Friday, Tentative PLNs

I am going to gradually move all my Wordpress nonsense over to and that means I might have to gather some scratch to fund the hosting. Because Indy people need help to go pro.

BUT I'm not doing that today. Today, I'm cleaning out the catio before getting on with the day's offerings. At some point, I will sort some vinyl.

I've hit an impasse with the Invaders game on Stencyl, in that the bullets are not hitting anything they should be hitting.

I'm going to make another copy of the game code for my guide to look at and fling that up for further education.

So that's another technical point for my bonuses.

Tomorrow, we should be doing Parkrun. If it isn't flooded. If it's not raining. And tonight, there is rainbow chat so I get to at least say 'hello'.

In a couple of days, I find out if my second loaf is a sod despite my best efforts. If so, the next experiment is halving the ice I put in for the initial rise part of the bake.

But before everything else, I need to see to the catio.