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Saturday, parkrun and PLNs

I did the parkrun, had a nice brunch, and then a nap. I got to read two chapters to my Beloved and yet I am still racing ahead on the chapter count.

Current working chapter 246.

So now I work on today's offering and nom on Denada carb-free ice cream. Yay.

Tomorrow, I wake up at buttfuck in the morning to stream and talk to myself, belike. Because lots of people will not be present for the thing.


Off I go.

Saturday, Parkrun and Further PLNs

I just woke up and I'm ready to write!

I kid, I kid.

Of course, I woke up much earlier. Four thirty in the morning to walk in a park with friendos, then brunch.

We did a spot of shopping and now I have all the essentials necessary so that I can have coffee for the month.

Just the important stuff.

Next week, we're all off to the beach on Sunday, so don't expect a lot out of me then.

Onwards to

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Saturday, Parkrun and Pooped

I think I got some good exercise in despite the depredations of Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season plus my knees trying to sabotage me. It was a good walk through the Chermside Parkrun, and probably just as well.

Temperatures today SUCK.

Which is why I plan on doing little more strenuous than getting my output done and then slobbing off for the remainder of the day. I might get some set dressing done, but I doubt it.

I got another chapter in the

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Saturday, Parkrun

This time, my defences against Sneezin' and Wheezin Season worked and I did the whole 5K walk. Yay.

I have had a post-perambulatory reward. I have had a nap. I have futzed around on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

So now I really should get on with other stuff. Starting with the daily tale.

Tomorrow's game session is early in my morning, and there's a higher chance that I will be streaming after Tale Foundry, so keep an eye out on that.


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Saturday, Parkrun and Inflammation

I should definitely be keeping my carbs down. I have evidence that I am not doing Keto properly. This time it's in my hands and not my lungs. Some painful knuckles in my right hand are making life difficult for me.

Nevertheless, I persist in writing. I think I'd find a way to write even if I didn't have hands any more.

Perish the thought.

We have a new friendo [gasp! A social life] who is also a writing nerd and she

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Saturday, Latest Entry of All?

It wasn't just the Parkrun, today. It was the Parkrun and taking Friendo Awesome to the hairdressers for a confidence booster and brunch at a place that served Coffee Milkshakes [vital!] and then taking everyone and finally us home.

Then I fell ASLEEP.

I just woke up, I'm doing my work on my laptop and then most likely returning to slumber. If I don't get bitten by the urge to write until midnight.

So without further ado, let's get on with doing

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Saturday, Parkrun Tardiness

My Beloved woke me up with a firkin movie night with the girls. Hudson Hawk, which is good taste, but I wanted to SLEEP. Ow...

I did a deliberate run last week and I should not have tried to do it again this time. Ow.

Also, there's a severe low pressure system off of Vanuatu and my face can feel it. OW!

So I shall now commence an attempt at the daily tale before my love and I are offski towards another

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Saturday, I have a social life now


Social life?


Yeah apparently I do.

We took KIABIL for the Parkrun and he did the whole 5K straight out of the box! Holy shit. Thereafter, we went to a Nerd Bar called Netherworld.

Yes, there are Nerd Bars. Yes, they have a lot of games and that includes game machines. They also have an overall atmosphere of inclusivity that makes the whole place pleasant to be in.

Translation: TERFs Not Allowed.

It's a nice place. But it also sucked

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Saturday, Parkrun and PLNs

I did the 5K, enjoyed company and snackage. And then just about fell over thereafter.

That's why the stream happened closer to sunset. And there's another reason it won't be happening tomorrow.

The fam is heading out with Friendo Awesome to Rainbow beach and having some fun times in Meatspace.

I fully expect to not have the wherewithall to do much more than the daily tale.

NEXT week, I shall be getting on with getting on. Fingers crossed.

Working out where to

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Saturday, Parkrun, Catching Up


Yes, my dear readers, I am back online! The heat sink on my compy had some... issues.

But of course you want to hear about Friday.

5 AM:

I got up and knew I could not stream because everything was borked. So went ahead and unplugged everything and got rid of the garbage on my desk.

6 AM:

[Shown here: A corner desk with two monitors and a computer tower on it, there's a lot of mess on it, under

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