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Challenge #02573-G016: Cultural Exchange Program

Harvest festival, feast time, Thanksgiving, people have a lot of reasons for sitting to celebrate this time of year. A time to give thanks for what one has in their life, to remember what it is they are thankful for. But, for some, it was just a time to put out a feast and be a glutton, and enjoy it! A person had been researching the Vorax, in fact, their entire race, learning their culture and their ways. Learning that the Vorax was not the race itself but the warriors amongst them. Learning of the farmers, the workers, the entire system the best they could. Then, as it came time for the feast festival, an invitation was sent out to as many as they could invite. They'd saved up a rather impressive amount of Time for this. The food they'd gathered was food they knew the Vorax could eat, and the humans they invited, friends and family, would enjoy as well. The drinks, mild intoxicants that would not inebriate either side but were also completely safe for both sides, along with juices and water, was provided, and the large series of tables were set out. Then, on the appointed day, they awaited the arrival of their guests for the Feast of Giving Thanks. And smiled, the doors to the large place wide open, looking forward to this moment. -- DaniAndShali

Contrary to all the opinions of those originating from the United States, and their deep-time colonies, Thanksgiving is not a universal concept. Many mistake otherwise ordinary harvest festivals for their unique phenomenon of Thanksgiving. The spirit of egocentrism is strong in many Human cultures. Such an egocentric Human has found out about the Thranityr... the species who are the origin of the Vorax.

There were, of course, the travelling raiders called the Vorax. There were the farming caste, the Chakkyn. The manufacturing caste, the Thekkar. The Honyk were the builders, and it went on and on. Each with their own language, each with a tenuous peace with the other castes. Each with a rather... interesting relationship with any neighbouring Humans and their colonies.

Galactic Society often uses the fact that Humans willingly make alliances with Vorax as definitive evidence that Humans, as a species, are insane. Humans point to this conclusion and accuse Galactic Society of being a bunch of ignorant bigots. Some things cannot possibly change, but Human Kon is determined to at least try to change things anyway. His bright idea? A shared festival feast. Food, after all, brought people together. The festival, chosen with typical Human egocentrism, was Thanksgiving.

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We went to visit Capt. S in the hospital. She's had a close encounter with something sharp and infectious. It could be one of the snakes that populate the entire country - a relatively harmless one called the swamp snake.

By "relatively harmless", I mean "shouldn't kill you if it bites you". This is Australia. You can still wind up in hospital from a "relatively harmless" snake bite.

It could have easily been anything else sharp and infectious. A burr, a bit

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Challenge #02572-G015: Inappropriate Topic

It has been lingering in my mind for a while. Every waking moment it come across my mind. I feel like I’m gonna get my ass beaten if I say it out loud. But why my crew mates look like anthropomorphic animals?!? -- Anon Guest

There are times when it seems like the Universe was made by a lazy creator. The truth might seem stranger than that fiction. Convergent evolution means that beings suitable to a specific gravity and a specific

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Saturday! Saturday!

All I have to do today is this blog and the Instant. Which means -theoretically- more freedom to do the things I enjoy.

Alas, my lovely family has been helping me eat my prepped meals, so part of today's adventures is going to involve going out and getting supplies for the NEXT batch of meal preps. We also have to defrost the upright freezer so there's room for all the stuff we actually consume, as opposed to the stuff that's been sitting

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Challenge #02571-G014: Seeing to Need

They were 10 years old when the incident happened. Hiding in the woods to try to escape the abuse they endured in the orphanage, they'd come across an unusual sight. Half-buried in the ground was .... something. They didn't know what it was, exactly, but the three outside the object sounded distressed. They went to the three and found them to be not much taller than they were and they were like very large birds. The problem had been the ship, for that

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End of the Week Already?

It's Friday! What I have on my schedule is added to by the unfuckening of the house. I have finished editing an episode of Inter-Mission so the next thing to do for the podcast is to record more tales from the weird side.

