Challenge #04093-K075: Three Little Words

The man has recovered and is traveling with his two Pax Humanis friends. It's surprising how many jobs one can get with these two lovelies at one's side. Sure the jobs are dangerous, but yanno, this is kinda fun. -- Anon Guest

Ren eventually named them the Dangerous Beef Trio. He'd worked on his physique before the meet cute incident; primarily to look good and scare off the wrong kind of people. Now he worked on his physique to match his cuties.

Altan and Calfuray were pleased with his progress, and there were more than a few incidents of consensual crushing.

Getting back to work was... interesting. Both his cuties had to acquire special passes and check in with their therapists regularly. There was a frighteningly long text about how best to live with Pax Humanis murderers when one was not one of them.

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