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Friday, Shrink Day and Shopping

I have to focus on getting my output up this morning because I'm out and about in meatspace! Those of you who read the titles of my entries here already know what I'm up to. For those who don't...

I'm seeing my shrink today, and shopping on the way back home. We need cream and I need snackabobs and the fam would love to have pasta sauce.

I'll see what I can get with what I've got.

In Devil's Tale news, I am heading steadily towards chapter 200, and rapidly approaching uncharted territory. I may slow down in my writing. I may speed up. Time is the only thing that would tell about it.

Let's get a wriggle-on.

Sunday, Game Night, Unfuck the Tower

Yesterday was a day mostly in meatspace and subsequently flat-out unconscious. Today is a day to get as much done before a certain hour as I can because I need my sleep before Game Night.

The current PLN to fix my compy issues is to replace the coolant tube thing that may be the source of my temperature issues. That's probably not happening today. It might not be happening tomorrow.

As an extra bonus fun time, my compy likes to cut off

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Thursday, Painting Night

I needed a day away from expectations. Something to remind myself that it's okay to take my time with things. I am up to set dressing on a map and that's a stage of progress.

I will be likely inspired to go further, but I won't be going very far today because I'm off adventuring in meatspace, starting this afternoon.

I have to leave the house at half-past 3 to catch a train at 4 so I can get to a place

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Thursday, PLNs of Schedule

The new schedule is looking a little like this:

3-7AM: Lounge around with Beloved, maybe read and maybe edit something.
8AM(ish): Getting ready for the day
9AM(ish): blogging and editing until Curse O'Clock
10AM: Curse O'Clock
11AM: Back to my bullshit. Stream set-up.
12PM: Streaming!
1PM-4PM: The rest of my bullshit
4PM-on: Relax time!

The last two depend on the ability of my back to put up with me doing stuff.

I'm going to spend my hour in the curse

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Tuesday, Catching Up, Patreon, and all that jazz

The cursed mower started working just after I got everything together to move it. Hooray, I guess. So my heavy lifting was hauling boxes of stuff off to lifeline with the full understanding that I have a zippy little TARDIS car that can move lots of stuff at once.

I now have a completely improvised phone holder for those fun occasions where I need my GPS. It still needs some tweaking, but that won't be happening today.

TODAY my focus is on:

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Saturday, Parkrun and PLNs

I did the 5K, enjoyed company and snackage. And then just about fell over thereafter.

That's why the stream happened closer to sunset. And there's another reason it won't be happening tomorrow.

The fam is heading out with Friendo Awesome to Rainbow beach and having some fun times in Meatspace.

I fully expect to not have the wherewithall to do much more than the daily tale.

NEXT week, I shall be getting on with getting on. Fingers crossed.

Working out where to

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Thursday, Best-laid PLNs

I wuzgunna work on a summary of Beauties today. I wuzgunna tag another week of fics for the app. I wuzgunna ensure another fifty footnotes in the anthology.

...and then my wrists went kasplat.

I have the story done for today, and rubbish to put out for collection. Beyond that, I am resting my wrists and hoping I can get to the rest of it later.

I hurt and I'm tired and I would like to try getting better about doing all

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Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

I stayed in bed with my Beloved for a little too long today, and wound up streaming at 10AM.


BUT I also didn't have the 10AM curse happening to me.

We did not alter anything, but the compy failed to slow to tar and attempt to die. Huzzah. I am not going to fault it at all for surviving and defeating the curse.

I'm pretty much pointing to True Love's Kiss at this point because NOTHING ELSE DID ANYTHING.

BUT it

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Monday, Public Holiday

It's the last day of rest before the return to normal shenanigans. The last day at home to chill and enjoy the chance to relax.

Tomorrow, it all goes off.

Tomorrow, I do my stream, charge off to the other side of the city, and help MeMum with her sundry stuff 'n' nonsense. Including the inevitable tech support.

Tomorrow, I also have my Patreon to fret about in the afternoon or, let's face it, the morning of the next day.

Today, I

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Monday, Unfuckening and Shopping PLNs

I... might... have obliterated my Magic Saver Card through human error[I reset the PIN in the wrong thing]. It's Schroedinger's borked.

I have no doubt that it will be sorted out soon enough. Meanwhile, I'll pipe what money I have towards Beloved and do the shopping with her.

We still need to get cream for the pav, drinkies, and maybe a few other bits and bobs. Some of which requires having the kiddos in the car at the same time.


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Thursday, Wise Words of Bullwinkle

Every now and again, things fuck up SO greatly that the only recourse is to start all over again. With the wisest words of Bullwinkle J. Moose:

This time fer sure!

Today is one of those days. Allow me to elaborate...

  1. Saturday 10th: Beloved and I do the Park Run. Since the only available vehicle was my zippy little car, Beloved took the key fob that would allow it to stay locked.
  2. Said key fob was returned to me when we got
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Tuesday, Patreon and Cans Run

YES! I am finally doing it! I am loading up my zippy little car and cashing in all the full bags of bottles and cans.

Two of those bags become profits for Miss Chaos because she put the work in on filling them.

When I come back from that running around, that's when I share the stuff I have to offer on Patreon.

Tomorrow, I plan on beginning the bullet-point summary of Beauties and the Beastly. It's unedited, it's in a faux-Victorian-lit

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Friday, Forgotten PLNs and Chaos

Not Miss Chaos, the generalised chaos that seems to go hand-in-hand with my life as I know it.

So it's natural that I forgot I was taking Pippi to get her shots. I also forgot that Beloved and I were getting our hair did today.

Mayhem refused to help me with the recycling, so I got Miss Chaos to do the same thing and will be paying her when all the work is done. Win for her.

I have made a start

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Long(?) Monday, Light Writing

I shall be streaming soon, and the usual post-stream nap nonsense shall also be happening.

For the rest of the day, I'll probably be noodling about with A Devil's Tale. Assuming that I won't be able to get help sorting out the sullage pipe situation.

Tomorrow, or the day after? We should have the moneys to go get the cats more food.

I have few other plns than that.

...but I somehow also need to PLN for Crimbolio.


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