Challenge #03194-H285: Stumbling Blind

Poor Jay develops a crush on Lilicoon and asks if she would be ok to date her. -- Anon Guest

Uplifts were literally made to be attractive. It wasn't their fault. On planets and in polities where they weren't outlawed yet, a certain type could have an Uplift made to order. Some called them Anthros, some called them Beastfolk... but the important part to remember was that they were victims.

Jay and Lilicoon had that starting point in common. They could talk with her about the most horrible abuses and for the both of them, that had been normal life.

Sad, even horrifying for others. For Lilicoon, it was the background radiation of her life before the CRC liberated her and showed her a better way. She had been there. Maybe not the exact same 'there', but a similar one for certain. In that, she was Jay's first true ally.

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