Challenge #03586-I297: As Well as Expected

Rescued Crewmember: I thought you said you couldn't do strenuous physical activity?

Human: I said I couldn't do strenuous or high impact physical activity without hurting myself.

RC: You just carried me, at a dead run, through the entire ship and to cover before going back for more.

H: And I have hurt myself.

RC: ... and we're still in danger.

H: I will need so much physical therapy after we get rescued. -- Escla

Human Quyl has been wearing her bracers more often. She has bound up her ankle with the special tape. When not in urgent motion, she places one arm in a sling. And on especially bad days, keeps watch over the emergency camp from a flat piece of wreckage that's high enough to survey it all.

It's not a bad planet to be shipwrecked on, honestly. If it were all Humans on board, they would have set up a colony and named the primary settlement after the wrecked ship. There are hazards, but most of them would be deemed tolerable by a pack of Humans.

Alas, we only have one. Human Quyl.

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