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Sunday, Day 0, The Big Reveal

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Fifty-one total active cases, with seventeen in hospital. None in the ICU.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. The reveal.

The love of my life, my partner in crime, my soulmate, lifemate, and personal world's best cuddle-buddy has come out as a trans woman. I will no longer be using 'they' to refer to her, but I'm still maintaining the lack of names for safety reasons.

We're in for a wild ride and I am here for every second of it. Y'all can make a leap of logic regarding my gender for sure, but it doesn't count. I don't give a shit about my gender.

Beloved's personal goal is coding hard towards female. My personal goal is formenting confusion in the greater public because I am a chaos gremlin.

And now for the shitty bit.

Beloved can't get her gender marker on her birth certificate changed until she gets GRS. Gender Reassignment Surgery. Which means one important document will have that traitor M on it until she gets a painful, expensive, and ineffective surgery that has a high risk of threatening her life. That SUCKS.

So many trans ladies do not want to have "The Surgery" and there's reasons for that. Not limited to how the modern procedure goes forth. Go google that. It's not that nice. I'll leave it at explaining that the surgical change is purely cosmetic.

Anyway. News:

  • We are currently the most vaccinated nation, but they're telling us we'll need a third dose to be super safe
  • Engagement party-throwers are getting death threats. Say hello to the consequences of your actions you firkin Knomiras
  • Taliban horseshit
  • China threatening Australia by... not buying our steel. No worries, we'll just sell it to other people like everything else they threatened us with
  • Anti-lockdown rallies now deemed 'sickening'
  • Mum spooked by a random insect turning up on her babycam
  • Tesla unveils spooky humanoid robot
  • Some dillhole set a horse on fire
  • OnlyFans now banning the content that initially made it popular. Once more, sex workers trying to make ends meet are ousted from a platform that formerly encouraged them. Traitors

Toasty may or may not be streaming this time. Knowing in advance when the next stream is will have to happen at a later date.

Almost Done!

I've been doing 1K a day so I have all the more time for other projects and worldbuilding for my next WIP.

Speaking of WIP's, I have made a beginning on editing Ep4 of Inter-Mission. Which means I'm one episode closer to actually publishing these mofos. If I put them out on non-game-night Fridays, I have an occasion I should easily remember.

Should is not is. In this case, 'should is not will'. It's not a guarantee, it's more of a hope.

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Heading For the End

This is the last week of writing B'Nar. Yeeks. The last 3K. This is terrifying and exciting and invigorating at the same time. After this, after a week off to fart about and maybe work on some fanfictions and definitely worldbuild...

I am about to embark on my biggest project yet.

An entire trilogy. Not a baby one like Hevun's Child, but a big-arse one. Three books of 120K each. 360K words over three years. Likely sweating cobs the entire time.


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All hail the new routine

I have wanted to do some Lets Play videos for some time now. Alas, we have lacked the internet, the wherewithall and the time.

However, the wherewithall has arrived in the form of my Spiffy New PC, the internet has arrived in the Shittiest Possible NBN, and the time has always been there between Fuckoff in the morning and whenever the little darlings wake up.

When they go back to school, the recording schedule is more likely to happen in the middle

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The Good Old Summertime?

It's edging towards official Summer, here in sunny Queensland. Of course, something, somewhere is on fire. Which is perfectly normal for my neck of the woods in this time of the year.

Not usually at 3AM though.

Aunty has had somewhere on fire near her - fire's out now though. I have a high sensitivity to knowing that somewhere's ignited and it just firkin adds to my sleepless issues in the Wee Small. Y'know. Alongside my somnalistic self-immolation.

Beloved has had some

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Good News, Bad News

Good news: We have paid for a split system air conditioner, like we've been gassing about since we were building the house.

Bad news: It cost more than I anticipated to spend and is going to cost Beloved even more so because installation has to happen via a qualified electrician. So installation of said air con is happening sometime soonish.

Good news: I have a summer haircut.

Bad news: Which also cost more than we anticipated.

The best news is that it

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The Aftermath

I was careful with my cheat treats, yesterday. Staying in moderation means that I don't start the day with a massive asthma attack or a set of digits doing their Thick Snag Impersonation.

I am going REAL strict. Waiting as long as I can before having my salty broth. My beverage of choice is going to be filtered water.

We've already had our feast this week, so dinner is likely to be something wholesome and good according to the new regime. It

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An End, A Beginning, A New Way

Today's the day I reach the end of my Blasts From the Past. Which means I have to find three other things to write about to keep my scores up, OR... focus intently on the one Instant and just go from there.

If I choose the latter [because lazy] I will have more time for Other Projects, which will be something of a boon.

I could also post sample chapters of whatever whenever so I can maybe entice people over to help

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Swing and a miss

Just when I get into the swing of things, the pendulum shifts and everything goes agley all over again.

Beloved is taking off in the early-early morning, before I can even badger the kids into getting their lunchboxes together. Which means no morning exercises. Which means finding a time in the afternoon to go do it.

Which hasn't happened, so far.

Tomorrow evening, we should be walking around the blocks, again. Starting with the long block and, if we can, going around

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I thought I was zen about change. I thought I was cool with everything that SPG collectively decided to alter.

But then they announced that Sam Luke was leaving for his own artistic stuff, and my beloved woobie child Hatchworth was gone from the robots I adore.

So my ASD hatred of change kicked up and resulted in a stab of fear through the heart, and now I have the sads. It's not as if he's died for cryin' out loud, but

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