Saturday, Day 0, Shenanigans

Plague news: Five new cases, all imports. Twenty-eight total active cases, fourteen are in hospital, with one in the ICU. Australia's at 86% first vax, 71.7% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 74% first vax, and 59% fully vaxxed.

The country is opening up whether we're ready or not. This is sure to end badly but nobody cares any more. Everyone is a million percent DONE with this plague and anti-plague measures and it's just... whatever. Let's get business rolling again.

The catio has a cat-sized crack in the roof and the verdict is to get some galvinised iron and not rely on a plastic roof for that bit. Nevertheless, I still have to journey out and get some deets.

[Distraction moment(s)] Yeah I did that.

In the news:

  • Laundrie's family claims the man is still alive
  • Alec Baldwin accidentally shot some camera crew with a prop gun
  • They've stopped looking for missing 4YO Cleo Smith
  • Antivaxxer freedom day plns fail
  • Unvaxxed nurses fight being sacked
  • Gold Coast Knomira 'deteriorating'. Thoughts and prayers
  • Her Majesty back to work
  • US Shops fill empty shelves with DECK CHAIRS to cover up lack of stock
  • US TV host calls to invader Australia 9_9
  • Investors wild to lose money on Muppet's social network. Which, at last look, was just the Muppet's very sparse blog

Story now. Dungeon later. Catio fix sometime next week, belike.