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Monday, Disorganised Today...

I need to draw a duck. I need to write at least one chapter.

Just so I have content for my Patrons.

Because Tale Foundry cancelled, I don't have a story for them. Though I do have something for a different writing contest. I just need to double-check the limits and cook up anything extra if necessary.

I might add the extra anyway because I do have some spare ideas to add for the fun of it. And because I know I haven't hit the maximum yet.

They're cool ideas, okay?

So my PLN for today is to do that so I have stuff to share with my Patrons.

Tomorrow, I share that biz and then go keep my Beloved company.

Today, I also have the daily tale to gift you. So let's get on with that.

Monday, Ongoing PLNs

I have to go fix a dungeon map because what I believed to be a rendering error was not quite the rendering error I thought it was. Fun times ahead there. But there is the Wall Tool and it will do what I want it to. Draw a firkin wall where I wanted a wall all along.


I shall get on with today's tale, do the Tale Foundry reads and then get on with fixing the issues I gave myself. As

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Thursday, Wise Words of Bullwinkle

Every now and again, things fuck up SO greatly that the only recourse is to start all over again. With the wisest words of Bullwinkle J. Moose:

This time fer sure!

Today is one of those days. Allow me to elaborate...

  1. Saturday 10th: Beloved and I do the Park Run. Since the only available vehicle was my zippy little car, Beloved took the key fob that would allow it to stay locked.
  2. Said key fob was returned to me when we got
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Tuesday, Patreon, Lining Things Up

Guy Councilman1 came by to see what the hell was up with the sullage system and I was able to float my idea for a permanent sullage garden. Turns out that those plns will involve different stuff to the things we already paid money for.

There's going to be a trench to dig and different pipes and different sprinklers and it's going to CO$T so part of getting that all together is going to be negotiating payment rates. Yaaaayyy...


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Wednesday, Continuing Shenanigans

I have individuated thirty chapters for Mum's ease of access and... she can't access them for some reason -_- fml...

I asked her what she meant by "it won't Expand" but there was no indication about that from her. Fun stuff. I might find out at a later hour. I might have to go there and find out in person.

Not tomorrow, since I am helping Beloved with funerary arrangements and doing the whole prop-up and support thing. I shall be

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Saturday, Absolute Chaos!

Beloved initially had PLNs to take most of the fam to Scenic Coominya for the benefit of Capt S. BUT Miss Chaos has a hair appointment and I firkin need sleep in order to function.

Therefore Beloved has elected to only ask KIABIL if he wants to come along and is leaving Mayhem at home. She may be alone on the journey. I hope not.

Today should be the day that one annoyance gets dealt with. Hopefully permanently.

As for tonight... Beloved

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Friday, Organisations

So my news feed this morning has an Anti-Vaxxer trying to open a PLANE DOOR in the middle of a firkin flight. Apparently this numpty wanted people to record him going off about vaccine mandates.





The good news is that airline has banned him for life and he may yet end up on a no-fly list. Sucks to be him I guess.

My PLNs today include the usuals, and may or may not get completed.

  • OPEP sessions
  • Dungeon
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Long Monday, Disorganised today...

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are apparently running the world. Ugh. I'm just waiting for it to bite some bums to be honest. I just hope they're not my bum.

I just played four hours of D&D that included familiaris interruptus [aka when the fam interrupts gameplay] and virus interruptus [aka: coughs and sneezies interrupting everything]. Fun stuff. Typical for an in-the-flesh game, too.

I'm going to do my story and attempt to stay awake until

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Thursday, Day 0, Procrastination

Plague news:

  • 19 932 new cases
  • 89 638 total active cases
  • 835 hospitalisations
  • 52 in the ICU
  • and 11 new deaths
  • 6 318 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 321 959 national doses
  • 60 746 Qld doses
  • 9 090 ACT doses
  • 101 572 NSW doses
  • 3 166 NT doses
  • 23 491 SA doses
  • 6 370 Tas doses
  • 76 918 Vic doses
  • 40 606 WA doses

I have just today realised that I've skipped out on editing my novel or my

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Thursday, Day 0, Sdrawkcab!

Plague news:

  • 22 069 new cases
  • 130 947 total active cases
  • 555 hospitalisations
  • 30 in the ICU

Vax news:

  • 327 415 new doses nationally
  • 72 952 new doses in Queensland
  • I want the infographic back, damnit

I messed up and posted my stories (a) backwards, and (b) before the blog update today. While I could go fix it, it's too much of a pain in the arse with my current brain fog. Please forgive.

Still in my TTD list is:

  • Build more
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Thursday, Day 0, Organised? Pls?

Plague news: One new case, an import. There's fourteen total active cases, twelve are in hospital. Australia's at 90.9% first vax, 83.9% fully vaxxed. Queensland is tied with WA for last in the race to get jabbed; at 83% first vax, and 71.6% fully vaxxed.

Queensland's borders are open. Yay?

BUT more importantly, Beloved is one year older this very day. Merry birthmas, Beloved. May you get everything you need.

I gotta show her a good time tonight. Or

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Thursday, Day 2, Frustration

Plague News: no new cases! There's twelve total active cases, all of them are in hospital. The government source on the vax news hasn't updated since November 1 for some reason. News.com doesn't have any information for me either. Dangit.

My internet is absolute BULLSHIT today so it may render working on TaleSpire moot. If it does, I'll probably be attempting to entertain myself - aka writing a lot. Anything that needs internet to work is going to SUCK.

I'm doing

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Thursday, Day 1, Not Organised

Plague news: Zero new cases! Thirty-seven total active cases, twenty one in hospital, two in the ICU.

We're getting on top of the outbreak. Not completely safe yet, but we're getting there.

We now possess a video doorbell. Which came with a sticker that is impossible to affix to any household surface. I've sought help about this but I don't have high hopes.

Beloved is going to make a vinyl replacement for the sticker that won't at some point later tonight. Meanwhile,

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Monday, Day 0, Getting Organised

Plague news: two new cases, one of each. Forty-seven total, all in hospital.

I got the Death Coughs this morning because Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season has started early. Yaaaayyy...

Which makes seeking out The Jab an even bigger can of arseholes than it needs to be. Ugh. They might not even give it to me whilst I have the Death Cough. Blargh.

In the news:

  • Aged care facilities continue to be hotspots
  • Canada's on fire
  • Muppet makes a dangerous admission in public,
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Sunday, Day 0, Shenanigans

One new case from yesterday, an import. Twenty-eight total cases, twenty-three of those are in hospital. I'm starting to think the ones that are "wild" have recovered to the point where they can chill out in a hotel.

I, meanwhile, am tuned into Toasty's stream and operating on less sleep because a Scammer tried to put one over on MeMum. MeMum's no slouch and asked them a question they'd only know if they were legit. Hem haw oops signal lost. Yay.


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