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Challenge #03772-J119: Therapeutic Anger

Your painful tortures will not break me. Each day you force me through this, and my will, will never break. One day I will escape you. One day my legs will carry me, and I will walk away, free!

Havenworlder to patient - "Alright, it's time for physical therapy again. Worry not, your legs will recover from your accident, I promise." -- Anon Guest

Another day, another session in the torture room. Human Isle had to do it, even though ze hated it. The only way out was to get through.

"Good morning Human Isle," chirped the torturer, Medik Therapist Oz. "Ready to tackle today's challenge?" She always had a sunny disposition. Which never helped Isle's attitude.

"No. And I refuse to bow to your vile machinations."

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Challenge #03586-I297: As Well as Expected

Rescued Crewmember: I thought you said you couldn't do strenuous physical activity?

Human: I said I couldn't do strenuous or high impact physical activity without hurting myself.

RC: You just carried me, at a dead run, through the entire ship and to cover before going back for more.

H: And I have hurt myself.

RC: ... and we're still in danger.

H: I will need so much physical therapy after we get rescued. -- Escla

Human Quyl has been wearing her bracers more

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