx hurried to Storage Bay Three to check on Human Stef and whatever they had going on in their habitat.

Human Stef had blades on every wall. Including the wall to the sanitation facility and, in all likelihood, inside it as well. This was a Human after all. In the largest space of Human Stef's habitat was reserved for a large chunk of metal and an electric heat element inside heavy shielding. Human Stef was wearing something that scanned as animal hides and repeatedly hitting white-hot metal with a hammer.

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Challenge #02881-G324: Ten Siwu's of Trouble

"Of course I understand why you don't want more than one human on the ship. Back home we kept a guardian goose with the chickens." -- Anon Guest

Humans and their metaphors, am I right? Half of them are domestic animal excrement, but which half? The really scary part about these balding Deathworlder apes is that the half with a grounding in reality has the high potential to be truly terrifying.

Look this stuff up at your own risk, is what I'm

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Sunday, Day Zero, Day of Rest

Thirteen active cases, with one new one included in that count from overseas. Thirteen chances for someone to act like a Karen.

Capt. S. is not coming for Yulemas, so it's up to me to provide the sweeties. Getting a very nice (and fattening) cake to enjoy with all the other finger foods available.

It's going to be mostly nibbles, this yule. Less bother, et cetera.

I'm not looking at the headlines. I'm just writing my daily nonsense and then going to

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Challenge #02880-G323: Like Sands Through the Hourglass

"Our soap operas are weird. Yours are incomprehensible." -- Anon Guest

[AN: All soap operas are wont to escalate into incomprehensibility when given enough time]

"Beshenia, I love you, but I can't be with you," said the figure in the holo display. "I tried to keep it hidden, but... I'm your descendant from the future, and it would be incest."

"WHAT?" said half the watchers in the room. The other half made gestures of victory and cheered, "CALLED IT!" Which sparked so

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Saturday, Day Three, Shopping!

So a few days ago I realised that I would have to start PLNing for Yulemas. I usually start panicking about this time of year long about two weeks after my own birthmas. Because that's a thing. I have a budget and 90% of the time it's slim. So advance planning makes a better yule.

It's not looking to be great. All the people in my life are hard to buy for. Either they don't care or they don't want anything. Which

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Challenge #02879-G322: A Bad Influence

She grew up in the slums of a DeRegger colony. But her family wasn't like most of those here. What little funds they got, they used for books - though carefully hidden. She was forced to dress, and act, like a boy to fool the rulers. The small family, two sons, their father, and her, were all very well educated and well-read. And they believed it was time for a true change to this brutal regime. But to do that, more people

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Friday, Day Two, whoopsydoodle

I keep forgetting it's November. Which means that I am overdue for Cashmas Panic. Hell, I haven't even gone looking for MeMum's bifdy present [I even almost forgot the nativity anniversary was yesterday -blush] and that's usually the precursor to Cashmas Panic.

So. Sometime this weekend, I shall be venturing forth from my bunker my bubble my home and either acquiring or sourcing places with which to accomplish a safe and sane yulemas.

Honestly, having a lo-prep Yule is a firkin fantastic

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Challenge #02878-G321: I'm Doing My Best Over Here

If I had a dollar for every time a extra-dimensional portal appeared and gave me powers, I would have two. Which isn’t much, but it’s weird that it happened twice. -- Anon Guest

Did you know it kind'a sucks to be able to recognise an extradimensional stick with a human on it[1]? I can tell you for free that it creeps me out every single time. The first time, I was five and thought my kindergarten teacher was a

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Thursday, Day One, now whut?

Well, we have something resembling a PLN. We have some things we can do to help Chaos reach her goals. Part of which involves giving her things to try.

I just put some investment in it. Chaos now owns a copy of Garry's Mod which is the easiest CG animation program out there, as it has pre-arranged assets that anyone can use. Hopefully, Chaos has some fun with that.

If not, we know what she doesn't like. Progress involves missteps and $10

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Challenge #02877-G320: Just Because You Can...

time to get spooky -- Anon Guest

[AN: Video linked is some very clever stop animation and I do NOT believe those are actual organic pumpkins. That would be WAY too involved for a piece of art that took months to make. Double cleverness is inventing Halloween lyrics to fit in with Hall of the Mountain King]

Human creativity knew no bounds. One of their favourites was creating the impossible. Inanimate vegetable matter should not have expressions. Once carved to have expressions,

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Wednesday, Day Zero, Wordpress

Fifteen active cases in total. All from overseas. All in quarantine. New South Wales is entering that twenty-eight day milestone of no in-community transmission. Which means Queensland can relax about travellers from NSW at long freaking last.

Victoria seems to be treating this seriously as well. Huzzah.

I woke up at one in this morning and I have a PTA thing involving Chaos' future path in life. She's good at making cryptids now, but IDK about doing a career out of that.

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Challenge #02876-G319: Horror of the Baby-Sat

Parent: Thank you so much for agreeing to watch the baby for me. Also, I'm sorry.

Babysitter: Sorry for what?

Parent: The baby has worked out how to do vocal distortion.

Baby: G̷͕̯̻̎̓̉͛̑̀̂̇̀̐͋͘͘͝a̶̢̰͇͇̱͂̉͋́̓͐̂̃͂́́ ̷̧̖̝̱̽̈́͠ǵ̸̢à̴̳̲͍́̀͛̓̃͘̚͝ͅͅ -- Anon Guest

Parrots and very small children seem to share two common interests. The first is an apparent desire to destroy the universe around them via unexpected means. The second is the Dissonance Joke.

The otherwise cute and adorable Human toddler in Companion Lua's

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Tuesday, Day Zero, Patreon Day

Three more cases, all from overseas and detected in quarantine. Sing along with the chorus. Fourteen active cases, fourteen chances for one arsehole. Sigh.

I'm posting my last chapter of KOSBOB on Patreon today... and an awful lot of Terrible Tiefling Tales.

Some are new. I swear I'm trying to work on the things I already started. Promise.

Headlines... Ugh... Let's see what Humanity's been up to since the last check-in:

  • Muppet refusing to give anything to Biden - including adjudication on
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Challenge #02875-G318: Drastic Action

So about 8 months ago security forces kept seeing these reflective belts in the brush and they would go to chase them and they would keep getting away so finally somebody realized that there were reflective belts on the deer. So they catch one of these deer and there's names on these belts. Apparently the marines had been tackling the deer and putting belts on them they would of gotten away with it to but they left their names. -- Anon Guest

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Monday, Day Zero, teh PLN

One more case from outside, thirteen total cases continuing on. Blah blah blah one arsehole yaddah yaddah.

Today, I am not writing any novels. Well, not professional novels. Fanfic can reach novel length or longer and that's what's cool about it.

I am writing only for fun from now until further notice. Sooner or later one of my queue'd novel springboards will capture my attention and I'll get onto that. Plague has done my head in and it's still going, so I

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