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Challenge #03753-J100: Come For the Laughs

Entering a village, a festival is going on. People are playing harmless pranks on each other, and the children are laughing and having fun with sweets. Today is the Day of Laughter. A harmless day of food, fun, and jokes. Not to be forced, but to be enjoyed. -- Anon Guest

"Are you laughing today?" said the small child up a tree. "I need t' know before I do stuff."

Journey Threshold put her guard up in a cold second. It honestly saved time. Any little town like this could only have one of two reactions to a Hellkin like her passing through. Treat her as a novelty, or treat her as an enemy. This was new. "How do you mean, am I laughing today?"

"It's the day of japes," said the kid. "We play jokes on each other an' if'n you're not laughing, you gotta wear a red ribbon. So's people know."

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Challenge #03732-J079: A Lesson to Absorb

They were the child of THE wealthiest people in the entire alliance. And yet, all they wanted was to live a quiet life with their friends. Sadly, there were those Deregger tourists that came in, and were mean to their friends just because their friends didn't have as much time. Well, time to teach these Dereggers a lesson in respect! --Anon Guest

Freaking... arrogant people who thought they were above everyone else. They were the worst. Every summer season, they came to

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Challenge #03727-J074: Impending Addition

Let’s see, you’re pumped full or hormones that spike your heart rate, drain you of nutrients, messes with your sleep cycle, and make daily task physically taxing.

Are you infected with a parasite, or is this a weird way to tell me that you’re pregnant? -- Anon Guest

"I told you last year that I was planning to reproduce," Human Sal sighed and tried not to fall asleep in his very comfy chair. "I got all the paperwork done

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Challenge #03405-I117: With Two Kind Hands

"You are rubber, they are glue...." Normally it was the other way around, but not for THIS spell. The wizard, in secret back alley-ways and run-down shacks found the downtrodden, child Tieflings, child Kobolds, and other such children, and did a spell that ensured, if anyone should physically try to harm them and be cruel, it rebounded upon their abusers. But there's a catch, if THEY were to act in a cruel manner, they were the ones struck instead -- Fighting Fit

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Challenge #03193-H284: To Hear Them Singing

A hearing impaired human, now with implants to allow her some ability to hear, but is also telepathic, has saved up to purchase a ship and start their own business. She ends up finding a ship for sale and, while touring it, hears a familiar 'voice'. She buys the ship on the stop and joyfully reunites with her old friend. -- Anon Guest

This is space, nobody can hear you scream without special equipment. There's not

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