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Saturday, Parkrun and Compy Repair

Miss Chaos has her PC back! It was just the power supply that went boom. With a new one installed, Chaos is back to her usual shenanigans with gaming and youtube and more gaming.

I'm about to dive into my offerings and otherwise prep for the VTTRPG that's on early-early tomorrow morning.

I did get some good sleep so that I was able to wake up before the alarm this morning. I might be able to do it again tonight.

I'm already tired, but I shall manage regardless.

Let's get on with getting on.

Saturday, Parkrun, Sore Feet, and Very Tired

I messed up parkrun by getting my wires crossed and finishing before I did the full 5K. Unfamiliar course, already sore and tired. Not inclined to remedy my mistake.

So now I have a Fake Personal Best(tm).

My bad.

We went thereafter to the West End Markets, and I'm glad to see that West End is still a melting pot despite the efforts of Yuppies and Gentrification. Lots of cultural exchange going on.

I am very footsore and very weary. So

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Saturday, Parkrun, Bug chasing, and Hair

There's been some alarm from my readers over the prospect of my moving [though I can't fathom why. I find a way to work around every impediment in my path] so let me ease some concerns with this:

It's all at least a year in the future IF things go well for us.

By that time, the kids could have lives of their own. By that time, I could have an author career. I could have a multi-bajillion-dollar deal with some megacorporation

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Saturday, Parkrun, Leyland's Tour, and Ouchy Feet

My left foot hates me. Specifically in the heel where my bone spur is. It's been acting up and I have no time to help them heal during certain days.

Our journeys today included a couple of side trips. One to pick up some new hardware, and the other to get better shoes. Both for Adorable.

And that's why I'm writing this at half-past 2PM.

I am a very tired bean and not inclined to do any more work to sorting out

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Saturday, Parkrun, B12, and Assorted Shenanigans

As I write this, my Beloved is having a nap. I am stocking up on some internal caffeine because the B-complex I'm taking only stretches a little further than 24 hours after I took it.

Translation: my energy levels are still shit.

I expect this shall be sorted out in a week or two, but in the meantime I have to deal by other means.

I've seen another image in which it's revealed that Beloved has even more hardware in her arm

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Saturday, No Parkrun, New Tech, and Game PLNs

The weather bureau promised that there would be rain today, so we called it for Parkrun and decided on social brunch with minor snuggles.

Adorable is switching her OS to Ubuntu because Mainstream Enshittification Syndrome and I'm honestly pondering the logistics of joining the protest.

During the software change, I asked about a hardware change that I have been anticipating for some months - a new mechanical keyboard with a volume control and a firkin number pad.

That was a Leyland's Tour

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Saturday, Parkrun and Health Updates

I did well on the parkrun, but my feet hate me and my knees aren't happy, either. We shared lunch, I finished another chapter [401 and counting] and got to see my poor suffering Beloved.

When I heard that they were putting pins in her arm to keep it all together during the healing process, I imagined at most a couple per bone piece, all anchored in the plate that keeps everything in line.

What she got was half an Ikea's worth

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Saturday, Parkrun and Associated Shenanigans

Beloved and I walked together while Adorable tried to break a thirty-minute run. Miss Chaos ended up dawdling along as per usual.

That done, I took the whole crew around for Brunch, then we went to some specialist shops so that Adorable could get her Mate [pronounced "mah-tay"] fix.

I tried it. Unfortunately, to my tongue, it just tastes like liquid choko. A taste that was never my favourite.

It was quite the lengthy trip. Involving driving through the city. Which is

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Saturday, Parkrun and Leyland's Tour

My side of the family has a fine tradition of "while you're up..." which used to be taking advantage of someone after they got up from a shared sedentary occupation.

"While you're up, you can take my dirty dish to the sink."

Today was a "while we're out" day. While we're out for parkrun, why not go and get Miss Chaos a decent sports bra? While we're out, why not do a little grocery shopping? While we're out, let's get the food

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Saturday, Parkrun and Snuggle PLNs

Beloved has had her meds upped and the subsequent blargies have hit her lightly this time. We did the parkrun, had a brunch, and she's watching court drama while I'm busy doing the thing.

I'm taking things VERY lightly with my WIP during the weekend. If I get a chapter finished, I get a chapter finished. That's a win.

As long as I write one sentence in the thing, I have worked on it that day.

This is how I win the

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Saturday, Parkrun and Bread

Finally home, I have acquired a second kitchen scale and dividing the dough was a lot easier than my last efforts.

And just in time! The last quarter of my last loaf has dwindled to a hub end somehow. "Somehow" 9_9 [It was Miss Chaos]

So my PLN is thusly:

  • The first loaf is proofing whilst the oven preheats
  • Inside the bread mould and the incubator
  • I have a small bowl literally chilling in the freezer so I can do the
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Saturday, Parkrun and Changes

Beloved has a change of fate, and I shall be receiving wages when it all goes through. It is still pending and in the process of setting up.

I'm already depressed because my first paycheque has to go on tyres and not a celebratory dinner. Needs weigh higher than wants, true, but... eh. I'd much rather have the dinner.

We had our hair did today, so I have very little time to get my offerings on.

I need to hurry up and

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Saturday, Parkrun, Lurgi, and Shenanigans

Yesterday, I baked bread. Behold:
[Shown here: one large "cob" style loaf with huge splits in its floured surface. Some little seeds are visible in the splits. It rests on some parchment paper]

This is my "lazy" loaf. Where I don't really bother to divide it into two loaves. The bottom side is a little too hard and overcooked but the inside is everything you could want from wholemeal flour.

The little seeds are chia.

Next time, I'm going to weigh the

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Saturday, Parkrun and Pooped

My feet hate me. My knees hate me. I still managed to make it. It was wet as all get-out and Miss Chaos and I needed dry socks after the thing.

I had entertained the idea of wearing my beach shoes when it's that wet, but my feet would never forgive me for doing that. Drat it.

If I wanted to do all my self-maintenance, I'd have to wake up at two in the morning. I just can't do that, so I

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Saturday, Parkrun and Progress

I have finally and at last finished Chapter 358 of A Devil's Tale, the epic story of a devilborn whose love life has gone to hell. The chapter was dragging under the weight of shinier ideas elsewhere. [coughcough Astarion Baldursgate coughcough]

I am getting there, though.

Bit by bit, I shall reach the point in which the mandatory war happens, thence to be followed by snippets of Happily Ever After. For all the epilogues I planned when I was in the middle

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