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Challenge #03565-I276: Avast Ye!

Young, wannabe pirates steal a ship. The human aboard refuses to hurt kids, but they are NOT amused! -- Anon Guest

"What are you, twelve?" Human Oz glared down at the 'dread pirate' Bao, who had a kitten face on their overalls pocket. "I'm old enough to be your grandren[1]. I should send you to the corner."

"I'm eight," said the 'dread pirate' Bao. "And I'm the Captain 'cause of my mean scar, and you're s'posed to surrender." The 'mean scar' was a light graze on one cheek, possibly caused by a low-flying stick fragment. Previously unnoticed until they pointed it out. This did not improve anything.

"That makes it worse," said Oz. "You understand how that makes it worse, right? Where are your guardians? Do they know you and your little playmates took a whole-ass tug boat to play Pirates in?" Further parenting instincts kicked in and made hir say, "Has anyone put antiseptic on your boo-boo?"

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Challenge #03564-I275: Meeting All Kinds

El galáctico es confundido con un canino por un humano con discapacidad visual a bordo de la nave que se dirige a la estación Amalgam. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated by the internet: The galactic is mistaken for a canine by a visually impaired human aboard the ship heading to Amalgam Station.]

The Human had a white cane, but they could also clearly see some things. They could not, evidently, see clearly. They were using pet manners on her.

"Hello, pup? Where's

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Challenge #03560-I271: Fare-thee-well to Planet Hell

It's well known the fluids that comes out of humans can be dangerous to other species. Imagine their shock when they realize that some of these fluids are deadly even to humans! Such as the hydrochloric acid inside their stomachs, or the fact their liquid waste product, if it breaks down, turns into ammonia!

Note - one of the reasons human stomach cells never stop growing is the fact that the main ingredient in stomach acids is hydrochloric acid. One of the

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Challenge #03559-I270: Unriddle Me This

They sat in the hall berating themselves with recriminations, head bowed, sometimes swearing at themselves. They did this, unfortunately, way too many times, given their poor self-esteem. The therapist, hearing of them, sits next to them to listen, and try to help. -- Anon Guest

Everyone had done what they could. That was clear to those mopping up the mess. Nevertheless, there were those determined to blame themselves.

Human Yeong had been ordered to sit still. This was evidently a difficult task

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Challenge #03558-I269: Your Body, Your Choice

The planet, a Havenworld, was quite warm, and beautiful. The humans that found it, and created a colony, had only one rule that seemed very abnormal. Except for underwear, and safety equipment when needed, the wearing of clothing was very much optional. Needless to say, this tended to shock Galactics any time they visited. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm sure I did a prompt like this sometime in the past, but I'm blowed if I know where it is.]

Welcome to Pakao,

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Challenge #03555-I266: To Walk the Flame

Havenworlders and other Deathworlders, at least those not from really hot planets, are aghast as they watch humans in firewalking ceremonies. How in the name of the POWERS are humans walking on fire and hot coals barefoot? -- Fighting Fit

Welcome to Terra. Come for the spectacles, stay for the food. The Humans will do anything to show off for an audience. Including things that really should hurt them worse than they do.

These humans were walking barefoot across fire. Well. Technically,

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Challenge #03553-I264: Therapy Augments

They had been through something so immensely horrific they stopped talking altogether. Except, they would speak to animals. They barely looked up, often freezing and curling up into a ball of terror at even the slightest noise over a soft spoken voice. The therapist was broken-hearted, this was going to take a lot of work. -- Anon Guest

Humans were not meant to shut down like this. In and of itself, the spectacle was terrifying. Human Teal was nonresponsive to all but

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Challenge #03551-I262: But... Ice Floats

Not all Knomiras are human. And not all Galactic citizens are as enlightened as they themselves think. -- AmberFox

[AN: Bless you for letting me get to the very roots of weaponised frailty]

Never under-estimate a worker in the service industry. They've gone through a lot to be there. For starters, they have to be able to recognise every species in the Galactic Alliance and recognise what they can tolerate.

Which works against the intolerant and the intolerable alike.

Tourist Saigilop Dayl

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Challenge #03550-I261: Patch-up Process

They were on their way to a station for surgery. A new treatment has been found that, if it works, they will get use of their legs back. They were nervous about the idea of nanites in their body, but a wheelchair isn't exactly their idea of a good time, either. Fortunately, the medic with them kindly explains why this will help, and helps soothe them so they're not so spooked. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have learned in my travels that

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Challenge #03549-I260: Time Enough and Care

They had been lucky enough to be born into a family that had more Time than they knew what to do with, even with all the charities they supported AND the high taxes. So, they bought a large, badly damaged, station, had it fully restored to become state-of-the-art, then turned the entire station into a massive, beautiful, natural-as-possible garden, so that people traveling could use it as a breath of fresh air, as it were, and a rest-stop in their travels. Food

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Challenge #03548-I259: Wise to Surrender

All of the pirates from the attack managed to actually survive an encounter with the infamous human child known as Pib. They may be considered the luckiest SOB's alive by other pirate groups, but they need a lot of therapy, and a new career choice. -- Anon Guest

"Go to the Edge, you can be your own being," one of the captives mocked, sotto voice. "You can do anything you like out there, no consequences." He was not a good soprano, so

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Challenge #03547-I258: Any Way You Want

I read your newest story and the conversation you guys had in the prompts. I know you don't want more prompts right now, so please forgive me, this one popped into my head and I wanted to get it out before forgetting.

It's from this one

A person who, despite a lot of therapy, hates their biological body. They've taken to hurting themselves because of it. They beg the B'Nari to please, give them

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Challenge #03546-I257: Deathworlder Branded Fun

Two humans ended up in the infirmary needing injuries to faces and hands treated. Especially the faces. Why? The two were boxing, just for the fun of it. Needless to say, medics dislike it greatly when humans do this to each other. -- Anon Guest

The understanding barrier is sometimes difficult to surmount. Such was the case aboard the Egmont, in an event with two Humans and a Medik. Human Daeth and Human Wat bore multiple contusions and lacerations. Medik Ixodidd treated

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Challenge #03545-I256: Tough Suffering

A Human and other Deathworlders are hurt, that was a bumpy landing in that survival pod. The human gives the others in the pod all of the pain meds. They decide to "tough it out" until help arrives. But, they can handle it. -- Anon Guest

Good news - it was a hospitable world. Great news, the molecular printers and disassemblers had survived in workable condition. Terrible news... Human Ret had survived the crash with fractured ribs. Compared to the others, a

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Challenge #03541-I253: Meet Cutie

Heh, can't help it, this one's rolling in my head and not leaving me alone. F'Tibb meets a human who actually adores spiders and thinks they're beautiful creatures. The one the size of a person? No problem! But then again, the humans are odd like that. -- DaniAndShali

Body language has some interesting translations. Especially when paired with sound. This Human was screaming, but their body said, The thing I am screaming at has everything I

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