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Thursday, Fare Thee Well Tesla

Come midday today, the Tesla is no longer ours.

  • Because we can't afford to keep it
  • Because it has been trying (and failing!) to kill us since we got it
  • Because the owner and CEO of the company is a transphobic sack of dogshit shambling around in a human suit
  • Because giving that aforementioned stain on the underwear of the human race any more money is not comfortable
  • And also life without it will be easier than life with it.

Because the only car remaining is my own Zippy Little Car, I shall be chauffeur for the fam henceforth. Huzzah.

I have to keep my eyes open on the time, so today's tale may be rushed. Or not present until much later in the afternoon.

I'm moving as lickety darn split as I can.

Tuesday, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Tomorrow, my dear readers, we bid farewell to the Tesla. Not only is it from a problematic source, it's also a problem for our budget.

We can't afford to wait ten years for the lack of petrol to pay off.

So we will be down to my Zippy Little Car and however much the fuel bill is going to be henceforth.

Tomorrow, I will be travelling. Getting the Tesla cleaned and serviced and otherwise ready for resale. Hooray. So my usual offerings

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Monday, Tale Foundry Reads

Tale Foundry is about to start doing the backup reads and I have no idea how to submit this last week's story.

As it turns out, the Foundry is winging it this week and evolving new systems henceforth. Fun times.

I am definitely going to try my ideas on Stencyl today. See how or if it works. I shall certainly try.

Then I go for the next challenge. Whee.

Slow and steady. Learn things. Tweak. Try, try, try again.

Seems to be

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Sunday, Streamy Shenanigans and Further PLNs

The game broke up early thanks to Player Participation Failure. People had places to be and couldn't participate in the shenanigans in progress.

We'll be oscillating between TaleSpire and Owlbear for a bit, so that's going to be interesting. I'll be keeping both open for that gameplay. I'll have to remember how to share TaleSpire maps again.


We will be experiencing technical difficulties. We just have to adapt.

Today, I do my story stream. Afterwards happens entirely dependent on my ability

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Friday, Pride Prep PLNs

In a few minutes, I will get on with cleaning the catio and doing the Starter business. I have just been out collecting my Beloved and a postal order from the wilderness. Not in that order.

I have also begun today's recordings and the triumphant fanfare is because I have passed recording two hundred chapters. One hundred and twenty-something to go. Huzzah.

I am not certain I will have any time to try anything else in Stencyl, but I can plausibly attempt

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Friday, Sydneyside PLNs

As you may well guess, we arrived in Sydney safe and sound. Adorable is off for her morning run and Beloved is keeping her company, so I have some limited time to attempt offerings.

Because today... and TOMORROW... are for the dreaded...


Which means being present and talking to people about stuff that isn't my merry blue boy.

Speaking of such, I'd best get a wriggle on with today's offerings. Sooner done, sooner less to fret about.

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Thursday, Packing, Panic, and Pills

I got clothes packed and ready for the trip. I have meds packed for the duration because the whole bottles might put me over the weight limit. I am going to evict a majority of my keys from my bag because won't need them for the interim. And because metal detectors.

I shall be relying on my cloak for warmth and hoping for the best.

I am attempting to do the day's offerings in record time so I can make sure I

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Tuesday, Leyland's Tour and then all the other things

I am helping MeMum with the byzantine Gordian knot that is Queensland firearms license paperwork, today. Which means that I will be largely incommunicado until that is well over with.

Which means that all my usual offerings unto the altar of notes [better known as the internet] will be either late today or not present until tomorrow.

Also going on behind the curtain is yet another one of those "why am I even trying" existential crises based entirely around the blatant fascism

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Sunday, Game Night and Expenses

I forgot to check my alarms this morning -_- Bleh. Still managed to get a game sesh on for my international peeps.

The cats are now fed, and I am currently watching the Foundry until it's time to my story stream.

The rest of my day is for offerings and other shenanigans. Including working out the schedule for the rainbow crowd game night henceforth.

Whee fun.

I might even have time to fix my "evil" playthrough in BG3. Or I might

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Further Shenanigans

Beloved has work, and I have not received any further bulletins as to when I can expect her lovely company. Guess that happens later.

Looking forward to some delicious carbage and delightful company tonight. All going well.

Heck, I might even find out where books 2 and 3 are. Fingers crossed.

I'm still doing all the other offerings, but my schedule may be interrupted with barely a moment's notice. I anticipated this when I sat down to write today's tale. Still on

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Tuesday, Patreon and Continuing On

I had myself a little micro-meltdown last night. Chiefly related to the fact that I can't do anything of merit when it rains because everything requires the internet.

I ended up sleeping twice last night. Finishing off chapter 322 in the middle of the night. Literally.

Thank Grop that my lappy lets me edit offline.

I've done my Patreon stuff, posted the Fediverse meme, and am plotting to take further steps towards learning how Stencyl works before sinking my teeth (haha) into

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Monday, Tale Foundry and PLNs

The Foundry is together once more to share their sordid little tales. I have three more stories to share than usual, so it promises to be fun.

The QPP and I agree that the TMNT movie is very well done and a refreshing change from the Pixar/Disney smooth bug-eyed model.

One nitpick: why is the main storyline badguy Black-Coded? They gave him a "ghetto" accent and the animators had an excuse to use the dreaded 'mushmouf'

This is also a character

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Saturday, Change of PLNs

Adorable has been incapacitated in the wee small hours, so no parkrun this morning. I had to unriddle some banking nonsense before I commenced the horseshit this morrow.

At least the horseshit is sorted for the meanwhile.

Next problem: Having enough money -_-

I gotta do some effort to amend that nonsense. Including finishing the epic tale so I can get on with summarising all my extant novels so I can get them published on a higher scale.


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Friday, Unfuckening and PLNs

Parkrun tomorrow, and I need to buy some things online and configure some other things so my money is still accessible in all its varied places.

I would also like Beloved to answer a question I asked, but I might have to ask until we share air.

There's also cleaning the catio, creating The Bikkie [once more, I have no desire to mess about with pseudobread] and otherwise getting on with my routine.

I shall record an episode for Adorable, clean the

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Thursday, Back to the Grind

I am only expected to give minimal offerings, today, so the chances are good that I shall complete some significant portions of a tutorial for Stencyl. At last.

I am confident that, once I complete all the tutorials, I should be able to build a passable game to suit my goals.

Discussing this with Beloved, there was some confusion regarding grid sizes. She was referring to the size of the 'patches' within the grid and I was referring to the whole grid.

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