Sunday, Day 1, On Schedule!

Plague news: no new cases! There's twenty-six total active cases, seventeen are in hospital, and the one person who was in the ICU got out. Australia's at 86% first vax, 72.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 74.6% first vax, 60% fully vaxxed.

NSW and Victoria are starting to use the Vaccine Passports. MeMum has hers. I need to get rattling to make certain Chaos has hers and Mayhem has his. The former involves a lot of paperwork. Ugh.

Beloved had trouble ordering the corrugated iron and still believes that they will cancel my order at some point in the future.

We shall see.

Today on my ticket: Tale Foundry's reading, my stream, staying awake 'till 3PM, wake at 9PM, then DM a band of murder hobos from 10PM to 2AM.

And then I wake up at 5:30, wake up Beloved so they can coparent, and then get on with another stream on Monday morning.

Since I don't have my Ashwagandha, this promises to be some variety of fun. Stay tuned for my static-enthralled stumbling.

In the news:

  • China's loss may be Australia's gain
  • There were definite red flags to administrative mismanagement before the shots were fired on set, and this is why ppl are striking
  • Mor thunderstorms coming and they may bring on asthma attacks
  • Cleo Smith may have been stalked before being abducted
  • They're still trying to figure out how Laundrie died
  • Nuke threats in Europe
  • Abusive hubby takes out AVO on wife and threatens her custody of the children
  • Tornado in Brisbane caught on camera

I'm waiting for Tale Foundry to begin. My story starts after that.