Friday, Unfucking, PLN'd Delays, and Disorganisation

I cleaned out the catio, evicted a wasp nest, and ferried Mayhem to the train. Not in that order.

I am juggling timelines so that I won't be spending all my free hours with Beloved being diverted by bread.

It does mean that I have to ration the remaining chia bread to last me until Monday. Where I will be reasonably free to mess around with the jiggery-pokery involved.

Two days' worth, true, but also stuff I can work on during other stuff.

And if I want my bread to last a little while, I also need to keep the rest of the fam in cheap white loaves. Argh. On the other hand, I also have more than enough flour to work with for the second half of the pay cycle.

I've already figured it out. I can have one batch of dough being prepared while the one I made the day before is being prepared. I just need to make sure my identical bowls are free for the splitting.

Or make sure I have a second set of identical bowls. [I have glass ones, but... glass. It has its own hazards.]

A five-dollar investment could plausibly have me baking bread every day. With the slight downside of... baking every day.

At least until the fam tires of my bread.

Offerings soon. Game time tonight. Cuddles with Beloved tomorrow.