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Thursday, Day 0, Scam-awareness Day

Three new cases, all imports. Eighteen total, with fourteen in hospital. Given the way the numbers have been going, I'm betting that's four people in recovery in the quarantine hotels.

Today's scam article will be about one that nearly got me. Stay tuned for that.

Otherwise, I have a smol's birthday to ponder and she's at that late stage of childhood where she refuses to enjoy anything that's "too childish". We may let her decree what's happening for her special day.


  • Rockets launched between Palestine and Israel
  • Muppet gloating now that one of his critics has lost her job
  • Moderna announces a deal with Australia
  • 730K families not helped by the new budget at all
  • Tourism industry wants Australia to stop wanting zero plague cases
  • Ex-girlfriend of Ultra Tune founder uses the Bart Simpson defence - "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, so you can't prove anything"
  • New cryptocoin steals business from dogecoin

Meh. I get on with getting on.

Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress

No new cases, so we have seventeen with the plague and only sixteen in hospital. Therefore, one got out as far as the hotel. Yay.

There shall be more of a Terrible Tiefling Tale, with all the bits and bobs and maybe even a footnote. We shall see.

In the news:

  • ScoMo's new budget reveal. Who wins? Who loses? Bet there's no solution to the debt problem we've got besides "give more money to rich people" which is no solution at all
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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon Day

One new case, an import. Eighteen total, and seventeen in hospital. It's less than it was, but it could also get big again. Today's the day I should be googling bathroom rennos to get the vanity fixed in my slo-mo disaster area. Whee fun.

After I recover from THAT, I need to talk to the doctor's about getting the family jabbed against the plague and what would be best for Beloved (diabetic) and myself (asthmatic) as well as the kids (who have

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Monday, Day 0, Late Start AAAAUUUUGH!

Three new cases, all imports. Nineteen total, of which fifteen are in hospital. That leaves four in the relative freedom of a quarantine hotel somewhere.

Today, my alarm didn't sound for some reason. I may have accidentally turned it off. I shall be more aware tomorrow. Maybe an "update" has eliminated the trick I use to mute the ads in my games but still hear the phone. Note, Google execs, that updates are supposed to improve things for your user base, not

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Sunday, Day 0, Mother's Day

Or, as I prefer to call it, Primary Parental's Day... or Pripa's day. So if your primary parental, Rennie, or Pripa is agender or nonbinary you can celebrate it with those words. Take your pick.

I shall be calling me own Mum in a moment.

Two new cases are imports, twenty-one total, seventeen in hospital. It's going on, and it's still going.

News I tripped over today:

  • There's now a Karen Clause in the USA that puts legal charges on people falsely
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Saturday, Day 0, Feast Days - Plural

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and there may or may not be cake because budget. There's three new cases, all imports. Twenty total and seventeen in hospital. Possibly three pending. Today should be my feast day but I'm wondering about putting it on hold for all the familial carbs coming tomorrow.

Time will tell, but I will probably buckle and get into my stash. Because carbs are tasty. I shall pay the price on Monday. For sure.

Not looking at the news. Getting

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Friday, Day 0, I'm not stressing, you're stressing

Three new cases, all imports. Twenty total cases, seventeen of them in hospital and -given the precedent- three about to go in. Miss Chaos is coming home this afternoon and I am hoping that there's no trouble. I may even be vulnerable to telescammers because I am on call just in case the camping people want to know a thing about Chaos and her needs.

I've got The Bikkie on, and am about to arrange some moolah for myself from my accumulated

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Thursday, Day 1, Adventure!

All seventeen active cases are in hospital, and Miss Chaos is off to camp despite an illness that had her home during yesterday. Antihistamines helped, and so did some steam during the night.

Considering that I'm a "cotton wool" parental, it is a measure of my internal strength that I am not a ball of nerves as a direct result. Time will tell.

In the news:

  • Plague panic in Sydney
  • Cricket star kidnapped
  • New feature on vacuum cleaner is a light attached
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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

One case that's an import, putting the total active cases up to eighteen. Seventeen of these good people are in hospital. Eesh.

In today's Wordpress, I shall be wringing more angst juice out of one snippet of my original bullet points.

Today promises to be extra fun because cyclone headache. I've taken my painkillers and an antihistamine, so I am sincerely hoping that that cuts down on the nonsense I'm dealing with. Bad air days suck, and I'm hoping to learn whether

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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Three new cases, all imports. Eighteen total cases, with fifteen in the hospital. Three chilling out in a hospital. There's plague ships and plague planes and aaaaaauuugghh...

My story yesterday hurt one of my readers and that's never a good feeling. My bad for not being able to imagine a hero in the setting. So today's not off to a fantastic start for this nerd. I can't rewrite the story. It's a terrible road marker on my learning to be a better

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Monday, Day 2, Labor Day

Seventeen total cases, sixteen in hospital, and only one left chilling for the all-clear. I'm feeling better about the numbers but not completely secure.

The steam machine is doing great, but I still need to dose myself RSN because I'm horking up bronchial casts of my alveoli. Fun. Also gross.

The bad air days may be coming to a close. I can hope. Thanks to the water vapour, breathing is easier, but I really need to shake the clinker to have better

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Sunday, Day 1, Stream Day

Beloved got me a humidifier and an air scrubber for the bedroom and I woke up to PINK HANDS. After being blue-ish for a firkin MONTH, this is a marvellous breakthrough. Alas, they both make noises so absorbing this into my household white noise is the current problem.

Therefore the instant the stream is over, I shall be going for more nap.

It's also Mother's Day, so I should call MeMum and wish her a happy day. Then bully Beloved into calling

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Saturday, Day 0, Scavenger Hunt - kind'a sort'a

Three new cases, all imports. We have twenty-nine active cases, fifteen of those are in hospital. That's fourteen with the potential to wreak havok and I have a run-around to do today. Huzzah.

The run-around? Well, I got roped into helping out with the Positive Behaviour Learning program's fun day and I have the job of tracking down and pricing sources for all the great ideas we had. Whee.

I'm doing a lot of googling so I'm not looking at the news.

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Friday, Day 0, Finances and Nonsense

Four new cases, all imports. There's a total of twenty-eight active cases, sixteen of them in hospital. Which leaves twelve in a hotel hoping for the best.

Cheevs so far today:

  • Moved the starters to new homes
  • Made the Bikkie
  • Used some leftover Mystery Condiment1 in the process
  • Forgot to add delouser spray to Chaos [whoops!]
  • Fed the cats (very important)
  • Remembered my meds (also important)
  • Wrangled payday

I've still got to unfuck the house, write my Instant, commit 1000 words

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Thursday, Day 0, Scam Awareness

Nine new cases! All of them are imports, putting the total case count up to twenty-four active, fourteen of them are in hospital. So ten are chilling out in a hotel. Yay.

The government website now has heat maps and regional data so you can check out which cases are in which area. Yay. Brisbane, as the general intake port of call, is bright red.

Today, as well as getting on with my usual nonsense, I shall be covering Telephone Scams I

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