Challenge #03193-H284: To Hear Them Singing

A hearing impaired human, now with implants to allow her some ability to hear, but is also telepathic, has saved up to purchase a ship and start their own business. She ends up finding a ship for sale and, while touring it, hears a familiar 'voice'. She buys the ship on the stop and joyfully reunites with her old friend. -- Anon Guest

This is space, nobody can hear you scream without special equipment. There's not a lot that can conduct anything. If you are unlucky enough to encounter space as you are, you will boil before you freeze.

For Human Joi, the silence of a livesuit was a silence she had known all her life. She had only ever heard speech by close contact. People literally putting their heads to hers and shouting VERY CLEARLY. For that, they called her broken. The world she was born on treated her as less than human at the best of times, and worse even than that when they found out.

Joi could not talk. Her vocal chords were non-functional. They called her names she could not hear and made sure to be cruel to her. Her world did not miss her, and shipped her out with the rest of the living garbage in a box with dubious merits. That was then. Now? She had the stars.

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