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Friday, Preparation PLNs, Unfucking, and Other Things(tm)

I am gathering lists of things to acquire, places to go to get them, and maybe even the budget for doing all of that. Fun.

My aim is to get as many non-perishables or freezables as possible so I can avoid as much pre-holiday zombie hordes as I can.

Mayhem's making two pies. He can keep those cool or frozen before the Big Day(tm). Finally got some ideas out of Miss Chaos, so now I can concoct a PLN. Yay.

I am going to be run off my feet today. I started tired and coffee isn't helping.

...I may yet buy myself some sleep aids for Crimbo.

My offerings will be LATE, or doubled tomorrow.

Monday, Doctor's Appointment and Supplies

I got the quack's today because apparently you need to constantly top up your prescriptions every firkin year and I haven't done that since 2021.

Temporally challenged. As far as I'm aware, I just got a prescription a couple of months ago. What the fuck? TWO YEARS? No firkin way.

This happens more often than you may believe.

I'm not going to get better about this.

But the story will not be happening until after I've done all of that and shopping

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Friday, Busy Bean Again

Okay. For realsies. THIS time, I'm going to go out and get my Ashwagandha, some Crimbo shopping, and household essentials.

Not going to be saving a lot this pay cycle.

When I finally get back from my excursion, I have to remember my stretchies or I shall hurt myself by writing.


I am just so firkin tired already. AND I still have to unfuck my habitat.

The house is still a shambles and I can feel time running down. Grr.


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Thursday, Busy Bean

So. Last night, I discussed arranging a means by which MeMum could cock a snook at the people cutting her off from Doctor Who and other things for the sake of profit and profit alone.

Lots more of us will want to know about that for sure. Watch for cautionary posts telling you what not to do so you don't accidentally commit a piracy. Coughcough.

One of the essential tools for that sort of thing is a Smart TV. Be very careful

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Wednesday, Leyland's Tour, Date Night, and More

So here's my nonsense so far:

  • Dental appointment at 8AM
  • Plan to leave the house at 7:30 so I can drop off Beloved on the way to said appointment
  • Plan derailed by Beloved wanting to be at the station ASAP. An hour ahead
  • Lucky I got up early to get ready early
  • Still have to go home again before dentist
  • After dentist, return home AGAIN because waiting for the shops to open
  • [Now] Shops are open, so I am off on
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Friday, Busy Busy Bean

I have to get new underwear. Mostly because the old stuff fell apart way too easily. So now my super-fussy criteria goeth thusly:

  • 100% cotton
  • A structural integrity better than a wet tissue
  • Made of fabric thicker than the same
  • With no bits that are going to cause me physical harm

I expect a LOOOONNNNG firkin search for anything close. Because everything is made cheap and sold dear.

I despise late-stage capitalism.

That's going to take a bit of a while, so

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Car Maintenance, and a Date

In one hour, allegedly, the nice ppl from Lube Mobile will turn up to service my car. Since it's no longer in warranty, this will be cheaper and take less time than going to Torque Ford. And that is why I am camped by the front door and listening for car noises.

This may or may not make me more effective at getting my offerings, but it will make the day a little more interesting.

The PLN, such as it is, goeth

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Tuesday, Patreon and Busy Bean

My Beloved has a lot of shenanigans tomorrow. So I shall be working by remote. I have a lot to share with my peeps on Patreon, today. It feels like I've bitten off more than I can chew.

I gotta do it so that I shall have less waiting for me to do. More gets done, less left to do. Theoretically.

There's still a huge pile, but I shall nibble it away in good time. I hope.

Doing what I can with

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Thursday, Game Night and Cuddles

I have my Beloved for another evening, this week. I am making myself either one or many dinners with the slow cooker. I've got some pork tongues slowly stewing with the following:

  • Probably about a litre of cheap white vinegar [I measured all this with my heart]
  • About 2 tbsp powdered ginger
  • A pinch of whole peppercorns
  • A generous pinch of salt
  • 5 whole cloves
  • About 2 tbsp cinnamon
  • 2 granny smith apples, finely sliced
  • 2 litres of water

I had it

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Thursday, Fare Thee Well Tesla

Come midday today, the Tesla is no longer ours.

  • Because we can't afford to keep it
  • Because it has been trying (and failing!) to kill us since we got it
  • Because the owner and CEO of the company is a transphobic sack of dogshit shambling around in a human suit
  • Because giving that aforementioned stain on the underwear of the human race any more money is not comfortable
  • And also life without it will be easier than life with it.

Because the

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Wednesday, Proceeding Apace

The Tesla has been cleaned out. It's been detailed. Tomorrow, I take it over for inspection and that shall be the last we see of it.

I shall be taking the train mostly home and either walking or taking an Uber the last bit of the way back home.

Expect tomorrow's offering at a nonstandard time.

At midday tomorrow, we shall be a one-car family.

Now I shall proceed with my offerings and disorganised side-projects as per normal.

I will be making

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Saturday, Social Shenanigans and Radio Silence

As you may have guessed, today was a teensy bit of a scrum. Tram to parkrun, doing parkrun [I made it in under an hour despite having the World's Steepest Hill [hyperbole] as part of the course.

It damn near did me in, but I made it.

My legs are going to hate me for the rest of the week.

We had to check out before parkrun and then go collect our bags in our active wear. Fortunately the friend we were

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Thursday, Packing, Panic, and Pills

I got clothes packed and ready for the trip. I have meds packed for the duration because the whole bottles might put me over the weight limit. I am going to evict a majority of my keys from my bag because won't need them for the interim. And because metal detectors.

I shall be relying on my cloak for warmth and hoping for the best.

I am attempting to do the day's offerings in record time so I can make sure I

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Thursday, Further Shenanigans

I have STUFF to do. Lots of it. Starting with: I just stitched together the best possible resolution map of Waterdeep. I shall be messing around with Owlbear so I am prepared for a RETURN TO THE GAME


I'm terrified to do it but also committed to doing it so finding out how to do it by fuckin' around is going to be beneficial in the long term for my PLNs.

I have done all the just-in-case recordings, so now all

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