Plague Diary

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Wednesday, Day 0, AAAAAAAAHHH

There's four new cases, taking the total count up to fourteen. All overseas, but I don't like double figures in the case count.

In personal news, I'm getting better at remembering all the self-maintains, just... not in order. I'll shave later, I swear.

My Death Cough (tm) seems to come and go no matter what I do. I did the turn on Max with meds and saline, but it was back yesterday afternoon. I took a dose of preventer and it's so far, so good. Honestly, dealing with asthma is like playing roulette with free access to air as the prize.

It's Wordpress Wednesday, so you are all getting another installment of Destiny's Fools. Huzzah.

In the news:

  • Australia develops first surface disinfectant to kill the plague in 90 seconds, soon to be sold overseas for a pittance
  • Parents pulling children from schools who fly the red flags for rape culture
  • Truck vs SUV crash in California kills 15, hospitalises 12
  • FBI publicly state that there's no evidence for fake rioters in the Capitol seige
  • Neo-nazi "allegedly" attacked a TV channel security guard. There's footage
  • Doco about Britney's financial situation causes rage on her behalf
  • Aussie doctor goes off about not being allowed to recommend the plague jab
  • Photographs emerge of victim and abuser in the Parliament case
  • Meat prices set to soar because drought because climate change
  • Cabinet minister in the middle of the whirlpool about to step forward
  • Victorian state of emergency could last all of this year and you can blame the moonmelon set
  • Dude took a photo of himself on a deceased horse and outrage is continuing
  • Man forced to continue paying childcare despite not being the father
  • Continuing concern for Prince Consort Philip in hospital
  • Suspected thylacines likely to be pademelons
  • TikTok claims Woolies pasta salad tastes funny
  • Turnbull states that ScoMo didn't do enough regarding the Parliament case
  • Remains that washed up were not the conwoman
  • Optical illusion caused by the curvature of the Earth baffles the internet

I'm going to post some nonsense now.

Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Two new cases, and the total's stable at eleven. Nothing local, so I'm trying hard to not panic. Not easy. For instance:

  1. I started today at 3AM with a very mild but still detectable cyclone headache
  2. And a good solid dose of the Death Cough(tm) [I'm not dying, I promise. It's just a scary impersonation thereof]
  3. Remembered to bathe at least
  4. Coffee not working, please consult manual

I get the feeling I'm going to CRASH sometime in the afternoon. If not

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Monday, Day 1, Adjustment Time

The case count's down to eleven and I am once again waiting for it to dwindle down towards five. Please.

I'm back on my usual writing nonsense but also growing resilience when seated in the kneeling chair. I'm getting there.

Also, it's cleaning day today.

In the news:

  • New sex assault letter penned by friends of a victim surfaces. Looks like ScoMo's in trouble for the company he keeps
  • 1980's assault claim won't gain justice because it's aged out of being a
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Sunday, Day 0, New chair woes

There's only one new case today, putting the total of active cases to twelve. My shiny new chair arrived yesterday and I defeated the four-panel instruction set in the same hour. Yay.

The new problem is adjusting to the new kneeling chair. It's... painful. I have to get up every now and again to relieve the shins and butt that are impacted by the unfamiliar stresses of such.

Today's story is going to be a little slower as a result. Same too

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Saturday, Day 0, feasting ho

There's FOUR new cases, taking the total count to eleven. It's time to hide under my rock. Good news for me is that I have no plans to go anywhere and do anything.

I'm going to be posting a story as soon as possible of course, and then maybe catching up with CritRole or just bingeing something until an early bedtime. All so I can catch Toasty's art stream at fuckoff AM tomorrow.

I should be getting my fancy new chair next

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Friday, Day 0, Sigh...

Every time I mention my feels about a negative review of my stuff, I attract more of them on the same theme. Guys. Dudes. My peeps. You missed the bit where the main protagonist is black. Why go off against the "queer agenda" when you could rant about all your heroes being replaced by a black teenaged girl in one obscure book hardly anyone's noticed? TLDR: You missed a bit, haters.