I'll probably end up doing that during the wee small hours in the morning.

I have 1K to write so I can reach my target goal of 75K this week. If I have the chance for fun times, I'll

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Challenge #02570-G013: Happy For Some

Welp since I learn that cursed knowledge I’m dragging y’all down with me with your own curiosity. “Happy tapioca” isn’t all that happy -- Anon Guest

[AN: Urban Dictionary holds all the answers to this mystery and I am positive the average reader does not want to know. Personally, I think it's a waste of perfectly decent pudding, but if it floats your boat, keep it private, thanks.]

When civilisations exist in post-scarcity, the weirdness multiplies. When people can

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I hav a PLN

So I slept in this morning - aka I had a full night's sleep. On one hand - that's good for my noggin. On the other hand, not so great for my followers and the chances of gaining viewers to the stream.

Have no fear, dear readers. I have a PLN.

Thursday's one of those days that don't require too much out of me, so... after I've successfully produced an Instant, I shall be streaming the editing the rest of the podcast

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Challenge #02569-G012: To Join the Common Cause

We have to actively fight for our lives, perhaps our very existence. Thousands of people are killed daily by these beings. So what fraction of our government tries to actively prevent us from fighting back until they can find a way to profit from it? -- Bard2DBone

When they came, they came in promises. They came with generosity. They came with shiny treasures. They especially came with more profits for those already wealthy. They came with bright lights and glittering technology and

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So. I paid for new uniform parts for Chaos yesterday. The day to collect those are today and tomorrow. I'm fairly certain that my order won't be there today. I still have to try for it, though.

Paranoia is a wonderful thing when it teams up with Anxiety and drives this meat suit of mine.

I'm currently debating what to write for Wordpress today and it's probably going to be about "normal" and adaptivity and a middle finger in the general direction

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Challenge #02568-G011: Stacked Competition

Wanna play yugioh? -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have no idea how to play Yugioh, and I'm moderately certain that describing said game will impinge on someone else's intellectual property... so today, the part of Yugioh will be played by a completely made-up game called Ebisnach]

Humanity loves combat. Synthesized or real. They have more or less tamed their competitive nature in the form of formalised synthetic competition. They call them all games, but the nature of Human games is always some

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I got organised! Gasp!

Accomplished this morning since I got woken up at like 2:30AM:

  • Stream of editing the next episode of Inter-Mission.
  • Patreon content posted.
  • Acquisition of colourful exterior body wrappings for junior spawn, aka Chaos (Stage One).

Stage Two will happen tomorrow or Thursday. Depending on when they have the stuff in store. I will, of course, apologise for the hassle I introduced to them. My fault. I didn't think of looking for them on Facebook until it was almost too late.


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Challenge #02567-G010: Assumptive Dread

Humans are not great because of what most people think. It’s not our physical capabilities or our ingenuity, not even or pack-bonding skills. It’s our heartiness and our healing ability that is boosted though the advancement of medical applications. Humans figured multiple ways how to rewrite our genetics codes before we had proper space travel, we were able to eradicate deadly diseases off the face of the planet. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if we created the prototype livesuit.

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Enter Procrastination Mode

...did I ever leave it? Discuss.

I actually got distracted into finding out about the thing I needed to do and this is one of the very few times that procrastination has worked in my favour. I'm taking that win. Mostly because now I have a PLN.


The PLN today is to get on with getting on. Money run, house unfuckening, output... All the juicy goodness I can expect on a Monday.

But first... I have a confession.

First, I slept

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Challenge #02566-G009: All About Where You Stand

I want to see a Havenworlder from a high grav planet. Dense and tough by necessity from the environment, but with absolutely nothing dangerous in to it in its home planet. No rough terrain to fall down, plentiful food without any toxins that effect it, gentle weather that never bothers it, etc. -- Anon Guest

Gravity is usually necessary for life to evolve. Most life comes to become on planets, with a rare few becoming in lower gravity environments that are also

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