Saturday, Absolute Chaos!

Beloved initially had PLNs to take most of the fam to Scenic Coominya for the benefit of Capt S. BUT Miss Chaos has a hair appointment and I firkin need sleep in order to function.

Therefore Beloved has elected to only ask KIABIL if he wants to come along and is leaving Mayhem at home. She may be alone on the journey. I hope not.

Today should be the day that one annoyance gets dealt with. Hopefully permanently.

As for tonight... Beloved is taking me dancing. AND there might be D&D. Which could either be fun or damaging. Time will tell. Either way, none of us have time to turn around and scratch our bums.

I have to keep an eye on the time as I do stuff this morning, and nap as soon as it's over this afternoon. Yay. AND I might not make it to game night at all. Sigh.

And I have NO idea what's happening tomorrow. Blargh.

I give myself too much to do and when other nonsense needs me... It all ends up in a huge mess.

At minimum, I shall get ten publishers filtered. That's a nice, quick job. If I can edit chapters, I will, but I'm not holding myself to a set amount at all. And I acknowledge that I might not have time to build a chamber or a void of the dungeon, today.

I kind of feel bad about that, since dungeon building has been lagging of late. But only because earning efforts take time and are more important than games. AND once I'm done filtering, I'll have another time window for the chambering. Huzzah.

BUT for now, I do what I can where I can and try not to feel guilty about it. Starting with storytime.