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Challenge #04152-K134: Postgraduate Course

They "graduated" from being "taught" by a Pax Humanis member, to being in a cell on a prison station run by the Alliance and going through therapy. They still screamed in their sleep and woke up gasping, while clinging to their pillow and wanting the lights left on. -- Anon Guest

How far is too far? How ethical is it to torture someone who once spent people like people spent tissue paper, before the Shattering. How wise is it to keep killers and abusers on the payrolls of an organisation called the Cogniscent Rights Committee?

I don't have easy answers. I'm starting to wonder if there are any.

Don't get me wrong. Most people can be taught. Most people are willing to learn without the threat of punishment looming over their shoulder. Most people can change how they interact with others. Pax Humanis is for the people unlike most people. The people who combine willful ignorance and a casual disregard for their fellow cogniscents.

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Challenge #04144-K126: Cost Effective Retribution

Utter chaos ensues when Mr. Sunshine actually gets peeved off. He and his friends go to town on this glittering mask hiding a hell-hole. The dereggers there are shocked. The innocents who didn't know what was going on were spared. Those who were actively involved? Death, when it eventually came, was a blessing. -- Anon Guest

The big problem was finding the source of the rot. They keystones of the culture inherent in the mess of

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Challenge #04122-K104: Fragile Goods

"You're worthy of life."

"But they said I was worthless."

"You're alive, now, are you not?"

"Yes... I am."

"My job is to make things un-alive."

"But... you didn't kill me."

"Because you're worthy to keep living. You just need their help to heal." -- Lessons

They wore a pretty plaid dress, at least on first glance. A second glance would reveal that the overlaying lines were in black, red, and yellow. Pax Humanis hazard colours. The other thing that stood out

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Challenge #04111-K093: Consider This...

Could we have the trio meet up again and work together? -- Fighting Fit

The ones who hold their employees in stables with no beds. I've got them on my list. The ones who play psychotic games with any servant's heads. I've got them on my list, they never will be missed.

What continues to surprise me is the lists I receive.

It's disturbing for multiple reasons. One: the CRC knows about me. Two: They know

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Challenge #04093-K075: Three Little Words

The man has recovered and is traveling with his two Pax Humanis friends. It's surprising how many jobs one can get with these two lovelies at one's side. Sure the jobs are dangerous, but yanno, this is kinda fun. -- Anon Guest

Ren eventually named them the Dangerous Beef Trio. He'd worked on his physique before the meet cute incident; primarily to look good and scare off the wrong kind of people. Now he worked on

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Challenge #04087-K069: Safe With a Monster

Mr. Human, I'm scared, what if the scary ones catch us?

Mr. Sunshine looks calmly to the child.

"Don't worry, I will teach them how to be.... nicer, later. I won't let them ever hurt you again." -- Anon Guest

Pax Humanis doesn't always go after humans. There are cogniscent rights violations amongst all species. And some interventions include... rescues.

Mr Sunshine wasn't entirely cleared for a Parenting license, but he did have special permission under exigent circumstances to be a temporary

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Challenge #04085-K067: A Calming Argument

Two of their older siblings are members of Pax Humanis. They, however, became a well-trained therapist. One of the best protected therapists in the galaxy. -- Anon Guest

Therapist Pien had a reputation for being the eye of calm in any storm. Some quietly nicknamed them "Capybara" for their ability to be chill no matter what. Even in the face of a screaming Knomira[1], they refused to turn a hair.

Even when they turned violent, Therapist Pien would simply move to

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Challenge #04079-K061: Judge, Jury, and...

They sought out a serial killer. This killer sought CEO's and their supporters. Leaving a trail of slit throats and feathers shoved down their trachias.

The killer, was a level 3 deathworlder, who had no regrets over the killings, and said quite bluntly, crossing their scaly, feathery, arms, that they don't intend to stop. -- Anon Guest

There was a serial killer operating in Greater Deregulation Middling North-Northeast. The CEO's within it were dying with alarming regularity. The media did what it

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Challenge #04036-K018: Stay Sharp

Multiple CEO's get together and put a major bounty on the heads of known Pax Humanis members. The Pax Humanis is a too effective weapon for the CRC. They are determined to slow it down. -- Fighting Fit

Several critical misunderstandings were involved in the resulting mess. First, that Pax Humanis was smaller than it truly was. Second, that eliminating the members they knew about would end the threat to themselves. Third, that the bounty hunter they tried to hire was not

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Challenge #04010-J358: Get Comfortable

Jay and Mr. Sunshine are having lunch when some of the station's cats decide that these two individuals' laps will make good napping spots. -- Anon Guest

Mr Sunshine had been tasked with Jay's education. This included, according to Mr Sunshine, the student's introduction to the finer things in life. A sampling of everything that the cultures of the Universe could permit.

Today, it was sushi and blooming tea.

The tea steeped and performed in a glass teapot set between them, while

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Challenge #04004-J352: Monster Spotting

Several bodies lay before them, a blade in their hand. The red marks that had once been chains around their bodies a deep red. They looked worried as they turned to the man in the red and yellow garments standing in the chamber with them. "I killed these people that tormented me for so long... why do I feel absolutely nothing about shedding their blood?" -- Anon Guest

[AN: The members of Pax Humanis wear yellow, red, and black. Much like a

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Challenge #04000-J348: Scheherazade IV

They were a member of Pax Humanis, but was so elderly their days hunting down the truly evil of the universe was over. These days, they trained new assassins how to find the ones who truly deserved to be eliminated, and how to eliminate them in a way that scared the crap out of other evil people who were on that same path. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Yes I know it should be story 4004 because Scheherazade told a thousand and one

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Challenge #03995-J343: How to Leave Without Notice

Jay is approached by his supervisor with offer of lessons to tend to kids, and to treat injuries. Next few assignments might need the knowledge. -- DaniAndShali

"I don't really know what I can teach," said Jay. "I know what I survived, but..." He trailed off, resuming his usual performance of attempted invisibility. An old habit from his time before he escaped.

"That's what you can teach," said Counsellor Tye retained hir normal calm affect. Being the island of tranquility in the

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Challenge #03986-J334: Outsourcing Horror

The Lucker who is a deadly killer is on a world hunting down the brutal deregger CEO's that had driven the innocent populace to their knees. They bump into Sunshine and Jay who's there on the same mission. They make a good team. -- Anon Guest

I do love Gilbert and Sullivan. Their compositions and lyrics have incredible staying power. One of my favourites is from The Mikado, and the words may change, but the chorus

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Challenge #03981-J329: Unexpected Defences

Mr. Sunshine and Jay are on a station and see a human bullying a havenworlder. Before they can interfere, the havenworlder grabs the human and flips them to the ground like the, now very shocked, human was a rag-doll. And how proud that havenworlder looks when security takes the bully away! -- Anon Guest

Everyone agreed, it all happened so fast. Things always happened fast in the Edge Territories. Especially those on the very cusp of becoming fully part of the Galactic

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