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Challenge #02769-G212: An Ounce of Foresight

Human Jane is calm compared to the others, but always carries a cocky attitude. Arguing with the others claiming they will destroy the ship. The day was like no other noise but in a sense calm, until Jane suddenly rose from her chair and dashed into the halls. The moment she left the room an explosion was heard from the training room. -- Anon Guest

Humans are their own health hazard. This is known on an intellectual level to many, but most sublimate this knowledge so they can work with these amazingly useful Deathworlders without periodically needing to hide somewhere and self-comfort like a small child.

It's not just the personal habits -or lack thereof- of the Humans in question. It's not just their hobbies. It's mostly their leisure time. More damage has been caused in the process of "horsing around" than most low-content battles. A point that Human Jane continuously pointed out to the rest of the Human Nest aboard the Vexing Question. "Y'all are going to destroy this entire ship with your bullshit, you know that, right?"

The response from the other Humans was always the same. "Relax mom. We're cool. We got it." Then they would subsequently continue their nonsense with only a modicum of caution.

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