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Challenge #03674-J021: If You Can Hear This...

"I will be honest with you. Pax Humanis is coming to haul you to court, your chances of escape are slim. What, they're sending a Humanis member that's a lucker? Turn yourself in, now, and spare yourself the pain. Your chances just became none." -- Fighting Fit

Humans are, possibly, the strangest Deathworlders known to intelligent life. Those weird little apes had a rough evolutionary path. They almost went extinct several times, and for at least one of those, it was self-induced.

As a species, they're completely bonkers. When confronted with a hazard, there are some who will be sensible an approach with caution. Some will run away from it and build increasingly ludicrous preventative measures to keep it away. Others, and this is the part that lead to the diagnosis - figure out how to use it for fun or profit. These are also the monkeys that used lead as an artificial sweetner even when they knew it was toxic. That's why the rest of the universe thinks they're crazy.

There's also a small pack of them hunting me down.

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Challenge #03672-J019: A Wolf With Honour

I am a member of Pax Humanis. I have sworn my very life, my SOUL, to this Havenworlder and their family. I will protect them for as long as I can draw breath. They saved my beloved family, they saved my children, anyone that touches them, or my family, will pray that death finds them before I do. -- The New Guy

Once upon a time, a Human decided that it was a good idea to throw food to a wolf. Eventually,

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Challenge #03649-I361: A Very Painful Lesson

Yes I'm insane, yes, I am a killer, but I'm really a nice person once you get to know me. It's pretty simple, be polite, be honest, don't break your promises, and treat people with dignity, and we'll get along just fine. Otherwise.... well, I don't kill right away, I first teach a few lessons and let people go. The ones that don't learn? Well, don't cry for them. I did give them a chance. -- Anon Guest

You have doubtless heard

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Challenge #03645-I357: The Scars Unseen

They were of Pax Humanis, due to their love of making people who hurt the innocent pay in blood, but had severe PTSD. Their night terrors were such they had stopped sleeping with a knife nearby, lest they do themselves harm, much less anyone else. Fortunately, they have a close friend to try to help them through these terrors, so they can get on with the business of living, and saving other lives. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: PTSD is not an automatic ticket

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Challenge #03621-I333: Time Enough and Luck

The rather... unhappy Pax Humanis members, after letting the officially diagnosed lucker depart in peace with their winnings, which was legally gotten since the person didn't KNOW they were a lucker until now and, therefore, had not been breaking any rules, went to find the casino owner and teach them a lesson about judging others the wrong way. And about trying to get innocent people harmed. -- Anon Guest

[AN: That first sentence is too long

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Challenge #03610-I322: Safety is Guaranteed

A person once asked, on a sanctuary planet full of predators, and a town full of therapists and other staff that live there as potential "prey", what stops the worst of these predators going after the innocents within those towns, and deliberately doing... well, what got them "recruited" into Pax Humanis in the first place? -- Anon Guest

People who hear about Pax Humanis Sanctuary Planets always get the wrong idea. They think it's a zoo of sorts for the most criminal

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Challenge #03609-I320: Establishing Clear Boundaries

A brute of a man begins to try to touch Lilicoon against her will and will not leave her alone. Before Jay can do a thing, Lilicoon teaches this brute why you do not try to touch anyone against their will. Especially someone with the instincts of a wild feline. -- Fighting Fit

Jay only saw the last handful of seconds, but they were the most glorious seconds in their life.

Lilicoon raised her voice above and beyond her usual murmur. Nice

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Challenge #03592-I303: Behaviour Modification Strategies

It's amazing how well people behave when they realize the station is protected by security officers who are Pax Humanis members! -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Given the general sociopathy of Pax Humanis, these would have to be the milder cases]

Welcome to the Edge Territories. Welcome to New-held Station. Things can get a little wild whilst the Alliance protocols do some catching up. To that end, every cogniscent in this newly-acquired area has access to a full explanation of the Alliance's rules. Including

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Challenge #03591-I302: Intervention

A person who was lonely, severely depressed, and thought they had nothing left to live for, saw the colorful vest of Mr. Sunshine and begged the man to kill them. Mr. Sunshine got the person tied up and carried safely to therapists. Then proceeded to find out why this person was self-destructive and... deal with it. -- The New Guy

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for the most severe form of self-harm, also cogniscent trafficking]

Stuart was tired of being terrified. Ever since the

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Challenge #03533-I245: I've Got Them on My List

Sorry InterNutter, heh, I gotta, this is just TOO delicious not to prompt it!

Lillicoon offers to move in with Jay and Sunshine as a friend and companion, and the two decide to take her list of four special targets, the ones who hurt her the most, and give them their "special brand of justice". It will not be over quickly, and these four will NOT enjoy their time under these two men's hands.

From here - especially from the comments.


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Challenge #03524-I236: Still Waters

They were small, thin, wiry, bespeckled and lanky. They spent most their time reading, or quietly relaxing, listening to music. But there was a reason this human wore the red, yellow, and black of Pax Humanis. And a reason those that became their friends knew that they would never be alone, or left to face a frightening world by themselves. -- Anon Guest

Most of them have a cabin in the woods where the hunting is good and they are far away

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Challenge #03519-I231: Stop By For Dinner

I'm a chef and in Pax Humanis, my blades give my friends a sweet delight. But if you are my target, well, dinner won't be a good night. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Cogniphagia is usually frowned upon within the Alliance. Taboo, certainly. Inadvisable, definitely. Immoral... that's a grey area]

They love giving people like us names before we're caught. You'd think they'd learn after so many centuries, but there's always a few who feed our egos as we paint the walls with

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Challenge #03515-I227: Where Can I Sign Up?

"Mr. Sunshine, sir?" Asked the teen he just rescued "How did you join the Pax Humanis?" -- Anon Guest

It was a bad scene. Mr Sunshine had left it that way as a warning to others. The child was clean and dressed and currently on some medication that made her emotions inaccessible by her brain. Sunshine understood, on an intellectual level, that she had been through an intensely traumatic experience previously known as her life.

Why she wanted to talk to him

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Challenge #03449-I161: What a Mix-up!

A person who recently joined Pax Humanis is a chemistry expert, a poisoner. But also uses their chemistry knowledge, and their lab, to make antidotes for poisons. A great combo to save a life of someone who was poisoned, while still taking out a target who was found to be a slave-trader trying to kidnap Alliance Citizens. -- Anon Guest

A common mistake in the Edge Territories is thinking that the Diminished Responsibility bracelets and anklets are there strictly to tell people

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Challenge #03446-I158: Lucky You

A rich idiot manages to trick a couple of Pax Humanis enforcers into going after an innocent whose only "crime" is that they're a Lucker who managed to win a lot of money off the rich idiot. Once the enforcers learn the truth, well, the idiot's lucky they got away with only a severe beating. -- Anon Guest

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool Pax Humanis - they'll be lucky if they find your body.

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