Anyway. The case count is up to eight thanks to another

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Thursday, Day 2, Getting on with it

Active cases still hang at seven. I'm hoping for the best all the same.

I have learned some things about the music machine, and in an effort to churn out some chunes (tm) I shall be downloading loops ten at a time and trying to install them for use. I'm doing some LEARNING today. Maybe with a mallet.

Music might not happen but education certainly shall.

In the news:

  • Teenagers falling victim to bad relationship boys in school, send out the red
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Wednesday, Day 1, Continuing

There's seven active cases and I have an increasing to go off about the state of things as they are and how it's hurting people or worse. BUT I also made a promise to finish posting Destiny's Fools and I am going to do that before I already have a rant.

Spoilers and TL:DR version - Privatisation Bad.

That aught to keep the need out of my blood stream for a little bit. Destiny's Fools is going to end sometime soonish

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Sunday, Day 7, Lazy Day

The active case count is down to FIVE. The days without new case is up to SEVEN. This hasn't happened in so long, and I'm just waiting for another Moonmelon Tinfoil idiot to turn up and ruin it for everyone. That's what happened the last time there was a Day Twelve and there hasn't been a day this high since then.

Who knows? Maybe people are finally taking this bullshit seriously since there's consequences for acting like a dickhole. Financial and social

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Saturday, Day 6, Mor Bread

So one loaf made on Wednesday turned out to be a sod [bum!] but we turned it into bruchetta-esque [bruchettesque?] and now there's a slight need for more bread because there's still only one loaf in the freezer.

I'm working with Ingrid today, and since I had a sod out of the batch, I'm going back to the four-hour proof in the hope that that works. Still going for the double breadpan thing. Eliminate the variables one at a time. Even if

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Friday, Day 5, No Bread

I have the bikkie cooking, there's six active cases, and the bread I made on Wednesday has remained untouched. Possibly to teach me a lesson. "See? You did not need to rush to be sure we had bread. Calm down! Relaaaax.

My peeps. My dear darling peeps. I make bread because I care about you. Don't let it sit out and get mouldy or I will do murders... Because I spent time and effort on the bread and money on the flour.

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Thursday, Day 4, Anxiety...

I've been online in one form or another since the 90's and I still don't know how to handle making someone angry on the internet. Which is why I'm awake at 1AM with no inclination to work on the journal because random shakes are a thing.

Fun times [/sarcasm].

Not planning to play the victim card, that's not a good look. I shall carry on in my beliefs, and work to be a better person by learning about things. It's the only

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Tuesday, Day 2, PLNs

I'm seeing my shrink today. Guaranteed that I'm going to bitch about the spineless jellies in the Repugnican party. And entheuse about the new bread flour because it's pretty awesome.

There's still seven active cases in the quarantine hotels, and a whole lot of nonsense going on. All over the firkin world.

Speaking of:

  • Deadlier pandemic "inevitable" say experts. We wouldn't be here if you wore your fucking mask KAREN
  • Our shy and retiring wildlife want to play some tennis, apparently. From
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Monday, Day 1, Busy Week Ahead

Still seven active cases, and I am eagerly awaiting the moment when that number goes down. An event which may never happen if people keep trying to come in here from plague countries.

So here's the PLN for this week

  • Monday - House unfuckening and the usual writing biz, getting Miss Chaos pointed in the right direction for another weeks' routine. Also, there's a thing on at Chaos' School about Positive Behaviour Learning in the afternoon
  • Tuesday - Shrink time! Still bonkers
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Sunday, Day 0, Heart-shaped Chocolate Day

Seven total cases, with the newest two coming in from overseas and isolated in quarantine. It's the day to share sweet treats, so I stayed on the Keto wagon yesterday so I could indulge today.

I initially pln'd to get some hours of sleep, but MeMum had a panic attack regarding her new phone and what it was doing at the time. So I haven't had much sleep and will probably nap through 90% of Valentine's Day.


The news as it's

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