Unfucking My Habitat

A 4-post collection

Saturday, Day 1, Unfuckening Part 2

Plague news: no new cases! Twenty total active cases with only nine in hospital. Australia's almost at 75% first-vax and 50% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 44% fully vaxed. I am still rather weary but I have only minor aches in my arm now.

I am going to cut up all the free range cardboard so it takes up less space, and finally go through the Pile from the computer room floor.

I was distracted by getting new kitty litter yesterday. Beloved came along and you know what that means. We "found" a bunch of other stuff we needed. Whoops.

In the news:

  • One of China's "too big to fail" companies is about to fail
  • "Promising young man" who stabbed his wife 29 times and murdered her is apparently not guilty because she provoked him -_- The struggle continues
  • Antivaxxer emerges from jail and announces engagement. Charming
  • Zoo visitors stunned by the knowledge that animals don't know what "private acts" are
  • 9/10 bellyband surgeons recommend bellybands for fat kids -_-
  • Vegans have been adding stickers to parcels in the meat section. Mmm-mm, I do love the partially burned portions of a decomposing corpse of a murdered animal
  • Disney faces $27Million child sex abuse lawsuit. They have enough feral lawyers to skate out of this without a scratch
  • Explorers reach the bottom of the "Well of Hell"
  • Racists kicked out of a diversity space. Shocker 9_9

And now, today's story.

Friday, Day 0, Unfuckening Overdue

Plague news: Two new cases, one of each -_- Twenty-five total active cases, thirteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 74% 1st vax, 49% fully vaxxed. Queensland is still at 43% fully vaxxed. I have motion back in my arm with minimal pain and PLNs to take it slowly but surely today.

The rubbish and recycling peeps have kindly entered our bins so today's a perfect day to start filling them all over again. Yay.

Today, I will get rid

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A lot to unfuck

Mayhem has a job to go to. Chaos has online school to attend. I have a FUCKOFF HUGE MESS to unfuck because we all baked this weekend. I made bread, Chaos made keto-Anzac bikkies with the help of Beloved and I... and Mayhem made bread according to the instructions on the packet.

Turns out bread mix works fine when you use the yeast they include in the kit.

That bread didn't even last 24 hours. It was baked in the afternoon and

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Here I actually go...

Friendo had an emergency to get back to, so now I'm unfucking on my own. And sending my friendo documentary pix of the progress that I'm (very) slowly making.

It's raining, so all the laundry has to go through the dryer, and Beloved doesn't want to work or go walking because gutsache because meds. But I am doing good! I am making progress.

I put another load of dishwashing in and, whilst I was at it, unfucked the crockery cupboard by evicting

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