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Thursday, Progress and PLNs

I have finished building the walls and floors of level 9 of 23. Now I have to furnish and add mobs to level 9 of 23. THEN I start on level 10 of 23. Which I hope to heaven will be nice and easy to construct.

...too many dang diagonals and round rooms in this one gone. Pleh.

I find out when I am done furnishing level 9 though. No peeking. If I looked at the entire thing, I would balk and quit on the spot.

That's the way to attack big things. A bit at a time.

Speaking of a bit at a time, I need to get the rubbish out onto the curb. And the recycling too. Oofda.

I'd better get rattling on that before the full publish cycle, today. There's a LOT that needs to go in the bin and has yet to be sorted.

Sunday, D&D and Scheduling

I have received news that a friend of Beloved is plotting to have some D&D on Mondays.

I am already awake too long on Mondays.

But I also want to play D&D :P

If I'm going to play, I should figure out what the hell schedule I'm working with because Long Monday is going to ssuuuuuuuck if I go through with it.

But then again. Lure of the game.

It's so... shiny...

The allure is there. Gotta admit.

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Saturday, IDK what's going on

This would normally be my Feast Day, but I have moved it to Date Night because not enjoying a lot of things makes Date Night dull.

We may be cooking a lot of stuff. We may be refreshing our stocks of supplies because Lack of Foresight. Turns out not having anywhere to store veggies makes them go off :P

Mea culpa, belike. I will foot the cost of the replacements.

I may also be reconfiguring a map because I forgot about some

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Sunday, D&D and other stuff

My murder hobos are back at their shenanigans again, tonight. I am scrambling to get the next section of their shenanigans going. A bit at a time, true, but scrambling all the same.

An effort not helped at all by the fact that my right wrist has decided to go on firkin strike. Bleh.

We have rennos happening. New curtains for windows, and a pln to remove a defunct air conditioner from our window whilst also replacing curtains that are falling apart.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and shenanigans

I have PLNs today. PLNs to take Mayhem all the way out to MeMum's and then help her move a heavy object to a place where the neighbours won't nick it.

IF I get around to doing a Wordpress Wednesday, I shall likely concoct a topic on either of the drives. There, or back again.

Beloved is off to get her face zapped again, today. So we should be done with both of our respective shenanigans about roughly together. And then it's

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Friday, Progress?

I shall at minimum be cleaning the Catio and doing up to Area 5 in the map today. I have NO idea what else I shall have going on. That's up to Beloved.

Tomorrow, I shall be headed off on another Meatspace adventure to help MeMum. Tradies to hunt down, tech to support, possibly a shopping trip... you know the deal.

As long as I'm asleep by 6PM, I should be fine.

There may or may not be a trip up to

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Hairdo's

Today, my love and I are getting our hair did. I think I shall stick with getting the roots refreshed. My other idea of having a full rainbow happening was likely too expensive.

We have many more expensive things afoot.

Starting with PLNs to have storage space for all our assorted garments. And shoes. And getting all the garbage out of our house. AND rennos.


I have finished the primary layouts for the dungeon level I'm working on, and I may

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Tuesday, Patreon and Other Shenanigans

So everyone's talking about the Oscars and the Thing That Happened. Let's get a few things straight:

  1. Jaida Smith has a chronic condition that effects her appearance
  2. Chris Rock decided that being a dick about this was funny
  3. Will Smith decided not on my watch
  4. All the conservative/white hot takes are all "violence is wrong" because misogyny/racism and misogynoir [which is specific misogyny against black women]
  5. And for SOME REASON we're getting a resurgence of "if you ignore abuse, the
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Sunday, Shenanigans!

Today, I do my stream EARLY. So I can then get ready to go on a Leyland's Tour for family meet and birthmas partay.

This may make D&D later tonight "interesting".

Nevertheless, I am making certain that I have the time windows to do this. Yay.

So my PLN is thus:

  1. Do the story stream
  2. Get ready for the day
  3. Travel all over the countryside
  4. Happy birthday!
  5. Travel all the way back over the countryside
  6. SLEEP! For the love of
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Saturday, Slob Day

I am taking a day off. I am not wearing proper clothes. I am not going out. I am not doing anything more strenuous than cleaning the Catio [forgot it yesterday] and making the Bikkie.

Beloved has assembled a wee cabinet for the ensuite that beats the flakk out of the former storage method of Pile On The Floor. There's bathmats and footmats everywhere and things are gradually getting less chaotic.

Though I expect some chaos in the form of rearranging the

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Friday, NDIS and other nonsense

Today, I need to have all my paperwork nearby because video conference with NDIS personnel. Fortunately I know where all that paperwork is and my only hurdle thereafter is being able to enable the conference call because they are using the DODGIEST bundle of bloatware they could for this thing. Huzzah.

We need to keep telling public services that use conference calls that Discord is free. It is also not bloatware and also not riddled with hacker loopholes.


Also in my

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Tuesday, Patreon, Progress

The skip is gone and so is a lot of nonsense from our house. Huzzah.

We have an ice cream machine and my first attempt at making something cold and yummy was loaded with fail. Whee. I shall try again with a lot more reading ahead.


I have had a messed-up trapezoid muscle for literal DAYS. But now we have a microwave heat pack that is doing good things for me. Slowly. At least I can raise my hand above my

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Sunday, last day for unfuckening

The skip goes away tomorrow. That means that today is all we have to get the drifts of garbage out of the house.

It's also the day that I have the most irregular sleep schedule. Huzzah.

This is going to be "fun".

I will once more be streaming following the Tale Foundry readings.

Beloved had a lovely day out and the assembled peeps had a good old grouse about the state of politics. There was no gatekeeping, just a meeting of minds

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Thursday, Simple Exasperation

Beloved has complications with her digestion that has to do with her vagus nerve and diabetes, which may or may not be related to the troubles caused by one of her ex-meds.

A blockage in the stomach can cause spoilage which, in turn, causes diarrhea. Though the stuff I read about it was focused entirely on constipation.

I'm not sure, it wasn't explained to me properly.

Part of the cure involves a liquid diet "for a while" and Beloved has picked up

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Friday, Unfuckening Ho!

We have filled a skip with unwanted debris. We are getting a second, larger skip to fill with even MORE unwanted debris.

Then... we shall have SPACE. Space for stuff. Space to keep the stuff we want to keep. Space for my culch collection. Beloved is going to get us organised or wear herself out trying.

I'm helping as much as I can with all of this. I despise the mess we've made in our home.

I do have to move the

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