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Tuesday, Grand Night Out

My Beloved, KIABIL, a whole passel of rainbow-coded people, and my good self are going out to catch a live performance of Hamilton.

Which means I really need to focus on my offerings today or y'all will be left short.

I shall be taking public transit because FUCK trying to find a parking space in Brisbane, these days. But also because public transit, I have a fine opportunity to work on the ever-growing WIP known as A Devil's Tale.

I'm in the middle of some FUN parts. Growing ever closer to the promised smut chapters.

IDK if I could write soft porn on a train, but I can wait and see if I will.

ANYway. I have resolved to only listen to music and watch zero YouTube videos today. All to the betterment of getting everything done. No behind-the-curtain stuff either. Just focus on that which you will see and do so as fast as I possibly can.

Start the stopwatch.

Monday, Tale Foundry Reads

The reads are going on as I write this. Tomorrow, my Patreon peeps get a twofer on the $5 tier. Because there was the prompt we voted for, and then our host sprang a trick prompt on us because April Fool.

I have NO idea what I'm doing on April 1 this year. Probably a pun storm. I dunno.

Most of my internet prank ideas involve too much effort on my part.

Best to not.

I shall focus on the offering, for

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Friday, Further PLNs

Tonight, Friendo Awesome is staying over because helping her fam and distance issues. So tomorrow will be "interesting" when we all take off for the parkrun.

What's also "interesting" today is the fact that I wrote a whole chapter of A Devil's Tale before I got out of bed.

Expect whingeing about borked wrists tomorrow.

I've already cleaned out the catio, and will shortly commence feeding the starters and making The Bikkie.

After that, I get on with the other stuff. Since

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Thursday, Let's get GOING

Offerings today are:

  • [X] The Writing Wonders meme on the Fediverse
  • [ ] The daily tale

The behind-the-curtain activities are:

  • [ ] Tagging a week
  • [ ] Summarising a chapter
  • [ ] Set-dressing more dungeon (Turns out there's more chambers than I thought there were)
  • [ ] Even more writing of _A Devil's Tale (Pro Version)

It's already gone ten in the morning so let's get on with that.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Progress

I should be finished set dressing map 16B, all things going well, today. Which means my next task is making counters for the eventual game.

A day of messing around with BS in GIMP. Yay.

It's a slight pain in the bum, but I gotta do it. Blargh.

Also on my agenda today is the usual week tagging and chapter summarising. And of course the offering of A Devil's Tale [the fanficcy version].

Following that, my dear readers, I shall have myself

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Tuesday, Patreon and Realisation

I now know for certain that anything beyond the expected offerings on a Monday is an actual blessing.

The backup reads take some significant time out of the day and it turns out that listening to words means I can't easily write words.

Live and learn.

I've already done the meme on Fediverse, I aim to get the daily tale out and do the Patreon posts before I vanish behind the curtain to do the other things. Tagging a week, summarising a

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Monday, Offering PLNs

With good luck, I should be done with the Tale Foundry Backup Readings soon. Then I get on with the daily tale and the meme over on the Fediverse.

Thereafter, I shall do more set dressing, summarise a chapter, and tag a week.

Chapter count: Roughly midway through ch 247

I'm almost to the constant, consensual flirting, kissing, and all the other stuff. Looking forward to it.

So is my Beloved. Even though she's certain I'll fake out somehow.

Not a chance.

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Sunday, Game Nite Twofer

Thanks to assorted shenanigans, I have two games going in a 24-hour period. One will be going a little bit late.

So it's therefore in my best interests to publish my daily offerings and then go the fuck to sleep for the rest of the day.

Let's see how great that goes for me. Luckily, I know where there's a spare caffeine tube.

Speaking of luck - I now have my OG good phone back! I also have a complete stock of

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Saturday, parkrun and PLNs

I did the parkrun, had a nice brunch, and then a nap. I got to read two chapters to my Beloved and yet I am still racing ahead on the chapter count.

Current working chapter 246.

So now I work on today's offering and nom on Denada carb-free ice cream. Yay.

Tomorrow, I wake up at buttfuck in the morning to stream and talk to myself, belike. Because lots of people will not be present for the thing.


Off I go.

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Friday, Theoretical Organisation

I have cleaned the Catio and commenced making The Bikkie as of writing these words.

I did not get around to set dressing, yesterday. I spent all my minutes on making certain all the tunnels were where they were meant to be. I may yet record some Dumb DM tips on the next map. We shall see if I have the knack down.

Or I might do the next map. It seems like it might be easier.

Level 16B is on a

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Thursday, The Waiting Game

All things being well, today's the day that I get my regular phone back from the repair folks. I am VERY anxious to get my phone back.

So I am waiting with my Beloved for any notification that it's going to happen.

I shall feed the cats, and work on at least my daily tale. Anything else requires significantly more involvement.

Let's get on with getting on. Starting with the cats. They are, after all, the most important.

Just ask the cats.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night PLNs

I didn't get around to dungeon map, yesterday, so doing some of that today is among my priorities. Alongside getting to some plot resolution in A Devil's Tale. Which, I might add, has now commenced in it's THIRD firkin GoogDoc.

I should be getting my regular phone back tomorrow, so retrieving it and my meds will likely happen then. I have my prescriptions ready and the hope that they've not expired yet because visiting the quacks has got expensive.


I'm even

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Tuesday, Patreon and Shrink Stuff

My Beloved chose not to hear a chapter this morning, so I have a chance to get a lead on her demand for my words.

I have a shrink meeting very soon to now, and after that I will get on with getting on with the usual expectations.

That being:

  • The Patreon posts
  • Summary
  • tags
  • The daily fic
  • Attempt a chapter or even two

I might mess around with Dyson Sphere Program later on. I dunno.

We shall see.

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Monday, Self-kindness

Good news! I was not arrested for existing whilst queer. The cops held both sides apart by like ten meters because they really like an easier job.

So the rainbow set yelled at them, and the TERF set decided to condescendingly pity us. Some of them danced to our chants and it was confusing until someone told me they were mocking us.

I thought they were digging our jams.

On the plus side, there were way more rainbow people than TERFs. Something

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