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Friday, Day 2, Assorted Nonsense

Plague news: no new cases again. There's thirty total active cases, seventeen in hospital and the poor sod in the ICU got out. Yay. Australia's at 83% first vax, and 65% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 71% first vax and 54% fully vaxxed.

I have Starters to feed, a catbox to clean, a one-thousand-word goal for my novel, and it's raining so the stream is bound to be chunky.


At least I save my stream sessions so if the internet goes to shit, I can upload later.

In the news:

  • Nation that decided to "live with Covid" has massive death count. Shocker
  • Arsehole parks in someone else's driveway, homeowners block them in and demand an arsehole tax, yet they're the bad guys and not the arsehole
  • Electric mowers are the hot new thing
  • New probe into the plague's origins
  • More strife between China and Taiwan
  • Muppet urges his pet sheeple to boycott voting
  • Fake doctor faces charges for issuing vax exemptions
  • Kids now copying Squid Game
  • Westfield ceiling collapses

And now, more of my nonsense.

Monday, Day 1, OMW

Plague news: No new cases! We have seventeen total active cases, seven of those are in hospital. First vaxxed are holding steady(ish) at 75% [closing on 76%] and rising to 51% fully vaxxed. Queensland is still below the bar with 45% of the population fully vaccinated.

My personal health news: my arm is back to what passes for normal. I'm on antibiotics and steroids for the lung gobbets, which are now smaller and harder to get rid of -_- Win

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Monday, Day 1, Shenanigans

Plague news: No new cases! Twenty-one total active cases, fourteen of those are in hospital.

Beloved and I are unfucking the house some more. My whirlwind wife is making progress I never thought possible. It's amazing.

Somewhere in our agenda, there's going to be a fix for my hair. We over-estimated the power of one of the chemicals and it came out as the wrong sort of blue. Whoops.

There's also going to be cauliflower gnocci at some point.

In other news,

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Thursday, Day 2, Org Day

Plague news: No new cases again! It's been a hot while since that's happened. There's seventeen total active cases with thirteen in hospital.

Not going to jinx it. Not saying anything more about numbers.

Today, I wrangle finances, get money, spend money, and perhaps organise things for greater convenience.

On the Honeydew list:

  1. Get a slasher in to knock down the weeds and tall grass in our yard
  2. [related] Purchase a MowerBot to keep the grass in check
  3. Rent a huge firkin
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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon and PLNs

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Twenty-seven total active cases, with twenty-three in hospital.

Tomorrow's the day I get my first Pfizer jab. I'm going to get a post-stuck portrait with a thumbs' up and pointing out the jab site.

Hashtag not a wifi hotspot.

Today, following the Patreon post, I take my edits for Adapting and try to hammer a better novel out of it. All on my only.

I must recite: "This is improving my book, this is not

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Tuesday, Day 1, Shrinky Bzns

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! One hundred and twenty-nine total active cases, with thirty-four in hospital, one in the ICU.

It is so nice to see the numbers dwindling. I can breathe a little easier even if I am still wearing a mask.

I have already posted my story for Tale Foundry but my lucky Patrons will be seeing the extended version that I had to cut because word limits.

Today is not a good day for internets in this household so

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Monday, Day 0, AAAAAHHH!

Plague news: one new case, an import. Finally, a local doughnut day! There's still one hundred and forty-five total active cases, with thirty-four in hospital and one in the ICU.

There is some immense relief going on in my heart with this news. Beloved has come to some revelations over the past week and we are headed for some reveals at an unspecified time in the future.

Our relationship persists, despite opinions about identities from the family. I can say it will

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Thursday, Day 0, Behind the Curtain

Plague news: Four new cases, all local. One hundred and fifty-six total active cases, fifty nine are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

I'm feeling better about the world today and so is Beloved. The new normal's going to be fun to find for the both of us.

And this weekend? We're fixing the damn doors! Huzzah! At last! Reliable doors that the felines can't bust open. And shiny glittering doorknobs because I'm a human jackdaw.

Tomorrow... I make crumpets from

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Friday, Day 0, Shaking Things Up

Plague News: TWENTY-SEVEN new cases. Sixteen local transmissions, eleven imports. One hundred and twenty-two total active cases, with sixty-five in the hospital and one in the ICU.

I'm still writing in my novel, but it's fits and starts. This is an improvement over last Lockdown Brain, where all I did was watch Critical Role, feed my Starters, do my Instants, and lie in bed a lot.

In Sneezin' and Wheezin' news: I had to dose myself on Max, my Nebuliser, this morning.

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Saturday, Day 1, Programming Day

Plague news: ten cases, nine in hospital.

Today has a major amount of noise out of my periphery, what with the bathroom not imploding any more. Hooray! But there's other noise in my periphery, beginning with the Admin User Interface so I can toss new stories into the interwebs stream. Whacko.

And by "Whacko" I mean, "This is going to be terrifying for all kinds of assorted reasons". Fun times ahoy. Very likely for both of us.

In the news:

  • Winter is
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Saturday, Day 0, Tech Support

FIVE new cases. Fuck! The "good" news is that they're all imports and all sequestered in quarantine. Day Twelve without local transmission. The better news is that there's thirty-six active cases - a significant drop - and thirty in hospital. The death count is up to seven, so someone else has died thanks to this plague.


I've made my breads [Yay time management!] so now I'm free to get ready for the day ahead of time. Thanks 2AM wake-up time. Internal

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Thursday, Day 0, Mor Nonsense!

Two imported cases, making it day 10 without local transmission. There's fifty-one active cases, forty-eight of those in hospital. Three remain to potentially sic havoc on my sunny state.

"Sunny" because it's been raining on and off. I can feel a cyclone somewhere within my range [whatever the straight-line distance is between Burpengary and Rockhampton, that's my radius] and it's making my entire left face hurt. The painkillers are not currently cutting it so my life sucks a bit.

HOWEVER, because sleep

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Sunday, Day 0, It's Loose

There's another case of local transmission this morning. Six new cases. Seventy-one total. Sixty-two in hospital. Two in the ICU. That's seven with the potential to cause even more trouble.

I'm not looking at the news this morning because Toasty's streaming already and there are untold PLNs of Beloved happening later on after sunrise. So now I'm trying to get as much done before I find out what else is going on.

I may be required to drive after minimal sleep -_

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Wednesday, Day 0, the Germans have a word for this...

Three new cases this morning, sixty total, fifty-seven in hospital and one in ICU. Which means that two of them are apparently waiting for the inevitable. Argh. At least they're all from other places and we don't need to worry until one of them escapes the security measures.

What the Germans probably have a word for is "the sensation that your life has become needlessly complicated". And to be honest, there's a definite sense of "the house that Jack built" to the

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