Challenge #04079-K061: Judge, Jury, and...

They sought out a serial killer. This killer sought CEO's and their supporters. Leaving a trail of slit throats and feathers shoved down their trachias.

The killer, was a level 3 deathworlder, who had no regrets over the killings, and said quite bluntly, crossing their scaly, feathery, arms, that they don't intend to stop. -- Anon Guest

There was a serial killer operating in Greater Deregulation Middling North-Northeast. The CEO's within it were dying with alarming regularity. The media did what it could to disguise the terror, but there was always one network that glorifies blood, horror, and assorted fears.

Loss of leadership was their catnip. And that was how the word got out.

Normally, the loss of Deregger CEO's is something that doesn't inspire much sorrow. Unfortunately for intergalactic political relationships, the Dereggers were blaming the CRC and rattling their significant sabres towards less protected colonies in their immediate area.

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