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Saturday & schedule change

At a later hour this morning, my love and I will be out walking on a Park Run. It's a thing. I need sunshine. I need exercise. I need to get out of the house in spite of the rising risk of plague.

You will take my face mask out of my cold, dead hands.

I also need to be social with people since I have effectively ghosted all of my old friends from high school. Find new friends. That sort of thing.

As a direct result, Saturday's stream time will change and the daily tale's release will change with it. That's why the stream is cancelled for now. I will find a more amenable time slot and do that one instead.

Other progress on other things may not occur today, and I am cool with that.

Tuesday, Patreon and Further Progress

Today's Patreon day! Woo! More chapters to post, more chapters to filter, more chambers to dress, more fics to tag... and more chapters to write as well.


Also albums to sort, which will happen during the other nonsense of the diem.

I did not eat very much yesterday. ISTG I need a keeper. Or at minimum, someone to hand me good food at regular intervals.

I have this weird thing where I just don't know that I'm hungry. At all. My

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Sunday, Day 1, On Schedule!

Plague news: no new cases! There's twenty-six total active cases, seventeen are in hospital, and the one person who was in the ICU got out. Australia's at 86% first vax, 72.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 74.6% first vax, 60% fully vaxxed.

NSW and Victoria are starting to use the Vaccine Passports. MeMum has hers. I need to get rattling to make certain Chaos has hers and Mayhem has his. The former involves a lot of paperwork. Ugh.

Beloved had trouble

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