Saturday, Parkrun and Associated Shenanigans

Beloved and I walked together while Adorable tried to break a thirty-minute run. Miss Chaos ended up dawdling along as per usual.

That done, I took the whole crew around for Brunch, then we went to some specialist shops so that Adorable could get her Mate [pronounced "mah-tay"] fix.

I tried it. Unfortunately, to my tongue, it just tastes like liquid choko. A taste that was never my favourite.

It was quite the lengthy trip. Involving driving through the city. Which is scary beans.

I needed a bit of a nap when we got home from that.

And that my dear readers, is why I'm presenting my offerings this late in the afternoon.

Tonight, I am running Candy Heist with the rainbow crew, and tomorrow morning's normal sesh is not happening because I need to drive. There's rainbow crowd rollerskating happening and I might actually learn how to get about with wheels on my feet.

FTR I haven't been near rollerskates since I was seven years old. In that event, I just got them on and stood up... and then MeMum called me home. Total time, about eight seconds.

I thoroughly expect to be crawling along near the wall.

BUT I now need to make my offerings before running a game.

Zoomy zoom zoom zoom.